Item Description: "Ordered by the Council to be printed 22nd December 1853"
Committee: Hugh Childers (auditor general) (chairman), James Cassell (collector of customs), Andrew Clarke (surveyor general), George Cole, James Henty, John Hodgson, James Graham, Mark Nicholson, William Rutledge and James Strachan,
Witnesses: J[ames] Balmain (acting colonial architect), J. E. Briggs, Alexander Campbell (asst. harbor master Melb.), capt. Charles Ferguson (port/harbor master Melb.), Stephen George Henty (Portland), [Charles Pasley] (colonial engineer), capt. George Warcus, capt. Wing (asst. harbor master Williamstown)
Appendix A: letter from James Fawthorp [i.e. Fawthrop] (harbor master Portland) to James] Blair (police magistrate)
Appendix B: letter from L. Gilles (asst. colonial sec.) to Hugh Childers (chairman SCL) enclosing a letter from J. E. Briggs to J. L. Foster (colonial sec.)
Appendix C: letter from Godfrey V. Bentley (steamer Tasmania, Hobson's Bay) to Captain Cole, and letter from Jno. Saunders (steamer Clarence) to George W. Cole MLC
Appendix D: letter from Lewis Gilles (asst. colonial sec.) to Hugh Childers (chairman SCL), and enclosing 2 letters from E. Deas Thomson (colonial sec. NSW) to John Foster (colonial sec. Vic.), and inclosure, Instructions for the superintendent of the lighthouse at Gabo Island
Appendix E: Report on construction of lighthouses at present in existence and proposed in Victoria by James Balmain (chief architect)
Appendix F: Report upon the Irish and United States lighthouse system by Arthur S. Ormsby MRIA (civil engineer)
Physical Description: v, 19p. ; 33cm.