Corporate Author: Victoria. Immigration Dept.
Other Authors: Bell, Edward, 1814-1871, Strutt, Charles Edward, 1815?-1897
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1854
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1854-55, no. A 8
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Item Description: "Laid upon the Council table by the Colonial Secretary by command of His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor and ordered by the Council to be printed 27th September 1854"
"Edward Bell, Immigration Agent"
"Chas. Edw. Strutt, Assistant Immigration Agent"
Return No. 1 showing the names of ships chartered for the conveyance of immigrants which arrived in ... Victoria ... 1853: Allison (697 ton), Anne [i.e. Ann] Milne (564 ton), Arabian (581 ton), Argyle (584 ton), Australia (1028 ton), Australia (1170 ton), Banker's Daughter (1121 ton), Bermondsey (507 ton), Bride (565 ton), British Empire (546 ton), British Queen (569 ton), Calliope (770 ton), Charles (1074 ton), Childe Harold (1124 ton), Confiance (927 ton), Credenda (901 ton), Derry Castle (941 ton), Duke of Richmond (470 ton), Earl Grey (571 ton), Eliza (682 ton), Elizabeth (569 ton), Euphemus (700 ton), Ghenghis Khan (1306 ton), Harpley (547 ton), H.M.S. Hercules (1700 ton), Hope (377 ton), Ida (1157 ton), James Brown (1190 ton), Lady Kennaway (583 ton), Marian Moore (1050 ton), Monteagle (999 ton), Mooltan (610 ton), New Zealander (1129 ton), Northumbria (630 ton), Oithona (852 ton), Pekin (562 ton), Priscilla (572 ton), Sacramento (430 ton), Sea (760 ton), Six Sisters (657 ton), Statesman (874 ton), Stebonheath (1014 ton),Thames (858 ton) and Time and Truth (576 ton)
Return No. 1 showing ... the names of the surgeon superintendent[s on the ships]: Robert E. Allsop (Ida), Henry Ayliffe (Anne Milne), James Byrne (Calliope), John Carroll (Priscilla), George Coward (Derry Castle), William Donaldson (Oithona), Charles Ferrby (Australia 1170 ton), T. M. Girdlestone (Time and Truth), Joseph L. V. Gregory (Thames), James Hannan (Six Sisters), Thomas Hardy (Sacramento), Samuel G. Hayes (Monteagle), W. A. Heise (Arabian), R. Jones Hobson (British Queen), R. S. Jeffs (Confiance), F. W. Johnson (Australia 1028 ton), Osborne Johnson (Bermondsey), James Kilgour (Stebonheath), Samuel Knott (Argyle), Robert N. Lowe (British Empire), D. Macosh (Earl Grey), J. G. Moir (Marian Moore and New Zealander), Edward Nolloth R.N. (H.M.S. Hercules), Henry L. O'Hara (Northumbria), Rupert Pincott (Eliza), Robert Prifie (Mooltan), Edward Pye (Ghenghis Khan), D. J. Roberts (Harpley), James Robertson (Statesman), Dennis Rock (Euphemus), John G. Sandie (Sea), T. Slater (Childs Harold), John Spencer (Pekin), Charles Stilwell (Allison), William Thomson (Credenda), C. Y. Trotter (Charles), J. R. Trotter (Elizabeth), R. T. Webber (Duke of Richmond), Jacob Wilkins (Hope), Henry Wilkinson (James Brown), D. J. Williams (Bride), William Wills (Lady Kennaway) and Robert Wilson (Banker's Daughter)
Return No. 16. Statement shewing the prosecutions instituted under the Passengers' Acts by the emigration officers ... during the year 1853: Calcutta (ship) & Nelson (ship) (no names given for persons prosecuted), J. Bennett (master Koh-i-noor), Edward Brown (passenger Cleopatra), J. Brown (master Burman), G. Brumwell (master Ann Dashwood), W[illiam] Cargill (given as Curgill)(master Lord Metcalfe), J. Charlton (passenger Cleopatra), J. Eedy (master Clara), H. B. Elftingh [i.e. Eeftingh?] (master Lucia Maria), T. Eves [possibly Eveis] (master Mazeppa), R. Goble (master Royal Stuart), T. M. Grayson (master Chilian), Peter Greig (master Pirate), Thomas Hamlin (master Strathfieldsaye), G. Harris (master Lady Ebrington), R. F. G. Howes (master Asia [523 ton]), H. Irvine (master Freak), J. Jackson (master Sea Witch), T. Jenkins [i.e. John Jenkins 1814?-1871] (master John Melhuish), J. Laurie (master Dreadnought), H. S. [i.e. Thomas F.] Liddle (master Jenny Lind), J. Lutjes (master General List), J. Martin (master Invincible), M. McKenzie (master Gazelle), John Paterson (master Countess of Cawdor), Robert Pollock (master Plantagenet [806 ton]), John Rea (master Jane [142 ton]), J. Roberts (master Robert Clive), J. C. Roberts (master Lord Elphinstone), T. Rogers (master Lochiel), J. R. Smith (master Baretto Junior), T. Spain (master Yarra), J. Sumner (master Countess of Yarborough), W. C. Sutherland (master Prince Arthur), Thomas Taylor (master Falcon), C. Thompson (master Sylph), M. Tucker (master Mary and Ellen), H. Vent (master Atalanta), D. Walters (master Collooney), James Welsh (master Highland Lassie) and Walter Wright (master West Wind)
Other mentions: Arabian (ship) 33, Australia (ship) 33, Ballarat 37,41, Barwon Heads West 31, Beechworth 37, Bendigo 36,41. Brazilian Coast 31, Buckland 37, Calliope (ship) 33, Castlemaine 36, Charles (ship) 33, Childe Harold (ship) 33, City of Manchester 33, Confiance (ship) 33, Conway (ship) 33, Eagle Hawk 36, Earl Grey (ship) 31, Earl of Charlemont (ship), Fryer's Creek 36, Fund For Promoting Female Emigratin 42, Golden Point 36, Geelong 14,20,24,26,30,31, Genghis Khan (ship) 33, Gipps' Land District 34,35, [Government Houseless Immigrants Home] given as given as Houseless Immigrants' Asylum at Batman's Hill 32, [Great Britain] given as United Kingdom 24,26,30, [Great Britain. Passengers Act 1852] given as Imperial Act 1852 28,29, Heathcote 37, [Institution for Houseless Immigrants] given as Houseless Immigrants' Asylum at South Yarra 32, South Yarra [Joao Pessoa, Brazil] given as Paraiba 31, Kent (ship) 42, Launceston 31, Liverpoool 31, London 31, McIvor/M'Ivor [gold diggings] 37,41, Madagascar (ship) 42, Maldon 36, Melbourne 14,20,24,26,30,31, Melbourne City Police 31, Murray District 34,35, New South Wales 24,26,30, New Zealand 25,27,30, Ontario (ship) 31,33, Ovens district 37,41, Plymouth 31, Port Albert 24,26,30, Port Fairy 24,26, given as Belfast 30, Port Phillip/Port Phillip Heads 31, Portland 14,20,24,26,30, Portland Bay District 34,35, Richard (ship) 31, [Royal] Irish Constabulary 31, Shamrock (ship) 31, Sir Fowell Buxton (ship) 31, Snake Gully 37, South Australia 25,27,30, Spring Creek 36, Statesman (ship) 33, Sydney 31, Syria 31, [Tasmania] given as Van Diemen's Land 24,26,30, [Victoria. Passengers Act 1852] given as Colonial Act 28,29, Walmer Castle (ship) 42, Warrnambool 24,26,30, West[ern] Australia 25,27,30, Western Port District 34, 35 and Wimmera District 34,35 and Yackandandah (given as Yakandanda) 37
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