Convictions under the Convicts Prevention Act : return to address, Mr Snodgrass, 18th October, 1854

Corporate Author: Victoria. Governor (1855 : Hotham)
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1855
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1854-55, no. C 18
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Item Description: "Laid upon the Council table by the Colonial Secretary by command of His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor and ordered by the Council to be printed 30th January 1855"
Convictions under the Convicts Prevention Act: George Atfield (Heathcote), Daniel Baker (Melb.), James Baker (Geelong), Mary Ann Barnes (Alberton), Francis Barratt (Melb.), John Baylie (Geelong), William Blackmore (Melb.), James Bradie (Melb.), Margaret Bradley (Melb.), William Branstone (May Day Hills), Daniel Bridges (Heidelberg), Henry Brown (Melb.), Joseph Brown (Melb.), John Bryan (Melb.), George Bunnings (Williamstown), Robert Burns (Melb.), William Burrows (Williamstown), John Bury (Williamstown), Richard Callaghan (Melb.), George Carter (Melb.), Timothy Chatteray (Melb.), James Clifford (Melb.), Lawrence Cohen (Melb.), Edward Cramer (Melb.), James Cross (Melb.), John Davis (Melb.), John Davis alias James Dunn (Melb.), Roland Davis (Williamstown), James Dennar (Melb.), John Denny (Melb.), Joseph Dodd (Melb.), Thomas Donoghue (Melb.), Terence Donovan alias Denning (Geelong), Benjamin Downing alias Donovan (Melb.), James Doyle (Melb.), Charles Drain (Melb.), James Duffy (Melb.), John Duffy alias James Duffy (Melb.), Robert Dunnin alias Newman (Melb.), Edmund Dwyer (Melb.),William Easter (Melb.), Christopher Edmunds (Melb.), James Edwards alias Story (Geelong), Samuel Edwards (Melb.), David Evans (Melb.), John Fagan (Geelong), Ann Farrell (Melb.), Ann Fawlkner (Melb.), William Flynn alias Nailor (Melb.), William Foster alias William Brosson (Melb.), Walter Fryer (Melb.), Richard Giles (Melb.), George Goodall (Melb.), John Gough (Bendigo), Thomas Gough alias Jones (Melb.), Fredrick Gray alias Spencer (Melb.), Charles Hammersden (Melb.), William Harding (Heidelberg), William Hardiman (Geelong), Ann Harris (Williamstown), George Holliday (Williamstown), William Howe (Beechworth), Honora Hurley (Melb.), John Issacs alias Bernard Levy (Melb.), John James (Melb.), William Johnson (Melb. 12th Feburary 1853), William Johnson (Williamstown 1st March 1853), Charles Johnson alias Edmund Butler (Melb.), Charles Jones alias Allen (Melb.) John Jones (Melb. 1852), John Jones (Melb. 1854), Peter Jones alias William Davies (Melb.), Henry Kane (Melb.), Samuel Kay (Melb.), Thomas Keith (Melb.), John King (Melb.), George Lawson (Melb.), George Lee (Geelong), James Lee alias James Banks (Melb.), Oliver Lees (Melb.), James Lewis (Geelong), Samuel Lindley (Melb.), Thomas Lindsay (Melb.), William Little (Melb), James Marshall (Melb.), John Martin (Geelong), Thomas Mannix (Melb.), James McGlashen (Castlemaine), James McGrath (Castlemaine), John McNamara (Ballarat), Mary McNamara (Ballarat), Michael McPhadden (Geelong), Moses McQuirk (Melb.), John McSweeny (Williamstown), Michael Mellon (Williamstown), Archibald Mickle (Williamstown), Samuel Millard (Melb.), John Mitchell (Melb.), John Moran (Melb.), David Morris alias Allen (Geelong), John Morrison (Heidelberg), James Murphy alias John Williams (Melb.), John Murphy (Melb.), Peter Norey (Melb.), John Nugent (Melb.), William Oliver (Williamstown), William Osborne (Melb.), Henry Page (Melb.), James Pickering (Melb.), Samuel Pointer (Melb.), Lawrence Power (Beechworth), John Quinn (Melb.), John Ridge alias Richard Jackson (Melb.), John Ripley (Williamstown), David Roberts alias Allan (Geelong), William Rowe (Williamstown), Edward Rushton (Alberton), James Ryley (Geelong), James Schofield (Melb.), James Sheedy (Melb.), John Smith (Williamstown), Thomas Smith alias S. McMillan (Bendigo), William Smith (Geelong), Mary Ann Stevenson (Melb.), Thomas Swift (Melb.), James Taylor (Melb.), Thomas Till (Melb.), Thomas Toplis (Melb.), Job Viles (Melb.), John Walsh (Melb.), Young Warren (Melb.), Thomas Watkins alias Thomas Swift (Melb.), William White (Melb.), George Wilkinson (Geelong), Eliza Williams (Melb.), John Williams (Castlemaine), William Wood (Melb.), Daniel Woodfield (Williamstown), William Wright (Melb.), Mary Wiseman (Melb.)
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