Health Officer

Corporate Author: Sanitary Station (Hobson's Bay, Vic.)
Other Authors: Hunt, Thomas, d. 1859, Victoria. Medical Dept.
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printing Office, 1852
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1852-53
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040 |a VPAR 
110 1 |a Sanitary Station (Hobson's Bay, Vic.) 
245 1 0 |a Health Officer 
260 |a Melbourne :  |b John Ferres, Government Printing Office,  |c 1852 
300 |a 4p. ;  |c 33cm. 
490 1 |a Parliamentary paper / Parliament of Victoria ;  |v 1852-53 
500 |a "Laid upon the Council table by the Colonial Secretary by command of His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor and ordered by The Council to be printed 25th June 1852" 
500 |a "Thomas Hunt, Health Officer" 
500 |a Contents: Health Report of all Vessels from "beyond Seas" that entered Hobson's Bay in 1851 -- Health Report of all Vessels that have entered Hobson's Bay from beyond Seas during the Months of January, February, March and April 1852 
500 |a Vessels listed: Abberfoyle, Abberton, Admiral, Agnes, Albatross, Alligator, Ameer, Andromache, Ann Miln, Anna, Argyle, Athenian, Ballingeich, Benjamin Heape, Berenice, Boadicca, Bride, British Sovereign, Calphurnia, Charlotte, Christabel, Claude, Commodore, Constance, Cuthberts, David Henshaw, Eagle, Enchanter, Equator, Favorite, Flash, Freak, Geelong, Gibson Craig, Golden Spring, Gratitude, Harry Lorrequer, Helen Baird, Honduras, Hooghly, Hymalaya, Indus, James Alexander, James T. Foord, Jane Cain, Jeanna Catharina, John Fielder, Joshua, Kingsdown, Lady Elgin, Lady Evelyne, Lady Peel, Lady Robilliard, Lancastrian, Lochnagar, Lord Montgomerie, Lord Stanley, Maid of Erin, Maitland, Margaret, Marmion, Martin Luther, Mary, Medway, Melbourne, Montgomery, Napoleon, Nelson, Northumberland, Persia, Posthumous, Ralph Thomson, Rattler, Regina, Renown, Richard and William, Roseberry, Royal George, Sarah Scott, Satellite, Sea, Sea Belle, Sir Harry Smith, Slains Castle, Stata, Statesman, Steboneath, Surinam, Sydney, Syria, Tasman, Thomas Hughes, Thomas Sparks, Tropic, Troubadour, Victoria, Vimiera, Wandsworth, Waverly, Willing and Zetland 
500 |a Ports of departure: Aberdeen, Antwerp, Batavia, Cadiz, California, Cocos Island, Glasgow, Gottenburg, Guernsey, Leith, Liverpool, London, Manila, Mauritius, Plymouth, Port Louis (i.e. Mauritius), Shanghae, Singapore, Sourabaya and Tahiti 
500 |a Other mentions: Francis Boyce (Commander [i.e. Captain?] of The Eagle [1], Dysentry [1],3, Hobson's Bay 2,4, Measles [1],3, Port of Melbourne [1],4, Smallpox [1],3, and Williamstown [1],4 
650 0 |a Immigrants  |x Health and hygiene  |z Victoria  |x Periodicals 
650 0 |a Quarantine  |z Victoria  |x Periodicals 
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651 0 |a Victoria  |x Emigration and immigration  |x Periodicals 
700 1 |a Hunt, Thomas,  |d d. 1859 
710 1 |a Victoria.  |b Medical Dept. 
830 |a Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ;  |v 1852-53 
958 |b govpub  |c VPARL1852-53Vol1p485-488.pdf  |t pdf.gif  |z GP V 1852/53 Vol. 1 p. 485-488 
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