Item Description: "Laid upon the Council table by the Colonial Secretary by command of His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor and ordered by the Council to be printed 24th January 1854"
Comprises - extract from a letter, signed Edw[ard] Parker, No. 1 return of the sums expended for the benefit of the Aboriginal population of Victoria - signed Hugh C. E. Childers (Auditor General), No. 2 Copies of reports forwarded by the officers in charge of various Aboriginal establishments and missionary institutions, and returns - signed W[illia]m Thomas (guardian of Aborigines), N. A. Fenwick (Crown Commissioner's Office), Andrew McCrae (police magistrate Alberton and Sale Districts, Gippsland), Charles J. Tyers (Commissioner Crown Lands), E. B. Addis (Commissioner Crown Lands), H. W. H. Smythe (Commissioner Crown Lands), W[illia]m N. Gray (Commissioner Crown Lands, Portland Bay District), W. H. Wright (Commissioner of Crown Lands), Edward Bell (Commissioner of Crown Lands) and Edw[ar]d S. Parker, No. 3 returns of the average number of Aborigines dwelling on such establishments, for each month respectively, from the 1st January 1852 to the 30th September 1853 - signed William Thomas (guardian of Aborigines), compiled from monthly returns furnished by Mr Judkins and Joseph H. Carvosso, No. 4 return showing the number of Aboriginal children and young persons attending school or receiving regular instruction at such establishments - signed William Thomas, and Messrs. Judkins and Carvoso, No. 5 return of reserves of land in the Colony of Victoria, now maintained for the benefit of the Aborigines - signed Andrew Clarke, R.E. (Surveyor General)
Physical Description: 34p.; 33cm.