Item Description: "Laid upon the Council table by the Colonial Secretary by command of His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor and ordered by the Council to be printed 22nd November 1853"
Supplementary correspondence in continuation of the documents accompanying Message No. 17, of 6th September, 1853 - comprising letters or extracts of letters from W. Lonsdale to Edward Barnard (colonial agent general), C. J. La Trobe to Sir J. Pakington, Henry Pelham (Duke of Newcastle) to C. J. La Trobe, Edward Barnard to H. Merivale, Edward Barnard to W. Lonsdale, G. Butler (Office of Ordnance) to E. Barnard, C. J. La Trobe to Sir J. Pakington, H. Merivale to E. Barnard, T. F. Elliot to Edward Barnard, C. J. La Trobe to Henry Pelham (Duke of Newcastle), and Lesley C. Moody (civil commissary general) to William Lonsdale (colonial sec.)
Other mentions: Aden (ship) 4,6, Admirality 6, Audit Office 7, Auditor General 7, Edward Barnard (Colonial Agent General) [3],4,5,7, Blackwall (ship) 4, [G. Butler] Secretary to the Board 4,5, Board of Ordnance [3],4,5,6, Cannon Row 4,5, Cape 6, City Police 4, Cleopatra (steamer) 4, Colonial Agent General's Office 7, Colonial Government 5, Colonial Office 5, Colonial Storekeeper 5, Colonial Treasurer [3], Colony [of Victoria] [3],4,5,6,7, Downing St. [3],5,6, England 6,7, Henry Gillespie (ship) 6, Her Majesty's Government 5, Lieutenant Governor La Trobe [3],4,5,6, Legislative Council 7, Leichardt (ship) 6, Lochnagar (ship) 6, [William Lonsdale] Colonial Secretary [3],4,5,7, Melbourne [3],5,7, Mercia (ship) 6, New Orleans (ship) 6, New South Wales 7, Nimrod (ship) 6, Office of Civil Commissariat (Melb.) 7, Office of Ordnance 4,6, Office of the Colonial Secretary [3], Ordnance Department 4,5, Otway light house 6, [Henry Pelham] Duke of Newcastle 4,5,6,7, Stata (ship) 4, Sussex (ship) 6, Sydney (steamer) 4, Victoria 4,5,6,7 and [Victorian] Government 4,6,7
Physical Description: 7p. ; 33cm.