Prisoners : committals, trials from 1st July to 31st December 1853 and 1st January to 30th June 1854

Corporate Author: Victoria. Crown Solicitor's Office
Other Authors: Gurner, Henry Field, 1819-1883
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1854
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1854-55, no. A 9
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Item Description: "Laid upon the Council table by the Colonial Secretary by command of His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor and ordered by the Council to be printed 27th September 1854"
Contents include : No. 1. Return of prisoners committed for trial in the Supreme and Circuit Courts of the Colony of Victoria from 1 July to 31 December 1853 shewing the result of such commitals and trials -- No. 2 Return .... 1 January to 30 June 1854 ...
"Henry F. Gurner, Crown Solicitor"
Prisoners A-D: George Adams, William Adams (Belfast), Ann Adelaide (Melb.), Thomas Ahern (Gisborne/Melb.), Thomas Alcock, Henry Allen (Kyneton/Melb.), John Allen (Beechworth/Melb.), John Allison (Lexton/Castlemaine), Nathaniel Alward (Kyneton/Melb.), Edward Amer, Mary Amer, James Anderson (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), William Anderson (committed Melb. 18/1/1854), Appovoo (Bacchus Marsh/Melb.), Thomas Armstrong, James Arnold (Castlemaine), James Arnott (Geelong), James Ashley (Castlemaine), Samuel Ashworth, Agnes Atkins, William Atkins, William Austin, Cha[rle]s W. P. Bacon, Robert] W[illiam] Badcock, James Baker (Castlemaine), James Baker (Heathcote), James Baker (Melb.), Henry Baldwin, Robert Ball (Geelong), Thomas Ball, William Ball, Andrew Ballingdon (Castlemaine), Henry Bambridge (Castlemaine), Henry Barber, Joseph Barber (Grange/Portland), John Barnes, William Barnett, John Barrow, Alexander Barry (Sandhurst), John Barry (Heathcote/Melb.), George Batten, Cornelius Batts, Jacob Beamer (Geelong), John Beans (Castlemaine), Jane Beaton, Christopher Bell (Wangaratta), William Bell (Castlemaine), Henry Bellamy (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Mary Bellamy, Samuel Best (Castlemaine), Richard Bethel, Richard Bettrel, John Bill (Benalla/Melb.), Albert Bingley, Charles Birch (Gisborne/Melb.), William Black (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Martin Bone (Castlemaine), Mary Bone (Castlemaine), Richard Boswell (Kyneton/Melb.), Richard Bothroyd, Francis Bourke (Leigh), Edward R. Bower (Castlemaine), Richard Bowers (Castlemaine), William Boyd (Williamstown), Henry Bradley (Kilmore/Melb.), Patrick Bradley, George Brennan (Beechworth/Melb.), Charles Brewer (Castlemaine), John Britton, Edward Brown (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), James Brown (Castlemaine), James Brown (Melb.), James Brown (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), John Brown (x2), Joseph Brown (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Robert Brown (Bacchus Marsh), Thomas Brown (Castlemaine), William Brown (Daisy Hill), William Brown (Melb.), George Bruce (x2), Samuel Bruce (Amherst/Castlemaine), George Bryer (Castlemaine), Frederick Buckland (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), John Burnett, Andrew Burns, John Burns (Kingower/Castlemaine), Robert Burns (Portland), Henry Burton (Grange/Portland), Joseph Burton (Castlemaine), William Bury (Castlemaine), Thomas Button (Heathcote/Melb.), Jim [James] Cain (Belfast/Geelong), Finlay Campbell (Geelong), James Campion, Ben[jamin] Carmichael (x2), Patrick Carr (Castlemaine), Thomas Carroll (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Charles Carson, Samuel Carter (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), William Carter (Amherst/Castlemaine), Pasquale Casmeriri, John Cassidy, Frederick Castleton, Ann Cavenagh (Geelong), Samuel Chadwick (Ballaarat), William Chapman, George Chase (Castlemaine), Goliah Chatterton, Samuel Cherry, Charles Chester (Sandhurst/Castlemaine x2), Ann Child, John Chisholm (Amherst), Thomas Christian (Castlemaine), James Clarke (Williamstown), John Clarke (Melb.), John Clarke (Tarrengower), Thomas Clarke, John Clifford, Peter Cochrane (Cheptow/Geelong), Jeremiah Coffey, John James Coil (Castlemaine), Henry Cole, William Cole (Castlemaine), Henry Coles, George Collins (Dunkeld/Portland), John Connelly, Thomas Connelly, James Connolly, Dennis Connor (Geelong), James Connor (Beechworth/Melb.), Francis Cooney, Daniel Cooper (Mt. Moliagall), Eli Cooper, George Corney (Keilambete/Geelong), Charles Cousins, John Cowan, Elizabeth Craig (Warrnambool/Geelong), John Crane, David Craven (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Edward Crow (Kilmore/Melb.), Edward Crowder (Williamstown/Melb.), John Cunningham, Charles Curley, Robert Curran, James Daly (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Michael Darcy, Charles Davenport (Castlemaine), James Davey, William Davey, George Davis (Castlemaine), George Davis (Melb.), John Davis (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), James Dawson (Kyneton/Melb.), Patrick Day, Richard Day (Williamstown/Melb.), Thomas Day (Castlemaine), Henry Denny (Castlemaine), William Derham, William Devine (Tarrengower), Thomas Dillon (Geelong), Charles Dixon (Bacchus Marsh/Melb.), James Dobson (Belfast), John Doherty (Geelong), Margaret Donovan (Castlemaine), William Doolan (Castlemaine), Anthony Doran (Geelong), James Doran, Caroline Douglas (Geelong), William Dowling (Leigh), James Downie (Castlemaine), John Doyle (Beechworth/Melb.), John Doyle (Melb.), Joseph Duffy (Castlemaine), Robert Duson (Amherst/Castlemaine), Richard Dyar (Bacchus Marsh/Melb.)
Prisoners E-H: John H. Eccleston, Edward Edwards, George T. Edwards, James Edwards, John Edwards (Wangaratta), John Egan (Kyneton/Melb.), Howard Ellison, John England, Ann Ennis, John Evans, Thomas Evans, Edward Everet, William Ewart (Heathcote/Melb.), W[illia]m Fellingham, George Felloby (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), George Fenby (Castlemaine), Frances M. Fenton, Robert Ferriss, Eliza Fieldhouse (Gippsland/Melb.), George Fieldhouse (Gippsland/Melb.), Michael Finessy, George Finn (Castlemaine), John Fish, William Fisher (Castlemaine), Patrick Fitzgerald (Beechworth/Melb.), James Flannagan (Kyneton/Melb.), James Fleming (Sandhurst/Castlemaine x2), Allan Folks (Kingower/Castlemaine), William Ford (Gisborne/Melb.), John Forman (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Charles Foster (Heathcote/Melb.), George Foster (Castlemaine), Thomas Fox (Williamstown/Melb.), John Foy (Leigh/Geelong), [ ] Franke, William Fraser, Hugh Freeman (Castlemaine), William Fulford, James Fuller (Ballaarat), Henry Gallagher, Joseph Gallagher (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Charles Galloway, Robert Galloway (Daisy Hill), John Gamble, Mary Gardiner, William Gardner (Geelong), George (aborigine) (Belfast/Geelong), Matthew Gibson (Beechworth/Melb.), Joseph Gilbert (Tarrengower/Castlemaine), Thomas Gillman (Wangaratta/Melb.), Mary Glossop (Castlemaine), Thomas Godfrey, John Goldman, George Goodburn, Frederick Gordon, Patrick Gorman (Beechworth/Melb.), Nasir Hadge Gosm (Castlemaine), Thomas Gould, Jesse Gower (Castlemaine), Thomas Graham (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), James Green (Geelong), John Green, John Griffin, Richard Griffiths, James Grinder (Tarrengower/Castlemaine), William Grout, Henry Guy, Cornelius Hahir (Leigh), Patrick Haley (Geelong), John Hall (Castlemaine), Henry Hallett, Thomas Halligan (Keilambete/Geelong), Thomas Hampton (Geelong), Henry Hamrock (Castlemaine), James Hannigan, Thomas Hanton (Castlemaine), Robert Harding (Castlemaine), Reuben Hardy (Kilmore/Melb.), George Harlow (Amherst), Henry Harris (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), John Harris (Castlemaine), John Harris (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), John Harrison, Joseph Harrison (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), [ ] Harry (Castlemaine), Robert Hart (Castlemaine), John Hartshorn (Castlemaine), James Harvey, John Hassett, John Hawkins, Thomas Hayes (Castlemaine), John Hazell (Kilmore/Melb.), Peter Healy (Beechworth/Melb.), David Heath (Castlemaine), Bondin Henri (Castlemaine), Patrick Herron (Kyneton), Benjamin Hickman, Charles Hill (Kyneton/Melb.), James Hill (Castlemaine), Thomas Hill (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Thomas Hill (Warrnambool), William Hilston, David Hilton (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), William Hinckley (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Thomas Hobbs, Thomas Hodson, Morris Holding, Edward F. Holme (Williamstown/Melb.), Charles Holmes (Colac/Geelong x2), John Holmes (Castlemaine), William Holmes, Gattam Houssam (Castlemaine), James Hughes, Edward Humphrey (Castlemaine), J. T. Hutchinson, Jane Hutchinson (Geelong), John Hutton
Prisoners I-L: Frederick Imhoff (Heathcote/Melb.), Kate Itchmore, Thomas Ivey (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), James Jackman (Daisy Hill), George Jackson (Heathcote), George Jackson (Melb.), Thomas Jackson (Kingower/Castlemaine), William Jamieson, Richard Jeffries [or Jeffreys] (Castlemaine), David Jeffs, W. Jefkins (alias Barefoot) (Heathcote/Melb.), Charles Jenkins (Castlemaine), Eliza Jenkyns (Portland), James Johnson (Portland), John Johnson (Belfast), John Johnson (Tarrengower), Robert Johnson (Amherst/Castlemaine), Bridget Johnston, John Johnston (Beechworth/Melb.), Thomas Johnston (Kyneton/Melb.), William Johnston (Melb.), William Johnstone (Castlemaine), Charles Jones (Benalla/Melb.), Henry Jones (Warrnambool/Geelong), James Jones (Tarrengower/Castlemaine), John Jones (Castlemaine), John Jones (Melb.), Joseph Jones (Kyneton/Melb.), Thomas Jones, William Jones (Beechworth/Melb.), William Jones (Williamstown/Melb.), John Kadimer (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), James Kearney (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Francis Keegan (Geelong), Thomas Keenan, Barney Kelly (Benalla/Melb.), James Kelly (Castlemaine), James Kelly (Melb.), James Kelly (Tarrengower/Castlemaine), John Kelly (Geelong), John Kelly (Melb.), James Kendall (Geelong), John Kennedy, James Kenny, James Kent, James Keough (Castlemaine), William Kern (Kyneton/Melb.), John King (Kingower/Castlemaine), John King (Melb.), George Kingston (Williamstown/Melb.), Richard Kingswell (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), W[illia]m Henry Knipe, Patrick Kogan (Kyneton/Melb.), Karl Krouke (Castlemaine), Francis Lacey, Ann Laing, William Laing, John Lake (Kingower/Castlemaine), Patrick Lanagan (Castlemaine), Philip Landrigan (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), James Lane, James Lang (Castlemaine), James Lang (Geelong), James Langley (Williamstown/Melb.), William Langley, William Langstone (Geelong), Martin Larkin (Amherst/Castlemaine), Thomas Latimore, James Lawrence, Samuel Lawton (Kyneton/Melb.), Samuel Lawton (Melb.), Henry B. Leeson, George Lincoln (Lexton/Castlemaine), John Lockis (Beechworth/Melb.), Henry Long (Castlemaine), Thomas Longstaff, Henry Love (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Joseph Lucas (Belfast), James Lynch (Kyneton/Melb.), John Lysaght
Prisoners M-R: John McBride (Tarrengower), Thomas McCabe (Castlemaine), Felix McCarron (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Phenix McCarron (Kyneton/Melb.), Thomas McCarthy (Beechworth/Melb.), Robert McConachy (Geelong), John McCoy (Benalla/Melb. x2), James McDonald (Portland), John McDonald (Mackay's Inn/Castlemaine), John McDonald (Melb.), Patrick McDonald, Thomas McDonald (Sandhurst), James Macdougall (Castlemaine), Margaret McGowan, Alex[ander] McGregor (Beechworth), Michael Mackawiny, Alex[ander] McKenzie, Arch[ibal]d McKenzie, Alex[ander] McLaughlan (Tarrengower/Castlemaine), Duncan McLean (Wangaratta/Melb.), James McLeod (Geelong), John Maclese (Castlemaine), John McMillan (Mackay's Inn), Peter McMillan (Mackay's Inn), Thomas McMitchell, Thomas McNally, John McNeill (Castlemaine), David Magee (Amherst/Castlemaine), Ellen Mahony (Geelong), Thomas Maiden (Kyneton/Melb.), Thomas Making (Castlemaine), Thomas Malone (Castlemaine), Thomas Malony (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Frederick Marline (Kingower/Castlemaine), Joseph Marriott, John Marsh, Thomas Marshall (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), James Martin (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), John Martin, George Melville, James Miles, John Miller, Isaac Mills (Castlemaine), William Mills, George Milne (Hepburn/Castlemaine), Philip Milrees, Charles Mitcham (Bacchus Marsh/Melb.), Thomas Mitchell, William Molesworth (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Ellen Moore (Castlemaine), James Moore (Sandhurst/Castlemaine x2), John Moore (Ballaarat), Thomas Moore (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), John Moorhouse (Sandhurst), John Moran, Patrick Moran, Jno. Tho[mas] Morgan (Castlemaine), William Morgan (Beechworth/Melb.), William Morgan (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Thomas Morrison (Castlemaine), Fred[eric]k Mortimer (Tarrengower/Castlemaine), William Moss (Castlemaine), Robert Moulton (Geelong), Mary Murdoch, James Murphy (Heathcote/Melb.), Peter Murphy (Melb.), Peter Murphy (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Terence Murphy (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Farrel Murray (Heathcote/Melb.), George Murray, James Murray (Castlemaine), John Murray (Castlemaine), Richard Murray (Benalla/Melb.), Edward Murtagh, James Muskear (Amherst/Castlemaine), William Newell (Tarrengower/Castlemaine), John Nicholson (Tarrengower), Thomas Nicholson (Geelong), William Nixon (Castlemaine), Thomas Nolan, Henry Norton (Beechworth/Melb.), William D. Novello (Geelong), William Nugent (Beechworth/Melb.), Tim O'Brien (Amherst/Castlemaine), Patrick O'Connor (Kilmore/Melb.), Thomas Ogilvie (Castlemaine), William Osborne, William Page (Melb.), William Page (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), William Paisley, William Panley (Beechworth/Melb.), William Park, John Parker (Castlemaine), Thomas Parker (Warrnambool/Geelong), Fraser Pascoe (Castlemaine), Jos. Pascoe (Castlemaine), Joseph Pasquin, Robert Patterson, Frederick Pearce (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Joseph Pearson, W[illia]m Pennington (Castlemaine), Elias Perel (Geelong), David Perkins, William Perry (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Henry Peterson, Samuel Petts, Barnett Phillips, Cha[rle]s Rich. Phillips (Hepburn), Richard A. Phillips (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Thomas Phillips (Geelong), George Pitt (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Hayes Pontor, George Porter, Thomas Porter (Castlemaine), Mary Ann Potter (Geelong), Alfred Pritchard, Jane Procter, Samuel Prosser, Samuel Prossor (Geelong), John Purcel (Castlemaine), John Quickfall (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), John Quin, Rob[er]t D. D. Quinan, John Raleigh (Williamstown), Alexander Ram, William Randall (Tarrengower/Castlemaine), John Ransom (Castlemaine), Charles Rapson (Geelong), John Rawlings (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Geo[rge] Fred[eric]k Read (Kingower/Castlemaine), Jesse Read, Johanna Read, Patrick Ready (Sandhurst/Castlemaine x2), James Reardon (Geelong), John Redding (Tarrengower/Castlemaine), David Reeves, John Reilly, Mary Reilly, William Rensley (Grange/Portland), Charles Rex (Castlemaine), John Rich (Sandhurst), Francis Richards (Kyneton/Melb.), Francis Richards (Melb.), William Riley, William Roberts, William Robins, Leslie Robinson (Castlemaine), Patrick Robinson (Castlemaine), Thomas Robinson (Heathcote), Thomas Robinson (Melb.), William Rodgers, Francis Rodrigo (Castlemaine), Edward Rogers (Geelong), Robert Rogers (Castlemaine), John Rogerson, Frederick Roper, George Rose, John Rose (Castlemaine), Elias Rosenwax, John Ross (Kyneton/Melb.), W[illia]m Fraser Ross (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Henry Rowlands (Castlemaine), William Ruck (Williamstown/Melb.), Fred. Wells Rudd (Castlemaine), Simon Russell (x2), Thomas Russell (Sandhurst/Castlemaine x2), James Ryan (Kingower/Castlemaine), Mary Ryan, Richard Ryan (Geelong), Edward Ryder (Beechworth/Melb.),
Prisonesr S-Z: Ellen St. Patrick, George Scott (Geelong), James Scott, William Setter (Geelong), George Shakspear, Henry Shakspear, Joseph Shakspear, George Shaw, William Shaw (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), [ ] Sieden (Williamstown), George Silver (Sandhurst), Henry Simpson, William Simpson, James Sinclair, William Singleton (Geelong), Henry Sinnott (Castlemaine), Charles Skehan, Andrew Slater (Geelong), Charles Smith (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Edward Smith (Geelong), George Smith, Henry Smith (Amherst/Castlemaine), Henry Smith (Castlemaine), Henry Smith (Melb.), Hugh Smith (Sandhurst), James Smith (Kingower/Castlemaine), James Smith (Melb.), James Smith (Sandhurst/Castlemaine x2), John Smith (Castlemaine), John Smith (Heathcote/Melb.), John Smith (Kyneton/Melb.), John M. J. Smith (Castlemaine), Joseph Smith, Peter Smith (Kyneton/Melb.), Thomas Smith (Melb.). Thomas Smith (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), William Smith (Geelong), William Smith (Melb.), William Smith (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), William Jay Smith (Williamstown/Melb.), Edward Snellgrove, Matthew Sorrell, Edw[ard] Caleb Souper, W[illia]m Thomas Squier (Sandhurst), Henry Stanley (Heathcote/Melb.), John Stanley, Samuel Stanley, John Stephens (Tarrengower), William Stephens (Castlemaine), Isaac Stevens, Daniel Stewart, Eliza Stewart, William Stone (Mt. Moliagall/Castlemaine), Eliza Stroud, Thomas Stroud, John Sullivan, Ellen Sutherland (Geelong), Thomas Synott (Amherst/Castlemaine), Joseph Tatham, George Tattersall (Wedderburn), Edw[ar]d Hales Taylor (Williamstown/Melb.), George Taylor (Melb.), George Taylor (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Geo[rge] Fred[eric]k Taylor (Castlemaine), Helen Taylor (Tarrengower/Castlemaine), John Taylor (Castelmaine), John Taylor (Gisborne/Melb.), Richard Taylor, Edward Teele, John Thomas, Richard Thomas (Castlemaine), John Thompson, John M. Thompson (Castlemaine), Jos. C. Thompson (Castlemaine), Charles Thomson (Castlemaine), David T. Thorne (Kyneton x2), Joseph Thornton (Castlemaine), Ann Thorpe, W[illia]m Througood, William Timbrey (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), Henry Toft (Grange/Portland), John Tout, George Townley (Tarrengower), William Townsend (Gippsland/Melb.), Ambrose True, James Trussell (Hepburn/Castlemaine), Henry Turner (Castlemaine), James Turner (Castlemaine), John Turner (Kingower/Castlemaine), Thomas Twyman (Sandhurst), Daniel Urell (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), George Use (Geelong), Joseph Venslues (Castlemaine), Adam Von Der Feez, E[war]d W. Waddingham (Wangaratta/Melb.), Samuel Walker (Geelong), William Walker, George Wall (Beechworth/Melb.), John Wall (Belfast), William Wallace (Amherst), Jackson Walls (Williamstown/Melb.), James Walsh, Henry Ward, Robert Warrell (Belfast), Benj[ami]n Warrington, Thomas Watkins (Geelong), William Watson, George Watts, W[illia]m H. R. Webber (Geelong), George West, Joseph West (Castlemaine), Richard Westlock, James Whelan (Castlemaine), George White, Henry Ja[me]s White, Thomas White (Geelong x2), John Whitty, Nathaniel Wicks (Kyneton/Melb.), Job Wigmore (Geelong), Daniel Wilkinson (Amhurst), George Wilkinson, John Wilkinson, Andrew Williams (Kingower/Castlemaine), Ann Williams, David Williams (Kingower), Edward Williams (Castlemaine), Edwin Williams (Geelong), Emma Williams (Geelong), Evan Williams, Henry Williams, James Williams (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), John Williams (Melb.), John Williams (Sandhurst/Castlemaine), John Williams (Tarrengower/Castlemaine), Sarah Williams, Sarah Williams, Thomas Williams (Castlemaine), William Williamson (Castlemaine), W[illia]m Willoughby, Ann Wilmot (Castlemaine), David Wilson, Edward Wilson (Geelong), George Wilson (Castlemaine), George Wilson (Melb.), John Wilson (Melb.), John Wilson (Mt. Moliagall/Castlemaine), John Wilson (Sandhurst), Peter Wilson, Edward Windsor (Castlemaine), John Windsor (Sandhurst), John Wing (Castlemaine), William Woodyer, Ja[me]s Crawford Young (Hepburn/Caslemaine), William Young (Castlemaine), William H. Young and William Zealey (Kilmore/Melb.)
Prisoners committed from: Amherst, Bacchus Marsh, Ballarat, Beechworth, Benalla, Bendigo [given as Sandhurst], Castlemaine, Chepstow[e], Colac, Daisy Hill, Dunkeld, Geelong, Gippsland, Gisborne, Hamilton [given as Grange], Heathcote, Hepburn, Keilambete, Kilmore, Kingower, Kyneton, Lexton, Mackay's Inn, Melbourne, Moliagul [given as Mt. Moliagall], Port Fairy [given as Belfast], Portland, Shelford [given as Leigh], Tarrengower, Wangaratta, Warrnambool, Wedderburn and Williamstown
Prisoners tried in: Castlemaine, Geelong, Melbourne and Portland
Coroners: [William Henry] Campbell, [Edward Walter?] Kelly, [Joseph] Lee, [James] McCrea, [William] Roche, [Foster] Shaw and [William] Wilmot
Justices: [James] Austin (Geelong), [William] Baylie (Geelong/Warrnambool), [Edward] Bell (Lexton/McKay's Inn), [Charles] Berkeley (Castlemaine/Kingower), [James] Blair (Portland), [William] Bonsey (Geelong), [Walter] Brackenbury (Sandhurst), [John] Bull (Castlemaine), [Archibald] Campbell (Beechworth/Melb.), [John] Carey (Gippsland/Williamstown), [Frederic] Champion (Geelong), [George] Craig (Grange [Burn] later called Hamilton), [James] Daly (Tarrengower), [William] Dana (Heathcote), [Charles De] Labilliere [given as Labillere] (Bacchus Marsh), [Francis] Doveton (Castlemaine), [George] Elms (Grange [Burn] later called Hamilton), [Alfred] Eyre (Tarrengower), [Nicholas] Fenwick (Amherst/Melb./Lexton), [Henry] Foster (Ballarat), [Samuel] Freeman (Melb.), [Foster] Fyans (Geelong), [William] Gray (Dunkeld), [Charles] Hackett (Castlemaine), [Charles] Hall (Amherst/daisy Hill), [Philip] Hardy (Heathcote), [George] Harper (Wangaratta), [George] Harriott (Castlemaine/Heathcote/Sandhurst), [John] Hodgson (Melb.), [Henry] Howlett (Castlemaine), [William] Hull (Melb.), [Charles] Hutton (Melb.), [Herbert] Jeffreys (Kyneton), [Francis] Jones (Beechworth), [William] Lavender (Kyneton), [George] Lowther (Castlemaine/Hepburn/Tarrengower), [Andrew] McCrae (Gippsland), [Lachlan] McLachlan (Castlemaine/Sandhurst), [Norman] McLeod (Grange [Burn] later called Hamilton), McMullan [probably John Gordon McMillan] (Geelong), [Henry] Matson (Bacchus Marsh), [John Henry or George Duncan]? Mercer (Leigh), [Herbert] Middleton (Amherst), [William] Mitchell (Chepstow[e]), [Wriothesley] Noel (Kilmore/Melb.), [Edward?] Parker (Melb.), Pascoe [i.e. Crawford Pasco] (Williamstown), [John] Patterson (Heathcote), [Charles] Payne (Melb.), [William] Piper (Benalla), [Robert] Pohlman (Geelong/Kyneton), [John] Price (Beechworth/Melb.), [Thomas] Pyke (Bacchus Marsh), [Robert] Rede (Hepburn/Mt. Moliagall/Tarrengower/Wedderburn), [Robert] Shadforth (Castlemaine), [John] Sherwin (Melb.), [John Davison] Smith (Amherst/Castlemaine/Melb.), [George] Stewart (Amherst/Belfast), [David] Stodart (Colac), [Evelyn] Sturt (Melb.), [William] Templeton (Kingower/Mt. Moliagall), [John Wellesley] Thomas (Gisborne/Melb.), [Alexander] Thomson (Gisborne/Keilambete), [William] Turner (Beechworth), [Charles] Vaughan (Melb.), [John] Wilkins (Williamstown) and [?] Williams (Melb.)
Judges: [Redmond] Barry, [Robert] Molesworth and [Edward Eyre] Williams
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