Item Description: "Ordered by the Council to be printed 18th October 1853"
Committee: John Foster (colonial secretary) (chairman), Charles James Griffith, John Dane, William Thomas Mollison, John Goodman, John Thomas Smith and William Rutledge
Witnesses: Alfred John Agg (chief clerk Immigration Office), Alfred Caldecott (accountant Immigration Office), Colin Campbell (first inspector of denominational schools), Norman Campbell (private secretary to the Lieutenant Governor), Hugh Culling Eardley Childers (Auditor General), Edward Grimes (Immigration Agent), Henry Jennings, John Lamb (clerk Immigration Office), William Frederic Osborne (clerk Immigration Office), John Seath (clerk Immigration Office) and Charles H[unt] Symonds (chief clerk Audit Office)
Appendix: letter from Edward Grimes (immigration agent) to John Foster (colonial secretary), including 1 enclosure each by Alfred J. Agg and L. Gilles and 2 by Edward Grimes
Physical Description: vi, 18p.; 33cm.