Report of the Crown Lands Commission of Inquiry on Both the Agricultural and Pastoral Occupation of the Public Lands to be Instituted on the Expiration of the Present Land Act at the Close of 1880 (September 1879) : Appendix C. Schedule B. [Statistical return of territorial property in private hands in the colony of Victoria by name of owner, acreage held, county in which held and capital value]

Corporate Author: Victoria. Crown Lands Commission of Inquiry
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1879
Parliamentary Paper Number: O'Keefe, Andrew,
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Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Landowners A: J., J. M. [i.e. Joseph Henry?] & R[ichard] H[artley] Abbott (Bourke) xxx, F[rancis] Adams (Anglesey) xx, J[ohn] Adams (Moira) xix, J[ames?] S. Adams (Mornington) xxxii, J[ohn] D[alrymple] Adams and W[illiam] A[nderson] Adams (Ripon) xxiii, (Kara Kara) xxvi, R[obert] Adams [of Benalla] (Delatite) xxi, Robert Adams [of "Coortmoolong", Cobden] (Heytesbury) ) xxii, trustees of late Robert Adams (Ripon) xxxv, Mary J. Addis (Bendigo) xxvii, William Aden[e]y (Heytesbury) xxii, trustees of late D[avid] Affleck (Lowan) xxxiii, trustees of late James Affleck (Ripon/Villiers) xxxv, Thomas Ager [i.e. Agar] (Bourke) xxix, D. Ahern (Moira) xxi, G[eorge] S[herbrooke] Airey & W. L. Ker (Anglesey) xxxiv, David Aitken [Macarthur] (Normanby) xxv, (Villiers) xxviii, James Aitken (Kara Kara/Borung) xxxiv, trustees late John Aitken (Grant) xviii, John Aitken (Bourke) xxix, P. Aitken (Normanby) xviii, J[ames] Alison (Grant) xxxii, (Villiers) xxviii, Alice Allan (Heytesbury) xxviii, Samuel Allardyce (Anglesey) xxvii, A[rthur] C[hichester] Alleen [i.e. Allen] (Villiers) xx, T. C., W[illiam Tucker], & W[illiam] W[ilson] Allen (Heytesbury) xxii, W. B. Allen (Ripon) [possibly William B. Allen of Ballengeich] xxii, E[rnest] H[erbert] Allfrey (Gladstone) xxxiii, J. Allingham (Borung) xxxii, Anderson Brothers [James, John 1822-1895 & William Anderson, all of Smeaton] (Talbot) xxxi, Alexander Anderson (Ripon) xxxiii, A[lexander] T. Anderson (Normanby) xxv, A[ndrew] Anderson, Count de Castelnau & A. Wilson (Kara Kara) xxvii, D[avid] Anderson d. 1929] (Borung) xxxii, executors/trustees of late D[avid] Anderson [Smeaton, Vic.] (viz. James, John 1822-1895 & William Anderson) (Bendigo xxvii, (Talbot) xxix, Francis Anderson [of "Glengala"] (Bourke) xxix, G. Anderson (Grant) xxx, George Anderson & William Brown (Anglesey) xviii, John [Wilson] Anderson (Normanby) xviii, Thomas Anderson (Mornington) xxiii, Thomas Anderson [Rosedale] (Tanjil) xxvi, William Anderson [of "Ghin Ghin" Yea, Vic.] (Anglesey) xxvii, John Andrew [of "Berembed Station" NSW] (Ripon) xxvii, J[ohn] K. Archer (Grant) xxxii, A[lfred] Arden [Tahara] (Normanby) xxv, William Armstrong (Hampden/Villiers) xxxiv, (Polwarth) xxiii, (Villiers) xxviii, trustees of late C[harles] H[enry] Armytage (Dundas/Lowan) xxxv, (Ripon, Villiers/Dundas) xxxv, Felix F. [i.e. Ferdinand Felix] Armytage (Grenville) xxxiii, F[rederick] W[illiam] Armytage (Grant) xxxv, George Armytage (Grenville/Polwarth) xxxv, Peter Arnott [of "Warrabkook", Macarthur] (Normanby) xxv, E. and J. Ashley (Mornington) xxx, Robert Askew (Villiers) xxviii, N[ithsdale] C. Atkinson (Belfast Special Survey) xxviii, Robert Atkinson (of "Kenilworth", Belfast, Vic.) (Villiers) xxviii, T[homas] Atkinson [Tooan] (Bogong) xxi, T[homas] Attenborough (Mornington) xxi, A[lbert] Austin (Hampden) xxxiv, A[lbert] Austin & W. H. Bullivant (Borung) xxxvi, James Austin (Polwarth) xxv, (Grant) xxxv, Josiah Austin (Normanby) xxv, (Ripon) xxxvi, Sydney Austin (Normanby) xxv, Sydney & Josiah Austin (Grenville) xxiii,xxv, trustees of late T[homas] Austin (Dundas) xxxiv,(Grant/Grenville) xxxv, Australia[n] Freehold Land and Produce Company (Moira) xxvi and Charles Ayrey (Kara Kara/Borung) xxxiv
Landowners B: W[illiam] H[enry] Bacchus (Grant) xxiv, Henry Backhaus (Bendigo) xxxii, (Bendigo/Rodney) xxiv, Benjamin Bailey [of Corop] (Rodney) xvii,S[amuel] and M[atthew] H. Baird (Talbot) xxxv, (Villiers) xxxv, [R.C.] Baker and Colley (Borung) xxii, Bridget, James, John, N. & Thomas Baker (Hampden) xxii, John Baker [of Gheringhap] (Grant) xxiv, J[ohn] Bakewell (Mornington) xxxiii, A[lexander S. B.] Baker (Mornington) xxxii, E. Balson (Grant) xix, Joseph Bamford [i.e. Bomford] (Dargo) xxvi, Bank of New South Wales (Grant) xxiv, Bank of Victoria (Dundas) xxii, (Heytesbury) xxii, (Normanby) xxxiv, J. Banken [i.e. James Bankin] (Gippsland) xx, C. H. Barber [i.e. Charles Henry Barbour] (Bogong) xxviii, R. Barclay (Talbot) xx, G.P. Barker (Villiers) xxviii, John Barker [of Carlsruhe] (Dalhousie) xviii, John Barker (Mornington) xxiii, H[enry] R[aven] Barrow (Rodney/Bendigo) xvii, John Barrow [Kyneton] (Talbot/Dalhousie) xvii, [?] Barry and [Daniel] O'Keefe (Grant) xx, W[illiam] Barry (Mornington) xxi, J[ohn] Bassett [Burnt Creek near Dunolly] xx, John Beaty [i.e. Batey] (Bourke) xxix, R. Bath (Gippsland) xxxi, Thomas Bath (Grenville) xvii, Ripon xxxii, (Ripon/Grenville) xxiii, S[amuel D.] Baulch (Villiers) xxxi, W. Baxter (Moira) xix, trustees for Mrs [Isabel] Bayles (Villiers) xxviii, William Bayles (Villiers) xxviii, xxxv, William Bayles & William Melville (Normanby) xxxiv, H. Bayless (Bogong) xxxi, W[illiam] Bayne (Mornington) xxxii, Charles Beal (Polwarth/Grenville) xxiii, Emily H. Bear and M[organ T.] Bear (Bourke) xviii, J[ohn] Beaton [ca. 1815-1891] xix, Henry Beatty (Mornington) xxiii, John [Robinson?] Beaty (Bourke) xxix, executors of late M[artin] Beatty [i.e. Beaty] (A[lice] P., J. [i.e. Isaac] & J[ohn] R[obinson] Beaty) (Bourke) xxx, Francis and George Beggs (Ripon) xxxiii, H[ugh] L. M. Beggs (Villiers) xxxiv, D[ittmer] Behrens (Delatite) xxvi, (Mornington) xxi, trustees of late James Bell (Grant) xxxv, J[ohn] Bell [1820-1891] (Evelyn) xxi, trustees/executors of late John Bell (Grenville) xxxiii,xxxvi, Joseph Bell (Bendigo and Rodney) xxxiii, R[obert] L. Bell (Grenville) xxiv, R[obert] N[icol] Bell (Borung) xxvii, T[homas] Bell [of Mount Greenock](Talbot) xxii, William Bell sr. (Ripon/Villiers) xxx, Bendigo and Ballarat Mining Company (Bendigo) xxxii, E. Bennison (Gippsland) xxii, W. G. Bennett (Ripon) xxii, J. Bergin (Dundas) xxxi, John & James Beveridge (Talbot) xxix, M. Beveridge (Bourke) xxxi, John & T[homas] B. Bingley (Grenville) xxiv, E. Bissell [i.e. Bissill) (Bendigo) xxxii, Edward Bissett (Bendigo) xxvii, William Bissett (Bendigo) xxvii, A[lexander] Black and J[ames] & T[homas] Turnbull (Moira/Delatite) xxiv, Neil [ie. Niel?] Black (Hampden) xxxv, J. Blackwood (Bendigo) xxxi, Blair (Mornington) xxxii, James Blair (Dundas) xxxv, Bloomfield (Mornington) xxi, R[obert] Bloomfield [of Tylden] (Dundas) xx, Carl Blume (Dundas) xxiii,xxxi, H[enry William] Bodman (Gippsland) xxxi, E. J. Boe (Gippsland) xxxi, J. Bolan (Dundas) xxi, Joseph Bomford [given as Bamford] (Dargo) xxvi, trustees of the late John Bon (Delatite/Anglesey) xxvi, J[ohn] M. Bowe (Ripon) xxvii, H[enry] J[oseph] Bowler (Benambra and Bogong) xxviii, Edwin Bowring (Villiers) xxix, Edward Bowyer (Dalhousie) xxv, [Alexander] Boyd, [John] Boyd and [David] McNaught (Grenville) xxxiii, [Hugh Campbell] Boyd and Clarkeney (Moira) xix, S. and M. Boyle (Bendigo) xx, James Brackenridge (Bogong) xviii, A[lfred] W. Braim (Villiers) xxviii, S[harp] Brearley (Grant) xxx, James G. and C[hristina] G. Brebner (Ripon) xxx, J. Bren (Moira) xix, P. Brennan (Hampden) xxviii, Patrick Brennan (Buln Buln) xxxiv, T[homas] Briggs xx, J[ohn] Brimacombe (Villiers) xxxiii, John Britt (Hampden) xxix, trustees of late A[lexander] Brocke [i.e. Brock] (Bourke) xxx, executors of the late Henry Brocke [i.e. Brock] (Bourke) xxx, G[eorge] S. Brodie (Bourke) xxix, Hon. Thomas Bromell (Dundas) xxxiv, William Brook[e]s & F. T. James (Villiers) xxviii, W. P. [i.e. Patrick William] Brougham (Bogong) xix, Broughton and Younger (Borung) xxxii, J[ohn Brown] Broughton (Lowan) xxxii, J[ohn] B[rown] and W[illiam] E. Broughton (Lowan) xxvii, R[ichard] B. Broughton (Lowan) xxxiii, A[ndrew] J[ames] Brown (Kara Kara) xxxi, J[ames] L. Brown (Bogong) xxviii, John [M.] Brown (Grant) xxiv, J[oseph] S. [i.e. Tilley] Brown (Bendigo) xxvii, O. Brown (Bourke) xxxiii, T. Brown (Bogong) xxviii, William Brown and George Anderson (Anglesey) xviii, William Brown Jr. (Evelyn) xxvi, J[ohn] and W[illiam] McL. Brown [i.e. Browne] (Hampden) xxviii, M. J. [i.e. Matthew Ingle] Browne (Bourke) xxix, Mr. Bruce (Mornington) xxxii, William [Charles] Brumley (Hampden) xxxix, John Brun (Mornington) xxiii, R[alph] Brunt (Mornington) xix, W[illiam] Bryant (Ripon) xxii, William and M[atthew] Bryant (Talbot) xxxv, Alexander Buchanan (Hampden) xxxiii, A[nnabella Campbell] Buchanan (Gippsland) xxxiii, J[ames] Buchanan (Mornington) xxx, (Villiers) xxxi, R[obert] Buchanan (Mornington) xix, L[ouis] Buckholtz [i.e. Buchholtz] (Villiers) xxxii, T[homas] Buckingham (Ripon) xxxii, S[tephen] V. Buckland & T[homas] H. Taylor (Bendigo) xxvii, trustees of the late Edmond Buckley (Buln Buln) xxvii, Mars Buckley & R. C. [i.e. C. J.] Nunn (Dundas) xxxiv, P[aul] Buckley (Gippsland) xxii, Albert Bucknall (Talbot) xxx, Edward Bucknall (Talbot) xxix, Frederick Bucknall (Talbot) xxx, executor of the late S[tephen] Bucknall (Talbot) i.e. Anne E. P. Bucknall xxx, William A. Bucknall (Talbot) xxx, W[illiam] H. Budd (Bourke) xxi, W[illiam] H[ose] Bullivant and A. Austin (Borung) xxxvi, Thomas Burgoine [i.e. Burgoyne] (Bendigo) xxvii, B. Burke (Mornington) xxxii, A. P. Burness [i.e. Burnes] [either Adam Burnes 1832-1876 or his son Alexander Plunkett Burnes 1862-1944] (Grant) xxxii, William Burrows (Bogong) xviii, S[amuel] Burston (Anglesey) xxxi, John Bushby (Borung) xxvii, Mr. Butterworth (Heytesbury) xxi, A. & J. Byrne (Evelyn) xxx, D. Byrne (Dalhousie) xxxi, James Byrne (Bogong) xxi, John Byrne (Bogong) xxi and the Hon. Robert Byrne (Mornington) xxiii,
Landowners C: Michael Cahill (Hampden) xxiv, P. Cain (Mornington) xxi, A[ndrew] Caldow & T[homas] Caldow (Dundas) xxxi, Phillip Callahan (Polwarth) xxiii, David Callan (Dalhousie) xxvii, J Callan xx, John Callan (Dalhousie) xxvii, M[ichael] Callanan (Mornington) xxxii, trustees of the late John Calvert (Grenville & Polwarth) xxxiii, Grenville xxxiv, Robert Calvert (Polwarth) xxiii, S[amuel] Calvert (Ripon) xxxii, W[illiam C.?] Calvert (Tanjil) xix, A[lexander?]. Cameron [(Gladstone) xxxiii, (Gladstone/Kara Kara) xxvi, A[lexander] Cameron [ca.1828-1889] (Villiers) xxxiii, Alexander Cameron [1810-1881] (Mornington) xxiii, Alexander Cameron [1830-1905] (Dundas/Villiers) xxxv, Angus Cameron [ca. 1795-1884] (Normanby) xxv,Archibald Cameron (Bogong) [of Barnawartha] xxviii, Archibald & Catherine Cameron (Dundas) xxiii, Christina Cameron (Normanby) xxxiv, Donald Cameron [1810-1879] (Dundas) xxxi, (Normanby) xxv, xviii, Donald Cameron [Scotsburn, Vic.] (Grant) xvii, Hugh Cameron (Dundas) xvii, J. Cameron [possibly James Cameron 1821-1883] xix, J. H. Cameron (Ripon) xxxi, John Cameron [1808-1880] (Normanby) xxv, John [1837-1904] & K[enneth 1841-1908] Cameron (Normanby) xxv, M. Cameron [possibly Murdoch McKenzie Cameron] (Talbot) xxxii, A[rchibald] M. Campbell (Grenville) xxx, Alexander Campbell [1805-1890] (Tanjil) xviii, Charles Campbell (Bourke) [1840-1905] xxix,, Colin Campbell (Ripon) xxx, D[uncan] Campbell [Strangways, Vic.] (Talbot) xx, J[ohn] Campbell [Murra Warrah, Vic.?] (Borung) xxxii, J[ohn] Campbell [1815-1883] (Gippsland) xx, xxii, John & H. Campbell (Bourke) xxx, Nicol, Hugh, Dugald & John [1829-1904] Campbell (Buln Buln) xxvi, trustees of the late Robert Campbell (Bourke) xxix, Hon. William Campbell (Bendigo) xxxv, (Dalhousie) xviii, (Rodney) xxxiii, William Campbell [Jr.] (Bourke) xviii, xxix, H. Candy (Hampden) xxxi, M[atthew] Cantlon (Bourke) xxx, C. R. [i.e. Charles and Richard?] Cantwell [Dargalong, Vic.] (Moira) xix, P[atrick] Cantwell (Grant) xx, Richard Cantwell (Bourke) xxx, T[homas] Cantwell (Grant) xx, P[atrick] Carey (Normanby) xviii, R. Carey (Dundas) xxi, George Carmichael (Dundas & Follett) xxxiii, William Carmichael (Normanby & Villiers) xxxv, John C, S[amuel] & W[illiam] J[ames] Carter (Dundas) xxiv, (Borung) xxxvi, Count de Castelnau, A[ndrew] Anderson & A. Wilson (Kara Kara) xxvii, H[enry] J. Cattanach (Lowan) xxiv, trustee of the late John Catto (Gladstone/Bendigo) xxxiv, Robert Cay (Gladstone/Bendigo) xxvii, B[enjamin] Chaffey (Grant) xxxii, A[mbrose] Chalk (Talbot) xxix, E[dward] Chambers (Bogong) xxi, (Mornington) xxi, W[illiam] T. Champ (Grant) xxxii, E[dward] Charsley (Mornington) xxx, A[lfred] Chenery (Delatite/Wonnangatta) xxxv, James Cherry (Bourke) xviii, R[obert] Cherry (Bourke) xxxi, William Cherry (Bourke) xxix, A[ndrew Spencer] Chirnside (Ripon/Hampden) xxxvi, A[ndrew] Chirnside & J[ohn] Logan (Hampden) xxxv, J. B. Chirnside (Gladstone/Kara Kara) xxvi, J. B. Chirnside & trustees of the late C[harles] Watson (Kara Kara) xxvi, Robert Chirnside (Grant) xxxiv, T[homas] & A[ndrew] Chirnside (Dundas xxxvi, (Grant/Bourke) xxxvi, T. & A. Chirnside & J[ames] A. Forbes (Ripon) xxxvi, Thomas Chirnside (Bourke) xxx, W[illiam] J. Chirnside, G. C. Forbes & T. A. C. Forbes (Ripon) xxxv, Thomas Clapperton (Gladstone) xxix, [Sir] A[ndrew] Clarke [?] (Evelyn) xxxiii, (Talbot) xxxi, David Clarke (Grenville) xxiii, Mary A. Clarke & W[illiam] D. Clarke (Borung) xxx, P[atrick] Clarke (Bourke) xxxiii, executors of the late W[alter] Clarke (Bourke) xxix, W[illiam] D. Clarke & Mary A. Clarke (Borung) xxx, [Sir] W[illiam] J. Clarke (Bourke) xxxiii,xxxvi, (Mornington) xxiii, (Talbot/Ripon/Grenville) xxxv, (Villiers) xxviii, Clarkeney and [Hugh Campbell] Boyd (Moira) xix, John Cleeland (Mornington) xxiii, Peter Clement (Buln Buln) xxvi, (Tanjil) xxvii, Richard Clements (Delatite) xviii, trustees of the late T[homas] N. Clement[s] (Rodney) xxiv, John Clinnock [i.e. Clinnick] (Grant) xxx, James Cochrane (Dalhousie) xvii, John Colclough (Delatite) xxvi, R. Colclough (Mornington) xxiii, Thomas Colclough (Bourke) xxx, John Coldham (Normanby) xxv, F[rancis][ & E[lizabeth] Cole (Hampden) xxv, G[eorge] W. Cole (Grant) xxii, (Mornington) xxi,xxxii, N[icholas] Cole (Hampden) xxxiv, Colley and [R.C.] Baker (Borung) xxii, Jane Coltish (Grant) xxx, R[obert] Conacher (Heytesbury) xxxi, John Conisbee (Bogong) xxviii, H[enry] Connor (Villiers) xxxiii, J[oseph] H. Connor (Heytesbury) xxii, (Polwarth) xxx, C. L. [i.e. Lewis Charles] Conran (Grant) xviii, P[atrick] Conrick (Villiers) xxxi, J. Coogan (Grant) xix, C[ecil] P. Cooke (Hampden) xxviii, (Normanby) xxxiv, P[atrick] Cooke (Anglesey) xxxiii, Charles Cookson (Anglesey) xxvii, M[ichael] Coolahan (Bourke) xix, J. Cooper (Anglesey) xx, P[eter] Cooper (Anglesey) xxxiii, Alfred Cope (Normanby) xviii, F[rancis] A. Corbett (Villiers) xxxi, W[illiam] Cordell (Anglesey) xxxiii, William Corney & R[obert] W. Corney (Dundas) xxiii, Thomas Cornish (Gladstone) xxvi, T. Costin (Bogong) xxi, W. Cotter (Delatite) xxi, H[ugh] Coulson (Tanjil) xix, L. Counsel [probably Edward L. Councel of Somerville] (Mornington) xxi, D[avid], George, James, John & Robert Coutts (Gladstone/Bendigo) xxx, James Cowan (Normanby) xviii, Evan Cozens (Delatite) xviii, E. B. Cozens (Grant) xx, [Matthew] Craig, [George] Simmie & [William?] Fraser (Rodney) xxxiii, William Craig (Tanjil) xxvi, R[ichard] Crane (Anglesey) xxii, John Creswick (Kara Kara/Borung) xxvii, John Crewe (Normanby) xviii, A. J. Crockett [possibly Andrew Crockett d. 1888](Moira) xxi, M. Crombie (Grant) xxii, trustees of the late Edward Crooke (Buln Buln) xxvii, Edward Crossley (Dundas) xxxvi (Ripon) xxx, John Crouch (Ripon) xxx, J[ohn] Crowe (Villiers) xxii, William Crowe (Villiers) xx, William Cruickshank (Villiers) xxviii, George Cumming (Hampden) xxxiv, John Cumming (Hampden) xxiii,xxxvi, Thomas Cumming (Hampden) xxxiv, T[homas] J. [i.e. F] Cummings & R[obert] Simson (Dundas) xxxiv, William Cumming (Hampden) xxv,xxxv, P. Cummings (Bourke) xxi, J[ohn] Cummins [given as Cummings] (Bourke) xxi, A[lexander] Cunningham [i.e. Cuningham] & John Smyth (Grenville) xxiv,H[astings] Cunningham [i.e. Cuningham] & Sir James McCulloch (Delatite) xxxv, held in trust for M[arion] H. Cuninghame (Tanjil) xxix, Michael Cunneen (Rodney) xxiv, Daniel Curdie (Heytesbury) xxii and John L. Currie (Hampden) xxxv, (Grant) xxx
Landholders D - E: D. Aitken and Co. (Villiers) xxviii , W. A. Daley [possibly William Daly of Myers Flat] (Bendigo) xxxii, [Frederick] Dalgety & [Charles] Ibbotson (Borung) xxxii, F. G. Dalgetty [i.e. Dalgety] & C. Ibbotson (Grant) xxx, W. [i.e. Archibald] J. Dalgleish (Hampden) xxvi, William Darby (Dalhousie) xxv, M[artin] Darcey (Anglesey) xxii, J. and P. D'Arcy (Grant) xx, P. Darcy (Borung) xxxii, J[ames] H. Dardel (Grant) xxiv, J[ohn] S. Darley (Mornington) xxx, [James Monckton] Darlot & [/] Moore (Grenville) xxxii, J[ohn] Davey (Mornington) xxi, T. Davey (Borung) xxxii, J[ohn] L. Davidson (Delatite) xxviii, W. Davies (possibly William Davies of Acheron in Anglesey County or William Davies of Panoo Milloo in Bendigo County) xx, Charles P. Davis (Rodney) xxiii, J. Davis (Delatite) xxi, P. Davis (Evelyn) xxxiii, Joseph day & Ann Day (Rodney) xxiv, trustees Henry de Little (Villiers) xxxiv, A[lfred] Deans (Borung) xx, Charles & John Degraves (Talbot/Dalhousie) xxxiv, (Tanjil) xxix, John Degraves (Dundas) xxiii, Henry & James Delahay [i.e. Delahey](Bourke) xviii, John Dennet[t] (Delatite) xxviii, Alexander Dennis Jr. (Hampden) xxviii, Alexander Dennis Sr. (Hampden) xxviii, (Kara Kara/Borung) xxxv, H. Dennis xx, trustees late J[ohn] Dennis (Polwarth/Grenville) xxvi, R[ichard] V. Dennis (Polwarth/Grenville) xxvi, E. E. Dennithorne (Bourke) xxi, Michael De Pass (Dalhousie) xxv, Mary A. Dick (Bourke) xxx, William Dingwall (Villiers) xxvi, J[ohn] S. Dicsher [i.e. Disher] (Tanjil) xix, W[illiam] H. Disher (Tanjil) xxvii, James Doak (Bendigo) xviii, (Bendigo/Rodney) xxvii, F[rederick] G. & J[ohn] B. Docker (Bogong) xxviii, (Delatite) xxviii, John Dodds (Hampden) xxv, James & Joseph Dodgshun, William Edwards & W. V. Glover (Anglesey) xxvii, M. Dogherty [i.e. Michael Doherty?] (Grant) xx, J[ohn?] Dore (Mornington) xxxii, J[ohn] Dougall (Talbot) xxxi, T]homas] Dougall (Bourke) xix, William Dougall (Talbot) xxix, J[ohn] Douglas (Bourke) xxi, Charles & Thomas Dowling (Hampden) xxv, xxxiv, A. F. Down (Talbot) xx, W. Doyle (Dundas) xix, W[illiam] Doyne (Rodney) xix, C[harles] Draper (Bourke) xxi, A[ugust?] & W[illiam?] Dreyer (Normanby) xix, Edward Dryden (Dalhousie) xviii, trustees of late John Duerdan [i.e. Duerdin] (Mornington) xxiii, A. Dunlop (Bourke) xxi, R[obert] Dunlop (Bogong) xxi, H[enry] Dunn (Mornington) xxi, W[illliam] H. Dunsford (Bourke) xxix, Thomas Dyer-Edwardes b. 1807 or his son 1847-1926 (given as T. D. Edwards) (Bourke) xxx, William Eaglestone & John Ettershank (Bendigo) xxxvi, William East (Normanby/Villiers) xxx, C. Eastwood (Grant) xxxii, William Eaves (Dundas) xxiii, A[rchibald] C. Eddington (Villiers) xxxiv, David Edgar (Lowan) xxxv, J[ohn] & W[alter] Edgar (Dundas) xxxi, C. Edmonstone [i.e. Chales Edmonston] (Talbot) xx, W[illiam] Edmonson [i.e. Edmundson] Polwarth) xxx, J[ohn] Edols & C[harles] Francis (Bogong) xxviii, John Edols (Bourke) xxix, (Grant) xxiv, (Tanjil) xxvii, E[dward] Edwards (Talbot) xx, William Edwards, James & Joseph Dodgshun & W. V. Glover (Anglesey) xxvii, Obadiah [i.e. Obediah] Edwick (Bendigo) xxvii, N[airne] G. Elder & William Elder (Grenville) xxxv, Robert Elliott [i.e. Elliot] (Ripon) xxxv, Thomas Eltwood [i.e. Ellwood] (Grant) xxiv, John Ettershank & William Eaglestone (Bendigo) xxxvi, E[van] Evans (Delatite) xxviii, John Evans (Delatite) xxviii, [Frederick Everingham] (Talbot) xxxi, Everingham, Greenfield and Co. (given as Everingham and Company) (Talbot) xxxi and Thomas A. Ewing (Dalhousie) xviii
Landowners F - G: George Fairbairn (Grant) xxiv, W[illiam] P. Faithful[l] (Bogong) xviii, E. Fallon (Bogong) xix, Edward Fanning (Delatite) xxvi, William Fanning & T. J. Nankivell (Gladstone) xxvi, (Kara Kara/Gladstone) xxxv, R[obert] Far[r]agher (Bourke) xix, Robert Farie (Villiers) xxxiv, M. Faulkner (Dalhousie) xix, Joseph Fawcett (Talbot) xxix, Frederick Fenton (Tanjil) xxvi, D. Ferguson (Anglesey) xxxi, John Ferguson (Delatite) xviii, Joseph Ferguson (Bogong/Delatite) xxviii, J[ohn] Ferrier (Normanby) xviii, [William?] Field (Grant) xix, H. Filcocks (Bendigo) xxii, James Findlay (Benambra) xxviii, C[olin] C. & A[lexander] A. [i.e. K.] Finlay (Benambra) xxviii, (Ripon) xxvii, [John] Finlay and Son (Hampden) xxxiv, John Finn (Villiers) xxviii, Lawrence Finn (Villiers) xviii, xx, J. B. Finney (Bogong) xix, C[harles] B. Fisher (Bourke) xxix, Archibald Fisken (Grant) xxvii, held in trust for Mrs A. Fisken by William Taylor (Grant) xxiv, G[eorge] T. [i.e. Sydney] Fitzgerald (Villiers) xix, J. Fitzgerald (Anglesey) xxxiii, John Fitzgerald (Ripon) xxxv, trustees of late J[ohn] B[ryan] Fitzgerald (Lowan) xxiv, Edward & William Flynn (Moira/Delatite) xxvi, John Flynn (Dalhousie) xxvii, C[ornelius] Fogarty (Grant) xxii, Forbes and Lewis (Ripon) xxxii, G[eorge] C. Forbes, T[homas] A. C. Forbes & W[illiam] J. Chirnside (Ripon) xxxv, J[ames] A. Forbes & T. & A. Chirnside (Ripon) xxxvi, W. G. Forbes (Gippsland) xxxii, J. Ford (Bogong) xxi, J. Ford (Mornington) xxi, W. Ford (Bendigo) xix, J[ohn] Forrest (Delatite) xxxi, A[rchibald] Forsyth (Dalhousie) xx, John Foster (Gippsland) xx, trustees of late John Foster (Tanjil) xxvi, C[harles] Francis & J. Edols (Bogong) xxviii, J[ames] G. Francis (Mornington) xix, H. Fraser (Bogong) xxxi, Peter Fraser (Talbot) xxix, Robert Fraser (Villiers) (either Robert Fraser of Glenthompson or Robert Fraser of Hamilton?) xxvi, William Fraser (Moira) xxvi, [William?] Fraser, [Matthew] Craig & [George] Simmie (Rodney) xxxiii, James Fry (Kara Kara/Borung) xxvii,xxxiv, E[lizbeth] S. Galletly (Grant) xxiv, A. M & W. Gardiner (Bourke) xxi, R[obert] Gardiner (Bourke) xxix, S[amuel] Gardiner (Bourke) xxx,Colin Gardiner [i.e. Gardner] (Delatite) xxviii, Emily Gavan (Dalhousie) xxvii, J[ames] Geddes (Villiers) xxxiii, Hamilton Gerrand (Tanjil) xxvi, trustees of Isabella Gibb [later Mrs Reuben Payten?] (Villiers) xxix, James Gibb (Mornington) xvii, trustees for Margaret Gibbs (Bourke) xxx, J. Gibson (Villiers) xx, Isaac & William Gidney (Bourke) xxix, John Gillahan (Dundas) xxiv, A[ndrew] & J[oseph] Gillespie (Ripon) xx, John Gillespie (Bendigo) xxvii, J[ohn] Gillies (Ripon) xxii, J. Gillion [probably John Gillian of Alberton or John Gellion of Port Albert) (Gippsland) xx, W. E. [i.e. Thomas Steuart] Gladstone (Bourke) xviii, Mrs M[artha] B. G. Glassford (Tanjil) xxxiv, Edmond Gleeson (Villiers) xxviii, M[artin] Gleeson (Ripon) xxvii, Patrick Gleeson (Dundas) xxi, (Villiers/Normanby) xxviii, John Glenn(Dalhousie) xxv, W[illiam] V. Glover, James & Joseph Dodgshun & William Edwards (Anglesey) xxvii, A. Goddard (Rodney) xix, [Richard] Goldsbrough & [Hugh] Parker (Anglesey) xxxiii, G. Goldsmith (Dundas) xxxii, John Joseph Henry Gooch (Dalhousie) xxv, John Good (Villiers) xxviii, C. Gordon & Walter Laidlaw (Lowan) xxxiii, G[eorge] Gordon (Talbot) xx, H[ugh] Gordon (Ripon) xxii, J[ames] Gordon (Talbot) xxxii, David Gorman (Bourke) xxx, James & Thomas Graham (Grenville) xxiv, Donald Grant(Talbot) xxix, E[dmund] C. Grant (Ripon) xxx, L[ewis] A. Grant (Talbot) xxix, executrix of late Thomas Grant (Bourke) xviii, trustees for heirs of W[illiam] Grant (Anglesey) xxvii, Humphrey Grattan (Moira/Delatite) xxvi, Charles Gray (Villiers) xxxiv, Charles Green (Villiers) xxviii, M. Green (Dundas) [possibly Michael Green of Yangery] xxi, Molesworth R. Greene (Grant) xxiv, [Alexander Mackay Greenfield] (given as Everingham and Company) (Talbot) xxxi, R[obert] Grey (Mornington) xxi, Frederick Griffin (Grant) xxiv, (Delatite) xxvi, trustees of late C. Griffiths [i.e. Griffith] (Grant) xxxiv, H[enry] Grimes (Bogong) xxi, J[ohn] H. Gubbins (Ripon) xxxii, A. Guild (Anglesey) xx, John Guild (Anglesey) xxvii, J[ames] Gullifer (Bogong) xxxi, H. M. Guthrie (Bourke) xxxiii, Thomas Guthrie (Kara Kara/Borung) xxxv and J[ames] Gwyther (Villiers) xxi
Landholders H - I: G. & T. Hack (Grant) xx, C[harles] Hadland (Ripon) xxxii, M. Hagan (Gippsland) xxii, J. W. Hagin (Tanjil) xix, C. Hailes (Bourke) xxi, John Haines (Polwarth) xxiii, C[ornelius] S. Haley (Bourke) xxv, Hall Bros. [i.e. A. and W. Hall] (Grant) xxiv, Rev. William Hall (Bendigo) xviii, William Halliday (Rodney) xxiv, F. F. Hamilton (Bourke) xxx, J[ames] Hamilton [of Molesworth] (Anglesey) xx, J[ames] C[harles] Hamilton (Lowan) xxiv, John B. Hamilton (Anglesey) xxvii, T[homas Ferrier] Hamilton (Talbot) xxii, trustees of late Thomas Hamilton (Bourke) xxiv, trustees of William Hamilton's heirs (Dalhousie) xxxiv, A[lexander] Hamlyn (Gippsland) xxii, Theodore Hancock (Polwarth/Polwarth & Grenville) xxiii, F. B. Hand (Evelyn) xxxiii, J[ames] Hannah (Ripon) xix, Joseph Hanson (Benambra) xxviii, William Harbison (Mornington) xxiii, Louisa Harding (Grant) xxx, S[ilas] Harding and S. Tangey (Hampden) xxii, Silas Harding (Villiers) xxxvi, George Harker (Evelyn) xxvi, J. Harker (Bendigo) xxxii, Joseph Harper (Dalhousie) xviii, W. O. Harris (Dalhousie) xxi, H. C. A. Harrison in trust for J. [i.e. Tom] Wills (Bourke) xxix, C[arl] Hartwich (Dundas) xx, E[dward] Harvey (Grant) xxxii, Henry Hasre [i.e. Harse] (Talbot) xxix, John Hastie (Grant) xxiv, S[amuel] P. Hawkens [i.e. Hawkins] (Normanby) xxxi, G. R. Hayes [probably George Hayes of Nagambie] xx, Francis Heach (Delatite/Moira) xxviii, F. Heatch [i.e. Heach] (Bogong) xxxiii, C. Heaphy (Anglesey) xxii, James Hearne [i.e. Hearn], John Hearne [i.e. Hearn] & W. Wragge (Bendigo/Rodney) xxxiv,John Hearn (Delatite/Wonnangatta) xxvi, Dr. [William E.] Hearne [i.e. Hearn] (Mornington xxxii, E[dward] F. Hearne (Lowan) xvii, E[dward] F., E[dward] J. & J[ohn I.] Hearne (Lowan) xxiv, W[illiam] Heath (Dundas) xxxi, John Henderson (Rodney) xxiv, L[aurence?] Henderson (Ripon) xxvii, H[enry A.] Hendra [i.e. Hendren] xx, James Hendry (Bendigo) xxvii, Hugh Henry (Bogong) xviii, John Hensley (Grant) xxx, Edward Henty (Dundas) xxxv, (Normanby) xxv, Francis Henty (Normanby) xxxiv, Jane Henty (Normanby) xxiv, Thomas Henty (Mornington) xxiii, J. Heny (Grant) xx, G[eorge] S. Hepburn (Talbot) xxxi, trustees of late John [Stuart] Hepburn (Grant) xviii, (Talbot) xxxv, A. Herbertson (Ripon) xxii, B[enjamin?] Hick (Normanby) xxx, John Hick (Normanby) xxv, William Hick (Normanby) xxv, William Hicks (Rodney) xviii, William Higgins (Dundas) xxiv, (Borung/Kara Kara) xxvii, William Highett (Delatite) xxvi, F[rancis P.] Hines (Lowan) xxiv, M[ichael] Hoare (Bourke) xix, William Hobbs (Borung) xxvii, W[illiam] Hodgson (Gippsland) xxxi, Michael Hogan (Dalhousie) xvii, J[ohn] Holden (Borung) xxxii, R./Robert Hood (Villiers) xxxi, xxxiv, W. H. [i.e. W.] Hood (Viliers) xxxi, (Borung/Ripon) xxxiv, R. Hooper (Talbot) xx, George Hope (Grant) xxiv, R[obert C.] Hope (Grant) xxx, Arthur Hopkins (Grenville) xxxiii, John Rout Hopkins (Grenville/Grant/Polwarth) xxxv, Joel Horwood (Bendigo) xxvii, Edward Hoskins (Normanby) xxv, H[enry] A[rthur] Hough (Normanby) xxv, E. Howard (Bourke) xxxi, H[enry] J. Howard & William McDonald (Kara Kara) xxvi, J. Howden (Gippsland) xx, trustees late G[odfrey] Howitt (Mornington) xxiii, F. [possibly Edward][ Huff (Borung) xxxii, C. Hughes xix, A[lexander] Hume (Anglesey) xxxi, H. Hunt (Mornington) xxi, H. E. Hunt (Mornington) xxi, A[lexander M.] Hunter (Mornington) xxxii, J. Hunter (Grant) xxx, J[ohn L.] Huntly (Normanby) xviii, William Huon (Bogong) xxviii, Edward Hurst (Normanby/Villiers) xxx, John Hurst (Bourke) xxix, J. Hutchins (Borung) xxxii, T. Hutchins (Borung) xxxii, J[oseph] Hutchinson (Delatite) xxxi, J[ohn] A[lexander] Hutton & T[homas] Hutton (Villiers) xxvi, William Ford [i.e. Forbes] Hutton (Evelyn) xxvi, John Hyland (Hampden) xxviii, [Charles] Ibbotson & [F.] Dalgety (Borung) xxxii, C. Ibbotson (Grant) xxxii, C. Ibbotson & F. G. Dalgetty [i.e. Dalgety] (Grant) xxx, John Ord Inglis (Grant/Bourke) xxxiv, P[eter] Inglis (Mornington) xix, J. L. Ingpen (Heytesbury) xxxi, J[ames] H. Irvine & T. McK. Hamilton [i.e. Charles Hamilton McKnight] (Villiers) xxviii and M. Irwin (Tanjil) xix,
Landholders J - L: J[ohn] Jacka (Grenville) xix, A[ndrew] Jackson (Ripon) xxii, J[ohn] H. Jackson (Normanby) xxv, Thomas Jackson (Gippsland) xxxii, Edwin James (Bourke) xxiv, F[rederick] T. James & William Brook[e]s (Villiers) xxviii, J[ohn] James (Dalhousie) xx, W. C. James (Villiers) xxxii, Robert Jamieson (Hampden) xxvi, Henry and John Jarrett (Dalhousie) xxv, Francis Jarrett (Normanby) xxv, A. T. Jenkins (Gippsland) xxxi, Francis Jenkins (Dalhousie) xxiv, George Jennings (Borung) xxvii, E. Jewell xx, Archibald Johnson (Dundas) xxiv, (Normanby/Dundas) xxxvi, G[eorge] W. Johnson (Talbot) xxv, E[dwyn] Jones (Gippsland) xx, J[ohn] Jones (Villiers) xix, L[oftus] Jones (Anglesey) xx, W[illiam] Jones (Villiers) xix, (Bourke) xxii, A[lfred] Joyce (Talbot/Gladstone) xxix, Charles Kelly (Bendigo) xxxiv, M. Kelly xx, J[ohn] Kelsall (Ripon) xxii, T. H [i.e. M.?] Kelsall (Grant) xxiv, T[heophilus] M. Kelsall (Anglesey/Delatite) xxvi, trustees of late D[onald] Kennedy (Bourke) xxix, D[avid] Kennedy (Villiers) xxviii, D[uncan] C[ameron] Kennedy (Bourke) xxx, Edmund Kennedy (Rodney/Bendigo) xvii, J. F. Kennedy (Normanby) xix, Martha J. Kennedy (Grenville) xxx, Benjamin Kenworthy (Dalhousie) xxv, W[illiam L[eyden] Ker & G. S. Airey (Anglesey) xxxiv, executors of late John Kernan (Bourke) xxx, A[ndrew] Kerr (Dundas) xxii, John Kerr (Bourke) xxx, (Evelyn) xxvi, [?] Kethowen & [David] Mitchell (Grant) xxiv, E. Keyes (Evelyn) xxi, Thomas Keys (Evelyn) xxxi, E. [i.e. Lewis?] Kiddle (Grant) xxx, W. T. Kimpton (Ripon) xxvii, John King (Tanjil) xxxiv, W[illiam Essington] King (Ripon) xxii, R. Kirkham (Bendigo) xxxi, James Knaggs (Normanby) xxv, R[obert] N. Knaggs (Normanby) xxv, H. Kneebone (Bogong) xix, A. H. Knight (Villiers) xxviii, (Grant) xxxii, M. Krane (Moira) xix, John [i.e. Johann] F. Krumnow (Villiers) xxvi, James Laidlaw (Lowan) xxiv, Robert Laidlaw & James Robertson (Dundas) xxxv, Thomas Laidlaw (Normanby) xviii, Walter Laidlaw (Normanby) xxv, (Dundas) xxxiii, (Lowan) xxxiii, Walter Laidlaw and C. Gordon (Lowan) xxxiii, Frederick T. B. Lang & John Laird (trustees for Mrs S. Reid) (Hampden) xxv, J. Lamond (Bourke) xxi, William Lane (Talbot) xxix, A[lexander Dennistoun?] Lang (Grenville) xviii, (Heytesbury) xxxi, G[ideon] Lang (Heytesbury) xix, [William] Larcombe (Grant) xxx, M[ichael] Larkin (Gladstone) xxxiii. Donald Larnarch (Mornington) xxiii, E[dward] Laud (Bogong) xxi, John Laurie (Heytesbury) xxii, J. Lawson [possibly John Lawton of "Mountside" Buninyong] (Grant) xxxi, A[rthur] Leake (Dundas) xxi, A[lfred] & W[illiam] Leake (Bourke) xxix, J. Leake [probably John Leake of Winchelsea] (Grant) xix, John R. Learmonth (Normanby) xxv, Peter Learmonth (Dundas) xvii, (Villiers) xxvi, William Learmonth (Normanby) xxv, (Villiers) xxii, W. Leckie [i.e. William Lecky?] (Mornington) xxxii, William Leonard (Hampden) xxv, William Lett [Nuntin, Vic.] (Tanjil) xxvi, S. Lewers (Grenville) xix, [William] Lewis and [James A.?] Forbes (Ripon) xxxii, William Lewis (Delatite) xviii, (Ripon) xxxiv, A[ndrew] Lillico (Villiers) xxi, P. Lindsay [Macarthur, Vic.] (Normanby) xviii, William Lindsay (Villiers) xxxv, George Little (Bogong) xviii, William Little [pres. Avon Shire] (Tanjil) xxvi, [Henry] Littlewood and [James] Shackell (Moira) xxvii, W[illiam] J. Lobb (Bourke) xxi, M[ichael] Loeman (Bourke) xix, J[ohn] Logan & A[ndrew] Chirnside (Hampden) xxxv, T. Longmore [i.e. Thomas Longmure] (Talbot) xx, Hay Looney (Dalhousie) xviii, M. H. Lord (Bourke) xxi, R. Lord (Villiers) xxxi, H[enry N.] Loughnan (Dundas) xxxi, W[illiam?] Lowe (Tanjil) xix, J. H. Lukey [probably John Lukey of Clunes] (Talbot) xxxii, William Lyall (Mornington) xxiii, trustees of late M[ichael] Lynch [died 1871?] (Gladstone) xxvi, William [F. L.] Lynch (Bourke) xxx, C[harles] H. Lyon (Grant/Bourke) xxiv, James Lyons (Tanjil) xxvi, Martin Lyons (Dalhousie) xxv, P[atrick] Lyons (Bendigo) xxii, (Dalhousie) xviii and W[illiam] S. Lyster (Mornington) xix
Landholders M - Ma: D[avid] McArthur (Ripon) xxxii, Peter Macarthur [i.e. McArthur] (Hampden) xxxiv, (Heytesbury) xxiii, (Villiers) xxxiv, James McBain [i.e. MacBain] (Bourke) xxix, (Rodney) xxxv, [Thomas] McCaffery and [Thomas] Whicher (Grenville) xix, D[uncan] McCallum (Normanby) xxv, M[ichael] McCarthy (Villiers) xx, Richard McCarthy (Normanby) xxv, trustees late T[homas] McCarthy (Rodney) xxiii, D. A. McColl (Dundas) xxxi, trustees late J[ames] McColl (Dundas) xxiv, W. McCollough (Gladstone) xxxiii, Alexander McCombe (Bogong) xxviii, John McConachie [i.e. McConochie] (Dundas) xxiii, J[ames] McCormack (Bourke) xxi, J. T. McCormack [possibly Joseph McCormack of Molesworth] (Anglesey) xx, D[uncan] McCrae (Anglesey) xx, R. McCrae (Grant) xix, executor & executrix late D. McCrea [i.e. Donald McCrae] (Bourke) xviii, Sir James McCulloch & H. Cuningham (Delatite) xxxv, Hugh McDermott [i.e. McDevitt] (Rodney) xxiv, A. McDonald [possibly Alexander McDonald of Belmont or Allan McDonald of Cargerie](Grant) xxii, A. McDonald [possibly Alexander McDonald of Cathcart or Alexander McDonald of Ballyrogan][(Ripon) xxii, Archibald McDonald (Normanby) xxv, McDonald Brothers [i.e. Donald McDonald & George McDonald (1832-1900)] xxxi, G[eorge?] McDonald (Dundas) xix, John McDonald (Normanby) xviii, N[iel] McDonald (Normanby) xviii, R. McDonald (Grant) xxii, xxxii, William McDonald & H. J. Howard (Kara Kara) xxvi, A. J. A. and A[ngus?] McDougal [i.e. McDougall] (Normanby) xviii, A[llan] McDougal [i.e. McDougall] (Ripon) xxii, Angus [of "Lornefield" Tahara], Archibald, John [of Bundalong] & M. McDougall (Normanby) xxv, P. McDougall (Villiers) xxxiii, Robert McDougall (Bourke) xxix, James McFarland (Mornington) xxiii, M. McFarlin xx, William McFriters [i.e. McFeiters] (Rodney) xxiii, W[illiam] McGann (Ripon) xxii, W[illiam] McGarvie (Heytesbury) xxx, D[uncan] McGillivray (Grant) xxxii, J. McGrath (Dundas) xix, D. McGregor [i.e. Duncan MacGregor] (Mornington) xxiii, J[ohn] McGregor (Borung) xxxi, M. McGregor (Borung) xx, J[ohn] D. McHaffie (Mornington) xxiii, Henry McIllree (Bogong) xxviii, McInnes (Dundas) xxiii, John Macinnes (Lowan) xxvii, R. McInseray (Bendigo) xix, A. McIntosh (Kara Kara) xxxi, C[harles?] McIntosh (Kara Kara) xxxi, G. B. McIntyre (Evelyn) xix, J[ohn] McIntyre (Dundas) xxxi, M[atthew] McIntyre (Dundas) xxxii, Miriam McIntyre (Villiers) xxvi, Alfred [i.e. Albert/] & Austin Mack (Bendigo/Gunbower) xxxiv, Joseph Mack (Hampden) xxxiii, trustees for Mrs [Frances] Mackay (Bogong) xxviii, H[ugh] McKay xx, J. MacKay (Mornington) xxi, J. McKeighan (Villiers) xix, D[avid] McKellar (Normanby) xxv, D[uncan] McKellar (Borung/Kara Kara) xxvii, D[avid] McKellar (Normanby) xxv, J[ames A.] & John McKellar (Villiers) xxxv, Thomas McKellar (Normanby/Dundas/Villiers) xxxiv, J. Macken (Gladstone) xxxiii, Martin McKenna (Dalhousie) xxv, C. A. McKenzie (Anglesey) xix, J. McKenzie (Grant) xix, K. McKenzie (Delatite) xxi, Peter McKillop (Grant) xxiv, Daniel McKinnon (Hampden/Heytesbury) xxxiii, trustee late D[onald] McKinnon (Grant) xxiv, A. Mackintosh (Borung) xxxii, Alexander Mackintosh (Dundas) xxxv, James Mackintosh (Gunbower/Bendigo) xxxv, Murdoch Mackintosh (Tanjil) xxxiv, T. McK. Hamilton [i.e. Charles Hamilton McKnight] & J. H. Irvine (Villiers) xxviii, Isabella McLachlan (Bourke) xxiv, (Grant) xxx, John McLachlan (Tanjil) xxvii, David McLaws (Villiers) xviii, J[ames] McLay (Talbot) xx, H[ector] McLean (Dundas) xxi, James McLean (Ripon) xxvii, M[alcolm] McLean (Bourke) xxx, D. & J. McLeish (Anglesey) xxxiii, D[onald] & N[icol] McLellan (Lowan) xxvii, trustees of late James [i.e. John] McLellan (Normanby) xxv, McLellan [Nicol McLellan?] and Messer (Borung) xxii, A[ngus?] McLeod (Villiers) xxi, H. A. McLeod (Grant) xx, H[ugh] L. McLeod (Lowan) xxiv, J[ohn] N. McLeod (Normanby) xviii, J. McMahon (Bendigo) xix, T. McMahon (Hampden) xxxi, trustees late A[rchibald] McMillan (Mornington) xxv, John McMillan (Buln Buln) xxvi, Kate McMillan (Mornington) xxv, (Kara Kara/Borung) xxxiv, D[avid] McNaught & John Boyd (Grant) xxiv, [David] McNaught, [Alexander] Boyd & [John] Boyd (Grenville) xxxiii, John McNicol (Normanby) xviii, G. Maconochie (Kara Kara) xxxi, James Maconochie (Hampden) xxiv, D. McPhee (Villiers) xxi, John McPhee (Gladstone/Talbot) xxix, A[lfred] W[illiam], J[ames] S[inclair], M[urray] B[ennett] & W[illiam] S[utherland] McPherson (Follett) xxiii, Dugald McPherson (Grant) xxiv, (Lowan) xxvii, E[wan] Mcpherson and G. & R. Rutherford (Moira) xxvi, J[ohn] A[lexander] McPherson [i.e. Macpherson] (Normanby/Villiers) xxiv, J[ohn] A[lexander], J[ames] P[hilip] & W[illiam] D[uncan] McPherson (Ripon/Hampden) xxxvi, J[ohn] R. McPherson (Dundas) xxiii, J[ohn] R. McPherson (as trustee of late [William] Robertson) (Dundas) xxxiii, William McPherson [of Nangeela/Dorodong] (Follett) xxiv, Isaac McQuilquin [i.e. McQuilkin] (Tanjil) xxvi, John McTier [aka Mactier] (Talbot/Dalhousie) xxv, Hugh McVean (Heytesbury) xxiii, (Hampden) xxxv, David McWilliam (Hampden) xxv, James and John McWilliam (Hampden) xvii, T. R. Maddison [probably Thomas Maddison] (Gladstone) xxii, James Maginness [i.e. Magennis] (Moira) xxvi, Charles Maher (Anglesey) xx, (Bourke) xxx, G. Mahoney (Ripon) xxii, D. Mailor (Mornington) xxxii, D[avid] Mairs (Mornington) xxiii, James Malcolm [either James Malcolm 1804-1878 or his son Sir James William Malcolm 1862-1927] (Bourke) xxix, W. Maloney (Ripon) xxxii, J[ames] E. [i.e. W.] Manifold (Villiers/Heytesbury) xxviii, trustees of late John Manifold (Hampden) xxxiv, trustees of late John Manifold [viz. Marion and Peter Manifold] & Peter Manifold (Hampden/Heytesbury) xxxvi, John & Peter Manifold (Grant) xxx, Peter Manifold (Villiers) xxxi, (Villiers/Hampden) xxxv, W[alter] S. Manifold (Villiers) xx, Donald Manson (Tanjil) xxvi, William Manson (Tanjil) xviii, F[rederick] Marsh (Ripon) xxxii, W[illiam] Marsh (Villiers) xxii, J. Martin xx, J. O. Martin (Mornington) xxi, James F. Martin (Bogong) xxviii, trustees for M[ary] McC[rae] Martin (Bourke) xviii, O, Martin [possibly Otto Martin of Wangaratta or Owen Martin of Molesworth] xx, T[homas] J. Martin (Bourke) xxxi, D. Marwick & John Moodie (Bourke) xviii, John Matheson (Grant) xxiv, (Normanby) xxxiv, Robert Matheson (Lowan) xxxiii, George Mathieson [i.e. Matheson] (Grant) xxx, and William Matthews (Hampden) xxix, (Heytesbury) xxxi
Landholders Me - Mu: John Meagher (Villiers) xxviii, John Meikle (Mornington) xxiii, Melbourne Banking Company (Grant) xx, William Melville & William Bayles (Normanby) xxxiv, Janet Menzies (Talbot) xviii, George Mercer (Grant) xxiv, [Gilbert?] Meredith (Grant) xix, T. Merrett [probably Solomon Merrett of Kolora] (Heytesbury) xxxii, John Merry (Gippsland) xxii, (Dargo/Tambo) xxvi, William Merry [of Molesworth] (Anglesey) xxvii, William Merry [of Maffra] (Tanjil) xxvi, J[ames] M. Messer (Normanby) xxv, W[illiam] C[ockburn] Messer [later known as Mercer] (Dundas) xxxiv, [W. C.?] Messer and McLellan (Borung) xxii, Thomas Millear (Ripon) xxxiv, H. Miller (Gippsland) xxxi, Hon. Henry Miller (Grant) xviii, (Bourke) xxix, J[ames] Miller (Moira) xxi, trustees of late William Miller (Hampden/Ripon) xxvi, George Mills (Gladstone/Talbot) xxix, H[enry] Milne (Gladstone) xxii, R[ichard] Milne (Heytesbury) xxxii, Robert Milne (Delatite) xxviii, D. Mitchell (Evelyn/Mornington) xxvi, D. H. Mitchell (Villiers) xxxiii, [David] Mitchell & [?] Kethowen (Grant) xxiv, T[homas] Mitchell (Bendigo) xix, Sir William H. F. Mitchell (Dalhousie) xxv, trustees of late John Moffatt (Grant) xxiv, (Grenville) xxiv, (Hampden/Villiers/Ripon) xxxvi, Robert Moffatt (Bendigo/Talbot) xxxiv, (Gladstone) xxxiii, (Ripon) xxxv, (Bendigo) xxxvi, William Moffatt (Bendigo) xxxvi, V[alentine] N. Mogg (Kara Kara) xxvi, (Grant) xxxiv, R. Molloy (Talbot) xxii, J. R. Monckton (Talbot/Bendigo) xxv, A[lexander] Moncrieff (Moira) xxi, William Montgomery (Tanjil) xxvi, John [Jr.] & William Moodie (Dundas) xxxiv, John Moodie & D. Marwick (Bourke) xviii, C. Moody (Mornington) xxxii, W[illiam] Mooney (Bogong) xxi, [?] Moore & [James Monckton] Darlot (Grenville xxxii, R. & S. D. Moore (Bourke) xxxi, J. P. Morresy [i.e. Morrissey] (Moira) xxxi, George Morris (Bogong) xxviii, trustees late H[ugh] Morrison (Grant) xxiv, M. Morrison (Grenville) xxi, G[eorge] G. Morton (Talbot) xxxii, R[ichard] C. Morlon [i.e. Morton] (Bourke) xviii, F[rederick] W[illiam] Moutray (Villiers) xxxii, John Moylan (Bourke) xxx, J. Muggins (Grant) xxii, trustees late R[obert] Muirhead (Grant) xxiv, James Mullarkey (Rodney) xvii, John Mullens (Talbot) xxii, xxix, John Mullens Jr., John Mullens Sr. & M[ichael] Mullens (Talbot) xxix, C[hristopher] Mummery (Bogong) xxxi, J[ames] R[ussell] Munckton [given as Monckton] (Talbot/Bendigo) xxv, George & John Murch (Ripon) xxx, trustees of late [James Beveridge] Murdoch (Grant) xxiv, W. Murphy (Villiers) xx, A. M. Murray (Polwarth) xxx, A[lexander] S. Murray (Dundas/Follett) xxxiii, Andrew Murray (Heytesbury) xxiii, (Grenville) xxv, (Polwarth) xxv, trustees of late Hugh Murray (Polwarth/Grenville & Polwarth) xxiii, J[ames] Murray (Villiers) xxxi, William Murray (Villiers) xxxiv, trustees of William Murray [1797?-1871] (Bourke) xxix and Thomas Must (Normanby/Dundas) xxv
Landholders N - P: Benjamin Napthine (Hampden) xxix, T[homas] J. Nankivell & William Fanning (Gladstone) xxvi, (Kara Kara/Gladstone) xxxv, W. Naughan [i.e. William Vaughan of Warrambine] (Grant) xxxii, T[homas S,] Neilson (Gippsland) xx, M. Neylan (Heytesbury) xxi, J. & R[obert] Nicholls (Talbot) xxix, T[heophilus Daubuz] Nicholls (Talbot) xxii, G[ermain] Nicholson & John M. Smith (Evelyn/Mornington) xviii, M[ark] Nicholson (Villiers) xxxi, James Nicol (Buln Buln) xxvii, M. Nilan (Grenville) xviii, G[eorge] C[ornelius] Noble (Grant) xxxii, J[ohn] C[harles] Noble (Grant) xxxii, James Noble (Grant) xxx, P[eter] Nolan (Grant) xxii, D[avid] Norrie (Bogong) xxxi, C[hristopher] Noske (Dundas) xix, R. C. [i.e. Crumpton John] Nunn & Mars Buckley (Dundas) xxxiv, M[ontague] Oakes (Villiers) xx, D[aniel] & Terence O'Brien (Villiers) xxviii, Denis O'Brien (Tanjil) xxvi, P[atrick] O'Brien (Tanjil) xxvi, Terence O'Brien (Villiers) xxvi, M[ichael] O'Connell (Grant) xxxii, T[erence] O'Connor (Mornington) xvii, Thomas R. Oddie (Heytesbury) xxii, (Ripon) xxiii, xxxii, M[ichael] O'Don[n]ell (Bogong) xxviii, xxi, (Bogong/Delatite) xxviii, C[harles] M. Officer & S[uetonius] Officer (Lowan) xxxiii, R[obert] Officer (Mornington) xxxii, trustees of late John Ogilvy (Talbot) xxix, C[harles] D. O'Halloran (Bourke) xviii, [Daniel]O'Keefe and [?] Barry (Grant) xx, Andrew O'Keefe (Rodney/Bendigo) xxvi, (Bendigo/Dalhousie) xxvii, Owen O'Reilly (Dundas) xxxii, Oriental Bank Corporation (Talbot) xxix, Francis Ormond (Hampden/Ripon) xxxvi, trustees late J[ames] R. Orr (Dalhousie) xvii, Mary Orr (Talbot) xxv, O[ctavius] F. W. Palmer (Villiers/Hampden/Heytesbury) xviii, T[homas] McL[eod] Palmer (Villiers) xix, T. McN. [i.e. McLeod] Palmer (Heytesbury) xxviii, held in trust by J[oseph] A. Panton & R[ichard] Youl (Evelyn) xxvi, Parken and Co. (Anglesey) xxii, [Hugh] Parker and [R.] Goldsbrough (Anglesey) xxxiii, A[lexander] Paterson (Mornington) xxiii, J[ames] and A[ndrew] and A[rchibald] and W[illiam] and T[homas] Paton (Benambra/Bogong) xxviii, John Paton (Heytesbury) xxiii, J. R. [i.e. George Robertson] Patterson (Lowan) xxxii, Joseph Patterson (Grant) xxiv, G[eorge] Payne (Bourke) xix, Mrs Reuben Payten (née Isabella Gibb] (Villiers) xxix, J[ames] G. Pearson (Bourke) xxix, executors of late James Pearson (Bourke) xxix, William Pearson (Tanjil) xxvii, xxxiv, W[illiam] M. Pearson (Tanjil) xxix, F[rederick] W[illiam] Peers (Mornington) xxi, M[ichael] Pender (Mornington) xxxii, T. Perridge (Mornington) xxi, James Peters (Dalhousie) xxv, John Peterson (Dalhousie) xxvii, devisees in trust of William Henry Pettitt [i.e. Pettett] (Emily Pettitt [i.e. Pettett] & James Winter) (Borung) xxvii, John & Joseph Pheps [i.e. Phelps] (Bourke) xxix, John Philip (Lowan) xxiv, Thomas Philip (Lowan) xxiv, Henry Phillips (Villiers) xviii, xxxi, John Pickford (Talbot) xxix, Richard Pimblett (Hampden) xxv, J[osiah] Pitcher (Talbot) xxxi, Andrew Plummer (Bourke) xxix, George Podyer [i.e. Podger?] (Hampden) xviii, G[eorge] Pollard (Bogung) xix, trustees of late A[ndrew] Porteous (Ripon) xxiii, Andrew Porter (Dalhousie) xxvii, Esther Porter (Bourke) xviii, G[eorge] W. & J[ohn] A. Porter xix, W[illiam] Powell (Talbot) xx, W[illiam] E. Power (Tanjil) xxvi, J. Prentice (Bogong) xix, W. Price (Normanby) xxi, F[rederick] H. Puckle (Villiers) xx, James L. Purves (Bourke) xviii, (Mornington) xxxii and George Pyers (Borung) xxvi
Landholders Q - R: Robert Quarrell (Bendigo/Gunbower) xviii, M[ichael] Quinlan (Villiers) xx, M. Quirk (Mornington) xxi, xxii, John & Joseph Raleigh (Bendigo) xxxiv, Timothy Raleigh (Rodney) xvii, R[obert] H. Ralston (Dundas/Follett) xxiii, R[ichar]d Ramsden (Dundas) xxxiv, C[harles J.] Raper xx, G[eorge] F. Read (Grant) xix, J. Reed (Gladstone) xxii, held in trust for Mrs S[tuart] Reed by John Laird and Frederick T. B. Laing (Hampden) xxv, Thomas Rees (Dundas) xxiii, trustees of late John Reeves [i.e. Reeve] (Buln Buln) xxvii, William Reid (Evelyn) xviii, J[ohn] Rents[c]h (Normanby) xviii, William Rhodes (Normanby/Dundas) xxv, J[ohn] Rice (Talbot) xix, (Anglesey) xxxi, A[lfred] Richards (Bendigo) xxvii, Henry Richardson (Bogong) xxviii, James Richardson (Ripon) xxx, James & Robert Richardson (Ripon) xxxv, John C. Riddell (Bourke) xxx, E[dward] Riggall (Talbot) xxxi, J. Rentoul [i.e. James Rintoul] (Tanjil) xix, trustees of Daniel Ritchie (Villiers) xxxv, G[eorge] Ritchie (Mornington) xix, John Ritchie (Villiers) xxxiv, (Ripon) xxxv, Simon Ritchie (Villiers) xxxiv, W[illiam] Robbie (Villiers) xxxiii, A[dam] S. Robertson (Heytesbury) xxxii, trustees of A[dam] S. Robertson (Hampden) xxxvi, D[uncan] Robertson (Dundas) xxxiv, xxxv, Francis Robertson (Bourke) xxi, (Dalhousie) xxv, George Robertson (Dundas) xxxiii, G[eorge] P. Robertson (Polwarth/Grenville) xxiii, James Robertson [1809-1880] (Lowan) xxiv, James Robertson [1818-1893] (Talbot/Ripon) xxxv, James Robertson [1819-1895] (Bourke) xxix, James Robertson [1848-1890] (Polwarth/Grenville) xxiii, James Robertson & Robert Laidlaw (Dundas) xxxv, Jemima V. Robertson (Hampden/Villiers) xxxv, John Robertson [1809-1880] (Lowan/Follett) xxxv, J[ohn] Robertson [1823-1905] (Dundas) xxxii, (Normanby/Villiers) xxxiv, (Normanby) xxv, John Robertson [1835-1909] (Hampden) xxvi, (Ripon) xxxv, John Holmes Robinson [i.e. Robertson] (Dalhousie) xvii, executors of late John [Quartus] Robertson [1837-1875] (Polwarth/Grenville) xxiii, T[homas] Robertson (Bendigo) xxiv, trustee of the late Mr [William] Robertson [1811?-1864] (viz. J[ohn] R. McPherson) (Dundas) xxxiii, W[illiam] Robertson [1811?-1864] (Villiers) xxi, William Robertson [1839-1892] (Polwarth) xxiii, William Henry Robinson [i.e. Robertson] (Rodney) xxiv, E. Robinson (Bourke) xxxi, G. Robinson (Mornington) xxi, George Robinson (Bourke) xxix, Henry Robinson (Gladstone) xxvi, R. & D. Robinson (Heytesbury) xxxi, W. Robinson (Gippsland) xx, F. T. Roger (Talbot) xxxi, C[harles] Ross (Bendigo) xxxi, F. Ross (Gladstone) xxxiii, J[ohn] G. Ross (Dalhousie) xxv, William Ross (Villiers) xxxiv, Thomas Rossell (Talbot) xxix, Charles Rowe (Dundas) xxiii, John P. Rowe (Moira/Delatite) xxvi, J[ohn] P. Rowe & D[avid] E Stodart (Anglesey) xxvii, R[ichard] Rowe (Moira) xxxiii, William Thomas Rowe (Grenville) xxxv, trustees of late A[lexander] Russell (Ripon) xxxv, George Russell (Hampden) xxxiv, (Grant/Grenville) xxxv, George, James, Thomas & William Russell (Grenville) xxxiii, Mrs John Russell (Louisa Sophie Russell) (Bendigo) xxvii, Philip Russell (Hampden/Ripon) xxxiii, (Ripon/Grenville) xxxv, Thomas Russell (Grenville) xxxiii, trustees of late William Russell (Grenville) xxxvi, Andrew Rutherford (Grant) xviii, G[eorge] & R[obert] Rutherford and E. McPherson (Moira) xxvi, Robert Rutherford (Moira/Delatite) xxvi, T[homas] F. & William Rutledge (Farnham Special Survey) xxviii, John Ryan (Anglesey) xxxi, M. Ryan (Bogong) xix, M. D. Ryan (Anglesey) xx and P. Ryan [Philip Ryan of Gobur or Patrick Ryan of either Benalla, Cashel or Hill Plain?] (Moira) xxxiii
Landholders S: M[ordech] J. Samuels (Talbot) xviii, T[homas] Sanderson (Gladstone) xxxiii, Hugh Scott (Heytesbury) xxiii, [George Frederick] Scoullar and Company (Borung) xxxii, Dr. P. [i.e. T.] Serrell (Bourke) xxx, Seven Hills Estate Freehold Company (Talbot) xxix, J. Sewell (Rodney) xix, [James] Shackell and [Henry] Littlewood (Moira) xxvii, M[atthew] Shanahan (Polwarth) xxv, Martin Shanahan (Kara Kara/Borung) xxxiv, Stephen Shanahan (Bourke/Dalhousie) xxx, G. Shann (Bogong) xxii, G[eorge] Sharp (Moira) xxxiii, Samuel Shaw (Bogong) xxviii, Thomas Shaw (Hampden) xxiii, xxxv, William Sheehan (Moira) xxvi, trustees of late W[illiam] Sherrin (Polwarth/Grenville) xxiii, T[homas] W. Silvester (Normanby) xxv, M. & W. Simcock (Bourke) xxxiii, [George] Simmie, [William?] Fraser and [Matthew] Craig (Rodney) xxxiii, C[harles] Simmons (Grant) xxx, xxxi, Edward Simmons (Borung) xxxiv, held in trust for Margaret Simmons (Tanjil) xxix, trustees [Charles] Simson ((Follett) xviii,xxiv, trustee of [Charles] Simson (viz. James Simpson [i.e.Simson]) (Dundas) xxiii, D[avid] D. Simson (Talbot) xxix, D[avid] D[algety] Simson, A[rthur] W. Smale & W[illiam] H. Tuckett (Talbot) xxix, H[ector] M. Simson (Bogong) xxi, Robert Simpson (Ripon) xxxv, Hon. R[obert] Simson and T. J. [i.e. F.] Cumming (Dundas) xxxiv, (Follett) xxiv, John Skehan (Delatite) xviii, D[avid] A. Skene & W[illiam] R. Skene (Dundas) xxxiv, Thomas Skene (Normanby) xxv, W. Skinner (Talbot) xxii, Sir Charles Sladen (Polwarth) xxiii, J. Slater (Bogong) xxi, A[rthur] W. Smale, D[avid] D. Simson & W[illiam] H. Tuckett (Talbot) xxix, C. P. Smith (Grant) xxii, E. Smith (Bogong) xxxi, H. Smith (Mornington) xix, trustee of J. G. Smith (Dalhousie) xxv, J. T. Smith (Mornington) xxi, J[ames] Smith (Mornington) xxii, John D. Smith (Tanjil) xxvi, John M. Smith & G. Nicholson (Evelyn/Mornington) xviii, William Smith [1833-1900?] (Bourke) xxx, John Smyth & A. Cuningham (Grenville) xxiv, Charles Sparks (Delatite) xxviii, James Spedding (Bendigo) xxvii, R[obert] Spears [i.e. Spiers] (Ripon) xxii, William Spears [i.e. Spiers] (Ripon) xxvii, H[arry] W. Staughton (Bourke/Grant) xxxiv, S[amuel] T. Staughton (Grant) xxiv, S[amuel] T. & S[tephen] G. Staughton (Grant) xxxv, S[imon] F. Staughton (Grant) xxxiv, G[eorge] Steadman (Gippsland) xx, Martha Steel (Bourke) xxix, D. C. Sterry (Mornington) xxiii, J[ames] Stevens (Ripon) xxxii, T[homas] Stevens (Bourke) xxxiii, R[obert] B. Stevenson (Bourke) xxix, Stewart [possibly Duncan Stewart of Lyndhurst, Henry Stewart of Frankston or Lewis Stewart of Fernhill] (Mornington) xxi, A. & G. [i.e. C] Stewart [Alexander b. 1858 and Charles Gideon 1856-1916] (Anglesey) xxxiii, A. Stewart (Villiers) xxi, A[lexander] Stewart (Benambra) xxvii, Alexander Stewart (Normanby) xxv, Archibald Stewart (Ripon) xxiii, Charles Stewart (Talbot) xxix, Francis Stewart (Talbot) xxix, John Stewart (Ripon) xxiii, (Normanby) xxv, Mary Stewart (Rodney) xxiv, W[illiam] Stewart (Normanby) xviii, A[dam], F[rederick] L. & W[illiam] L [i.e. R.] Steiglitz [i.e. Stieglitz] (Buln Buln) xxvi, D[avid] E. Stodart [Sr.] (Polwarth/Grenville) xxiii, D[avid] E. Stodart [Jr.] & J[ohn] P. Rowe (Anglesey) xxvii, J[ohn] Stokes (Grant) xx, J[ames] Stout (Grant) xx, trustees of late J[ames] F. Strachan (Grenville) xxiii, Frederick Street (Bogong) xxviii, W[illiam] Sturton (Moira) xix, T[heodatus] J. Sumner (Mornington) xxiii, A[ndrew] V. Suter (Villiers/Normanby) xxviii, Benjamin Sutherland (Borung) xxvii, C[harles] T. Sutherland (Ripon) xxx, Robert Sutherland (Grant) xxxiv, D. Swan (Heytesbury) xxii, Samuel Swan (Tanjil) xxvi and W[illiam] Sykes (Mornington) xxi
Landholders T - V: S[amuel] Talbot (Polwarth) xxv, S[ilas] Tangey & S. Harding (Hampden) xxii, G. W. Taylor (Anglesey) xxxiii, George Henry Taylor (Anglesey) xxvii, J. Taylor (Bendigo) xxxi, John Taylor [either John Taylor of Panoobamawm or John Taylor of Yallook] (Villiers) xviii, T[homas] H. Taylor & S[tephen] V. Buckland (Bendigo) xxvii, W. Taylor [possibly Walter or William Taylor of Dean] (Anglesey) xxii, William Taylor (Mornington) xxiii, (Bourke) xxxv, in trust by William Taylor for Mrs A[rchibald] Fisken (Grant) xxiv, William D. Taylor (Moira/Rodney) xxiv, W[illiam] Telford (Moira) xxxiii, Thomas Templeton (Dundas) xxiii, G[eorge] Thacker (Villiers) xxxiii, Mary Thomas (Talbot) xxv, Alexander Thomson (Normanby) xxiv, George W. Thomson (Ripon) xxxiv, James Thomson (Normanby) xxxiv, John Thomson [1807-1890] (Hampden) xxv, J[ohn] B[arry] Thomson (Dalhousie) xxv, M[argaret] Thomson (Tanjil) xix, Robert Thomson (Tanjil) xxvi, John Thornton (Hampden) xxii, P[atrick] Thornton (Ripon) xxxii, Bridget Thretfall [i.e. Threlfall] (Villiers) xviii, [Harry] A. Timms, John Timms, R[obert] O. Timms & W[illiam] F. Timms (Grenville) xxxv, E[wen] Tolmie (Delatite) xxxiii, James Tom [probably James Thom of Chirtin] (Bourke) xxx, James Tomkins Jr. (Delatite/Wonnangatta) xxvi, F[rederick] Toose (Talbot) xx, Francis Tozer (Villiers/Heytesbury) xxix, Philip Tracey (Hampden) xxv, George Trangmar (Dundas) xxiv, James Trangmar (Dundas) xxiv, (Normanby) xxv, Edward [i.e. Edwin] Trenery (Bourke) xxiv, J[oseph] R. Tuckett (Talbot) xxii, W[illiam] H. Tuckett, D[avid] D. Simson & A[rthur] W. Smale (Talbot) xxix, executors of F. [i.e. William Francis?] Tulloh (Bourke) xxix, S[tephen] Tully (Ripon) xxvii, Turnbull and Son [Adam Turnbull and George Turnbull] (Dundas) xxxiii, J[ames] and T[homas] Turnbull & A[lexander] Black (Moira/Delatite) xxxiv, Martin Turnbull (Mornington) xxiii, P[hipps] Turnbull (Hampden) xxviii, (Hampden/Heytesbury) xxviii, (Villiers) xxix, trustees of late R[obert] Turnbull (Villiers) xxviii, Daniel Twomey (Villiers) xxxiv, Edward Twomey (Villiers) xxvi, Timothy Twom[e]y (Normanby/Villiers) xxxiv, James Tyson (Tanjil) xxxiv, C. Ubergang [Carl Wilhelm Uebergang?] (Villiers) xx, W[illiam] Underwo[o]d (Grant) xx, Union Bank (Delatite) xxviii, R[obert] E. Unkles (Villiers) xxxii, A[ngus] & R[oderick] Urquhart (Villiers) xviii, C[harles] and W[illiam] Vaughan (Talbot) xx, Joseph Vaughan (Normanby) xviii, Samuel Vaughan (Heytesbury) xix, (Polwarth) xxiii, W[illiam] Vaughan (Talbot) xx, [William Vaughan] given as W. Naughan (Grant) xxxii and D[avid] Vines (Normanby) xxv
Lanholders W: E. Waldron (Bogong) xix, G. Walker [possibly George Walker of Yackandandah] (Moira) xix, John Walker (Dalhousie) xxv, M. Walker (Mornington) xxxii, P. Walker (Ripon) xxii, Thomas Walker (Bourke) xxix, D[avid] Wallace (Bogong) xxviii, John Wallace [1811-1882] (Grant) xxiv, J[ohn] A. Wallace (Bogong) xxii, E[dward Atkyns?] Walpole (Dundas) xxiv, J. N. Walters [probably Joseph V. walters of Glenthompson] (Villiers) xxxiii, J[erry] G. Ware (Hampden) xxxv, John Ware (Villiers) xxxiv, (Ripon) xxxvi, Joseph Ware (Heytesbury) xxiii, xxviii, (Villiers) xxxvi, T[homas] B[eaumont] Waters (Benambra) xviii, Watson Brothers and Company xx, trustees of late C[harles] Watson and J. B. Chirnside (Kara Kara) xxvi, George Watson (Mornington) xxiii, J[ohn] B. Watson (Bendigo/Rodney) xxiv, Joseph Watson (Bendigo) xxvii, S[ydney] G. Watson (Benambra/Delatite) xxviii, Ross Watt (Bourke) xxx, David Webster (Moira) xxx, E. & J. Webster (Hampden) xxix, J[ames] D. Webster (Anglesey) xxxi, John Webster (Moira) xxvii, W[illiam] R. H. Weekes (Grant) xxx, J. Weight (Talbot) xx, Charles Wemyss (Rodney) xxiv, Henry [Carl Heinrich] Wendel (Rodney) xxiii, Henry West (Villiers) xxviii, J. E. West (Mornington) xxi, Maurice Weston (Grenville) xxv, James Wheeler (Benambra) xviii, J[ames] H. Wheeler (Bendigo) xxvii, [Thomas] Whicher and McCaffery (Grenville) xix, Andrew White (Grant) xxxv, A[ndrew] B[ridges] White & J. White (Borung) xxxv, F[rederick] B. White (Grant) xxx, James White (Dundas) xxiii, John Whitehead (Benambra) xviii, J[ohn] R. Whitehead (Bogong) xix, Joseph and Robert [1848-1922] Whitehead (Villiers) xxxiv, Robert [1818-1879] Whitehead (Villiers) xviii, xxviii, E[rnest] A[lma], H[enry] E. [i.e. Arthur], L[ouis] E. [i.e. Australia] & Thomas N[apier] Whyte (Grant) xxiv, E[dward] B. Wight (Dundas) xxiv, R[obert] Wighton (Mornington) xxi, Sarah Wild (Villiers) xxviii, G. Wilkinson (Dalhousie) xxxi, J. Williams (Hampden) xxxi, John Williams (Tanjil) xxvi, F. [i.e. Thomas] S. Williams (Rodney/Dalhousie) xxiii, trustees late C. Williamson (Kara Kara/Gladstone) xxvii, J. [possibly James 1830?-1914] Williamson (Villiers) xxxiii, S[amuel] Williamson (Kara Kara/Borung/Ripon) xxvii, W[alter] Williamson (Gladstone) xxxiii, trustess William Williamson (Talbot) xxxiv, Edward Willis (Dundas) xxxvi, J. & W. Willis (Hampden) xix, J. [i.e. Tom] Wills owner, in trust of H. C. A. Harrison (Bourke) xxix, G. Wilshire (Grant) xxx, Wilson [possibly John Bracebridge Wilson 1828-1895 or William Wilson ca. 1841-1907](Mornington) xxi, A. Wilson, A[ndrew] Anderson & Count de Castelnau (Kara Kara) xxvii, A[lexander H.?]., H[ector] A[lexander] & N[orman] Wilson (Borung/Lowan) xxvii, Alexander Wilson [1819-1893] (Hampden) xxxiii, (Ripon/Grenville/Hampden) xxxv, G. Wilson ( Bourke) xxi, J. Wilson [possibly John Wilson of Epping or Job Wilson of Chintin] (Bourke) xix, John Wilson (Hampden) xxxv, (Ripon) xxxv, (Bendigo) xxxvi, (Kara Kara/Borung/Ripon) xxxvi, S[amuel] Wilson [d. 1879] (Delatite) xxi, xxvi, Sir Samuel Wilson (Polwarth) xxiii, (Grant) xxxiv, (Ripon/Talbot) xxxv, (Hampden/Grenville) xxxvi, T. Wilson [prob. Thomas Wilson of Yarram b. 1828] (Gippsland) xxii, Thomas Wilson (Bourke) xxix, William Wilson (Mornington) xix, James Winter (Rodney) xxxv, James Winter & Emily Pettett (devisees in trust for William Henry Pettett) (Borung) xxvii, trustees late John Winter (Grenville) xxix, (Rodney) xxxiii, S[amuel] P. Winter (Normanby/Dundas) xxxiv, William T. [i.e. Irving] Winter (later called William Winter-Irving) (Rodney) xxxv, R. Wood [possibly Richard Wood of Katunga] (Bogong) xxi, C[harles] Woodhouse (Gippsland) xx, James Woodhouse (Tanjil) xxvi, J. Woods (Evelyn) xxi, James Woodside (Bogong) xviii, (Bogong/Delatite) xxviii, James Woodside & R[ichard] R. Woolcott (Evelyn) xxvi, W[illiam] Wragge and James & John Hearne [i.e. Hearn] (Bendigo/Rodney) xxxiv, W[illiam] Wright xx, William Wyatt (Ripon) xxvii and J[ohn] D. Wyselaskie (Ripon/Villiers) xxxv
Landowners Y - Z: Archibald Yeaman (Bendigo) xxvii, Charles Yeo (Bendigo) xxvii, E[benezer] Youl (Villiers) xxviii, held in trust by R[ichard] Youl & J[oseph] A. Panton (Evelyn) xxvi, Andrew Young (Villiers) xxviii, B. Young xix, C[harles] Young (Gladstone) xxii, D[avid] Young (Bendigo) xix, E[dmond] M. Young (Dundas) xxxiii, James Young (Ripon) xxx, Joseph Young (Bendigo/Talbot) xxv, Younger and Broughton (Borung) xxxii, Isaac Younghusband (Bendigo) xxxiv, J. [i.e. Isaac] Younghusband (Moira) xxxiii and George Miller Zavel (Dalhousie) xxv
Physical Description: p. xvii - xxxvi ; 35cm.