Electoral returns : return to an order of the Legislative Assembly dated 14th August 1877 for a return showing (1.) The population in each electorate of the colony at the late general election (2.) The number of male residents in each electorate over 21 years of age (3.) The number of electors on the ratepayers and general rolls respectively in every division of every electorate (4.) The number of electors in every division of every electorate who voted, distinguishing the ratepayers from the general voters (5.) The number of votes received by each candidate in each electoral division

Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1877
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1877-78, no. C 9
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Item Description: "Ordered by the Legislative Assembly to be printed 11th October 1877"
Candidates A-L: William A. C. a'Beckett (St. Kilda), James Aitken (Wimmera), John Andrew (Melbourne West), James F. Arnold (Fitzroy), John M. Barr (Maryborough and Talbot), William Bates (Fitzroy), William Bayles (Villiers and Heytesbury), Henry Bell (Ballarat West), Thomas Bent (Brighton), Graham Berry (Geelong), George Billson (Ovens) Charles G. Bird (Melbourne North), John Bird (Grenville), William G. Blackham (Sandhurst), Henry Bolton (Moira), Joseph Bosisto (Richmond), Robert Bowman (Maryborough and Talbot), Daniel Brophy (Ballarat East), Robert Burrowes (Sandhurst), Donald Cameron (Bourke West), Ewen H. Cameron (Evelyn), Colin Campbell (Brighton), James Campbell (Ballarat West), Ronald Campbell (Wimmera), Godfrey D. Carter (St. Kilda), J. J. Casey (Mandurang), James Chapman (Castlemaine), Alfred T. Clark (Williamstown), Robert Clark (Sandhurst), Robert Clark (Wimmera), William Clarke (Grenville), John Connor (Bourke Borough East), Joseph H. Connor (Polwarth and South Grenville), Charles L. [i.e. Lewis Charles?] Conran (Barwon), John P. Conway (Rodney), William M. Cook (Bourke Boroughs East), Thomas Cooper (Creswick) Thomas Cope (Portland), George S. Coppin (Melbourne East), John B. Crews (Bourke South), George Cunningham (Grant), John Curtain (Carlton), Henry O'B. Daly (Avoca), John Danks (Emerald Hill), B. G. Davies (Avoca), David M. Davies (Grenville), Frederick Davis (Bourke South), Edward J. Dixon (St. Kilda), John Donald (Delatite), John L. Dow (Kara Kara), Alfred Downward (Mornington), Sir C. Gavan Duffy (Gippsland North), John Gavan Duffy (Dalhousie), Henry V. Duigan (Castlemaine), Jeremiah Dwyer (Villiers and Heytesbury), Albert L. Ely (Delatite), F. W. T. Evans (Fitzroy), James Farrell (Castlemaine), James Fergusson (Bourke South), George R. Fincham (Ballarat West), John Fisher (Emerald Hill), Simon Fraser (Rodney), William Fraser (Maryborough and Talbot), John M. Garratt (Geelong), David Gaunson (Ararat), William Gaunson (Sandridge), Duncan Gillies (Rodney), Frederick R. Godfrey (Kilmore and Anglesey), James Granger (Stawell), J. M. Grant (Avoca), James H. Graves (Delatite), John Gray (Sandhurst), George W. Greenhill (Castlemaine), Patrick Hanna (Moira), William E. Hearn (Fitzroy), James Henelly (Emerald Hill), James Henessy (Belfast), Richmond Henty (Normanby), Joseph F. Higgins (Bourke South), John R. Hopkins (Grant), E. F. Hughes (Normanby), Thomas Hunt (Kilmore and Anglesey), William Ievers (Melbourne North), John Ince (Barwon), Daniel Inglis (Williamstown), Robert S. Inglis (Richmond), John James (Ballarat East), Robert de B. Johnstone (Geelong), Joseph Jones (Villiers and Heytesbury), William T. C. Kelly (Ballarat East), Denis P. Keogh (Benambra), George B. Kerferd (Ovens), Charles Kernot (Geelong), John Keys (Bourke South), Ebenezer Kidgell (Creswick), Mark L. King (Footscray), William E. King (Gippsland North), J. H. Knipe (Melbourne East), Peter Lalor (Grant), George D. Langridge (Collingwood), Edward Langton (Melbourne West), John Laurens (Melbourne North), Nathaniel Levi (Melbourne East), Jonas F. Levien (Barwon), Frederick Lloyd (Gippsland South), Richard H. Lock (Grenville), Francis Longmore (Ripon and Hampden) and Andrew Lyell (Emerald Hill),
Candidates M-Z: George D. Macartney (Gippsland South), James MacBain (Wimmera), Hugh McColl (Portland), George D. McCormick (Bourke East), Sir James McCulloch (Warrnambool), Townsend MacDermott [i.e. McDermott] (Ballarat East), Matthew McDonald (Castlemaine), Robert Macgregor (Fitzroy), John McIntyre (Sandhurst), Angus Mackay (Sandhurst), James McKean (Collingwood), William McLellan (Ararat), Sir Charles MacMahon (Melbourne West), Alfred W. McPherson (Normanby), J. A. MacPherson (Dundas), John Madden (Sandridge), Francis C. Mason (Gippsland South), Donald Melville (Bourke Borough East), John A. Meyer (Wimmera), James Mirams (Collingwood), Alfred E. Moore (Mandurang), Thompson Moore (Mandurang), George G. W. Morton (Ripon and Hampden), James Munro (Carlton), David Newell (Footscray), John Nimmo (Emerald Hill), William O'Callaghan (Wimmera), William J. O'Hea (Polwarth and South Grenville), Denis C. M. O'Leary (Delatite), Bryan O'Loghlan [i.e. O'Loghlen] (Melbourne North), John Orr (Moira), Sir John O'Shanassy (Belfast), William J. Ower (Polwarth and South Grenville), J. B. Patterson (Castlemaine), Charles H. Pearson (Borondara), Thomas M. B. Phillips [i.e. Philipps] (Creswick), James L. Purves (Mornington), Robert Ramsay (Bourke East), Charles C. Rawlins (Moira) John Rees (Grant), Isaac G. Reeves (Collingwood), Richard Richardson (Creswick), John C. Riddell (Bourke West), James Russell (Ballarat East), Andrew Rutherford (Geelong), Joseph Sabelberg (Evelyn), Henry H. Sainsbury (Creswick), George John Sands (Kyneton Boroughs), John Scarlett (Benambra), James Service (Maldon), James Shackell (Rodney), George Sharpe (Moira), Thomas Shaw (Geelong), William Shiels (Normanby), John C. C. Simson (Maryborough and Talbot), Alexander K. Smith (Melbourne East), G. Paton Smith (Borondara), George V. Smith (Ovens), John Smith (Fitzroy), John T. Smith (Bourke West), Louis L. Smith (Richmond), Robert M. Smith (St. Kilda), Thomas Smith (Bourke West), William C. Smith (Ballarat West), Frederick L. Smyth (Gippsland North),Thomas Spencer (Rodney), Francis J. S. Stephen (Bourke South), Alexander Stevenson (Melbourne West), James S. Stewart (Maryborough and Talbot), Joseph Story (Melbourne North), William Stutt (Sandridge), William Sykes (Gippsland South), James W. Thomson (Footscray), Alexander Tone (Moira), Albert L. Tucker (Fitzroy), William Tupper (Mandurang), William H. Turner (Moira), William Tytherleigh (Normanby), Robert Walker (Kara Kara), John J. Walsh (Melbourne North), James H. Wheeler (Creswick), John Whitelaw (Kilmore and Anglesey), John Whiteman (Emerald Hill), Derbin Wilder (Creswick), Henry R. Williams (Mandurang), Samuel V. Winter (Richmond), James Wisewould (Melbourne North), William Witt (Moira), John Woods (Stawell), Peter Wright (Benambra), Charles Young (Kyneton Boroughs) and Ephraim L. Zox (Melbourne East)
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