Item Description: "Ordered by the Council to be printed 29th June 1852"
Comprises letter dated 21st February 1852 from Wyndham Harding, Secretary of the London and South Western Railway, to Sir James Frederick Palmer, the Speaker of the Legislative Council, Victoria
Other mentions: Mr Bright 2, British Channel [1], Mrs [Caroline] Chisholm [1], Colonial Land and Emigration Commission [given as Emigration Commissioners] [1], Deptford [1], The Downs (in the English Channel] [1], Emigrant Depot Deptford [1], [Family] Colonization [Loan] Society [1], 5 and 6 Victoria cap. 36 [1], Lieut. Lean R.N. [1], Lloyds [of London] [1], London 2, London and South Western Railway [1], Plymouth 2, Return to order of House of Commons, 15th August 1850 2, Hon. Francis Scott [British] M.P. [1], Southampton [1], Under Secretary of State for the Colonies [1], Thames [1], Vauxhall Bridge [1], Vic. Legislative Council [1] and Mr Young (underwriter of Lloyd's) 2
Physical Description: 2p. ; 33cm.