Immigration : a report from the Immigration Agent upon immigration for the latter half of the year 1851 accompanied by detailed statistical returns

Corporate Author: Victoria. Immigration Dept.
Other Authors: Childers, Hugh Culling Eardley, 1827-1896, Lonsdale, William, 1799-1864, Walcott, Stephen, Sir, 1806-1887
Published: Melbourne : Printed at the Argus Office, 1852
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1852-53
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Item Description: "Laid upon the Council table by the Colonial Secretary by command of His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor and ordered by the Council to be printed 23rd July 1852"
Report and Appendices I-XIII,XVA by Hugh C. E. Childers (Immigration Agent, Immigration Office Melbourne June 30th 1852)
Report to C. J. La Trobe, Lieut. Governor of Victoria
Appendix XIII by Stephen Walcott (sec. Govt. Emigration Office Park St., Westminster) Dec. 1851
Appendix XVB signed by W. Lonsdale
Appendix I: Return shewing the ships chartered for the conveyance of immigrants which arrived in the Colony of Victoria from the 1st July to 31st December, 1851, the names of the surgeons superintendent, the length of the passages, the number of births and deaths which occurred on board, the number of immigrants introduced and the cost of their conveyance and superintendence
Appendix II: Return shewing the condition of the assisted immigrants who arrived in the Colony of Victoria from July 1st to December 31st, 1852
Appendix III: Return, shewing the ages of the assisted immigrants who arrived in the Colony of Victoria from July 1st to December 31st, 1851
Appendix IV: Return shewing the native places of the assisted immigrants who arrived in the Colony of Victoria, from July 1st to December 31st 1851
Appendix V: Return shewing the education of the assisted immigrants who arrived in the Colony of Victoria from July 1st to December 31st 1851
Appendix VI: Return shewing the religious persuasions of the assisted immigrants who arrived in the Colony of Victoria from July 1st to December 31st 1851
Appendix VII: Return shewing the occupation of the adult males and unmarried adult females who arrived in the Colony of Victoria as assisted immigrants from July 1st to December 31st 1851
Appendix VIII: Return shewing the number of children under fourteen years of age in the families of the assisted immigrants who arrived in the Colony of Victoria from July 1st to December 31st 1851
Appendix IX: Return shewing the number of unassisted immigrants and passengers who arrived in the Colony of Victoria from the 1st July to 31st Decembe, 1851
Appendix X: Return shewing the average wages obtained at Melbourne, Geelong, and Portland by the assisted immigrants who have arrived in the Colony of Victoria from the 1st October, 1851 to the 31st May, 1852, and the number of those who have refused to take service
Appendix XI: Statement compiled from Returns furnished by the Commissioners of Crown Lands in the Colony of Victoria shewing the rates of wages, the demand for labour, and the principal productions in each district from January 1st to March 31st 1852
Appendix XII: Return shewing the number of persons nominated for free passages to Victoria under the Land and Emigration Deposit Regulations from July 1st to December 31st 1851
Appendix XIII: Return shewing the wages current in Melbourne during the month of April 1852, compared with the average rates of former years
Appendix XIV: Regulations for the selection of immigrants, and conditions on which passages are granted December, 1851 / Stephen walcott
Appendix XV. A. Instructions handed to the surgeons superintendent of immigrant vessels on arriving at Port Phillip Heads
Appendix XV. B: Regulations to be observed in the hiring of immigrants / W. Lonsdale
Appendix XVI: Statement shewing the age, occupation, and disposal of the single females introduced into the Colony of Victoria from the 1st of July 1851 to the 30th June 1852 at the cost of the Fund for Promoting Female Emigration
Other mentions: Aberdeen (Scotland) 15, America 8, A. T. Anderson (ship surgeon) 12, Anglesea (Wales) 15, Antrim (Ireland) 15, Argyleshire (Scotland) 15, Armagh (Ireland) 15, Australia 8,9, Ayrshire (Scotland) 15, Banff (Scotland) 15, Bedfordshire (Eng.) 15, Berkshire (Eng.) 15, Berwickshire (Scotland) 15, Bounty System 4,9, Bourke County 22,23, Brecknockshire (Wales) 15, Bride (Ship) 21, Buckinghamshire (Eng.) 15, Bute (Scotland) 15, Caermarthenshire (Wales) 15, Caernarvonshire (Wales) 15, Caithness (Scotland) 15, Calphurnia (Ship) 21, Cambodia (Ship) 21, Cambridgeshire (Eng.) 15, Canada 8, Cardiganshire (Wales) 15, Carlow (Ireland) 15, Cavan (Ireland) 15, Cheshire (Eng.) 15, Mrs Chisholm 7, Church of England 4,16, City of Manchester (Ship) 30, Clackmannan (Scotland) 15, Clare (Ireland) 15, Clifton (Ship) 21, Colonial Land and Emigration Commissioners 3,5,6,7,12,27,28, Colonial Storekeeper 7, Colony [of Vic.] 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,[19],21,22,24,27,29,30, Commissioners of Crown Lands (Vic.) 5,10,22, Connaught (Ireland) 4,15, Constance (Ship), 12,13,14,18,21, Convict Dept. 6, Cork (Ireland) 15,27, Cornwall 15, George Coward (ship surgeon) 12, Cromarty (Scotland) 15, Cumberland (Eng.) 15, Derbyshire (Eng.) 15, Derbyshire (Wales) 15, Devonshire (Eng.) 15, Dr Dickson (NSW MP) 6, Donegal (Ireland) 15, Dorsetshire (Eng.) 15, Down (Ireland) 15, Dublin (Ireland) 15,27, Dumbarton (Scotland) 15, Dumfriesshire (Scotland) 15, Durham (Eng.) 15, East Indies 9, East Lothian (Scotland) 15, Eastern Counties (Eng.) 3, Eastmeath (Ireland) 15, England 3,5,6,7,8,9,15,16,17,[19],24, Essex (Eng.) 15, Executive Govt. 9, Family Colonization Loan Society 7, Fermanagh (Ireland) 15, Fifeshire (Scotland) 15, Flintshire (Wales) 15, Forfarshire (Scotland) 15, Leslie Foster 7,9, Free Church of Scotland 4, Fortitude (Ship) 30, Fund for Promoting Female Emigration 7,11,30, Galway (Ireland) 15, Geelong 3,5,6,10,12,[19],21, Gipps Land County/District? 22,23, Glamorganshire (Wales) 15, Gloucestershire (Eng.) 15, Govt. Emigration Office (Park St., Westminister) 27, Govt. Gazette 7, Governor 28, Grant County 22,23, Granton Pier 27, Great Britain 5,7, Charles Grier (ship surgeon) 12, H.M. Customs 28, Hampshire (Eng.) 15, Sidney Herbert MP 7,8, Herefordshire (Eng.) 15, Hertfordshire (Eng.) 15, Home Govt. 6, Hooghly [i.e. Hoogley] (ship) 12,13,14,18,21, Hull (Eng.) 27, Huntingdonshire (Eng.) 15, Immigration Agent 29, Immigration Board 28, [Immigration] depot 5,7,28,29, [Immigration] Dept. 5,7,28,29, Immigration Office (Melb) 3,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,[19],21,23,24,[25],29,30, Immigration Remittance Regulations 6, Immigration Service 6, Inverness-shire (Scotland) 15, Ireland 4,15,16,17,24, Isle of Man 4,15,16,17, Isle of Skye 15, John Knox (Ship) 12,13,14,18, Joshua (Ship) 21, Kent (Eng.) 15, Kerry (Ireland) 15, Dr Kidd (ship surgeon) 12, Kildare (Ireland) 15, Kilkenny (Ireland) 15, Kincardine (Scotland) 15, King's County (Ireland) 15, Kinross (Scotland) 15, Kircudbright (Scotland) 15, Lady Elgin (Ship) 21, Lanarkshire (Scotland) 15, Lancashire (Eng.) 15, Land and Emigration Deposit 6, Land and Emigration Deposit Regulations 11,24, Land Fund (NSW) 8, Land Fund (Vic.) 6,8,9, C. J. La Trobe (lieutenant governor Vic.) 9, Legislative Council (NSW) 6, Leicestershire (Eng.) 15, Leinster (Ireland) 4,15, Leitrim (Ireland) 15, Limerick (Ireland) 15, Lincolnshire (Eng.) 15, Linlithgowshire (Scotland) 15, London 4,8, Londonderry (Ireland) 15, Longford (Ireland) 15, Louth (Ireland) 15, H. M'Kevitt (ship surgeon) 12, Mauritius 9, Mayo (Ireland) 15, Melbourne 3,5,7,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,[19],21,23,24,[25],29,30, Merionethshire (Wales) 15, Middlesex (Eng.) 15, Midland Counties (Eng.) 3, Midlothian (Scotland) 15, Monaghan (Ireland) 15, Monmouthshire (Eng.) 15, Montgomeryshire (Wales) 15, Morayshire (Scotland) 15, Mother Country 4,7,8,9, Munster (Ireland) 4,15, Murray District 22,23, Nairnshire (Scotland) 15, New South Wales 5,6,8,[19] New Zealand 5,[19], Norfolk (Eng.) 15, Normanby County 22,23, D. B. North (ship surgeon) 12, Northamptonshire (Eng.) 15, Northern Counties (Eng.) 3, Northern Counties (Scotland) 4, Northumberland (Eng.) 15, Northumberland (Ship) 30, Nottinghamshire (Eng.) 15, Orkney Isle 15, Oxfordshire (Eng.) 15, Parks St. (Westminister) 27, Peebles (Scotland) 15, Pembrokeshire (Wales) 15, Perthshire (Scotland) 15, Plymouth (England) 12, Poland 4,15,17, Port Albert [19], Port Fairy [19], Port Phillip 4, Port Phillip Heads 11,28, Portland 3,5,10,12,[19],21, Portland Bay 6, Portland Bay District 22,23, Queen's County (Ireland) 15, Renfrewshire (Scotland) 15, Roscommon (Ireland) 15, Ross-shire (Scotland) 15, Roxburghshire (Scotland) 15, Runnymede (Ship) 6, Rutland (Eng.) 15, Scotland 4,15,16,17,[19],24, Sea (Ship) 12,13,14,18, Secretary of State 6, Selkirkshire (Scotland) 15, Shetland Isle 15, Shropshire (Eng.) 15, Sidney Herbert's Committee 7,8, Sierra Leone 9, Sligo (Ireland) 15, Somersetshire (Eng.) 15, South Australia 5, South-Eastern Counties (Eng.) 3, South Seas 5,[19], South West Australia [19], South-Western Counties (Eng.) 3, Southern Counties (Scotland) 4, Staffordshire (Eng.) 15, Statesman (Ship) 12,13,14,18, Stebonheath (Ship) 12,13,14,18,21, Stirling (Scotland) 15, Success (Ship) 21, Suffolk (Eng.) 15, Surgeon Supt. 7, Surrey (Eng.) 15, Sussex (Eng.) 15, Sutherland (Scotland) 15, Tasmania (Ship) 6,12,13,14,18,21, Tipperary (Ireland) 15, Tyrone (Ireland) 15, Ulster (Ireland) 4,15, United Kingdom 3,4,5,6,8,9,19, Van Diemen's Land 5,[19], Victoria 8,11,24, [Victorian] Colonial Government 6,7,8,9,29, Wakefield Theory 8, Wales 4,15, Warwickshire (Eng.) 15, Water Police 28, Waterford (Ireland) 15, West Indian Colonies 9, Western Port District 22,23, Westmeath (Ireland) 15, Westminister (Eng.) 27, Westmoreland (Eng.) 15, Wexford (Ireland) 15, Wicklow (Ireland) 15, Wigton (Scotland) 15, Dr Wilkins (ship surgeon) 12, Wiltshire (Eng.) 15, Wimmera District 22,23, Worcestershire (Eng.) 15 and Yorkshire (Eng.) 15
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