Sixteenth report of the Board of Visitors to the Observatory : together with the annual report of the Government Astronomer

Corporate Author: Victoria. Board of Visitors to the Observatory
Other Authors: Bromby, John Edward, 1809-1889, Ellery, Robert Lewis John, 1827-1908, Irving, Martin Howy, 1831-1912, Moore, James, 1807-1895, Smith, George Verney, d. 1900, Stephen, James Wilberforce, 1822-1881, Verdon, George Frederic, Sir, 1834-1896, Victoria. Government Astronomer.
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1881
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1881, no. 32
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Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Board: George Verdon, James Moore, M. H. Irving, G. V. Smith and J. E. Bromby
"Robt. L. J. Ellery, Government Astronomer"
James W. Stephen, a member of the Board, died in 1881
Permanent Observatory staff: R. Ellery (director/govt. astronomer), [E.] White (chief assistant), [C.] Moerlin, Mr. [J.] Turner, Mr.[J. E.] Gilbert and J. Burley (messenger)
Temporary Observatory staff: Mr. [J. A.] Lilley (mathematical asst.) and Frederick Kemp (clerical/photographic asst.), an unnamed mechanic and an unnamed workman
Other mentions: H[enry] F. Blandford 11, Botanical Gardens [3],[5], [5],9, Professor [Fedor] Bredichin [i.e. Bredikhin] 12, Dr. [Carl] Bruhns 12, F[rederick] Chambers 11, W[illiam] H. M. Christie 11, Daily Weather Bulletin 7, Echuca [Meteorological] Station 8, Europe 8, Geelong time-ball [tower] 9, [General] Post Office clock (Melb.) 9, Greenwich [Observatory] 3, [Hugo] Gyldén 12, Hagemann's anemometer 6, Dr. J[ulius] Hann 13, Dr. [Bernhard] Hasselberg 12, Dr [James] Hector (NZ) 9, Sir John Herschel 7,8, S. A. Hill 11, 2nd [Intercolonial Meteorological Conference] Melbourne 1881 p. 9, International Exhibition (Melbourne) [3],7,8, Kew Observatory [3],8, Lakes Entrance (Gippsland) [Meteorological] Station 8, Monthly record of meteorology and terrestrial magnetism 7, Mount Macedon [Meteorological] Station 8, Dr. [Georg] Neumayer 13, Notes from the Observatory 8, Omeo [Meteorological] Station 8, Dr. Th. von Oppolzer 13,Professor [Edward] Pickering 12, Telegraph Branch, Post Office and Telegraph Dept. (given as Central Telegraph Office) [5],9, Pulkowa Observatory (Russia) 8, Royal Society [of Victoria] 6, [Henry Chamberlain] Russell (NSW) 9, [Giovanni] Schiaparelli 12, Dr. Otto [von] Struve 12, Surveyor-General('s Dept.) [i.e. Dept. of Crown Lands and Survey] 9, Swift's Comet (or Comet a 1881) 7, Government of Tasmania 9, Tide-gauge of Hobson's Bay 9, [Charles] Todd (S. Aust.) 9, G[ottfried] Wagener 12, Weather bulletin (Melbourne Observatory) 9, [Government of] Western Australia 9, Dr. H[einrich von] Wild 12, Williamstown time-ball [tower] 8,9
Books etc. presented to the Observatory by: Académie Royale de Belgique, American Geographical Society, Astronomische Gesellschaft, Dr P. A. Bergsma, Berlin Observatory, Bombay Meteorological Dept., Buda-Pest Observatory, Bureau Centrale Météorologique de France, Chapultepec Observatory, Comité International (France), Daba Gardens Observatory [given as Vizagapatam Observatory], Deutsche Seewarte (Hamburg), [El] Salvador Geological DeptGreenwich Observatory, Guatemala Meteorological Observatory, Harvard College Observatory, Dr James Hector (NZ), India Office [i.e. Great Britain], Indian Meteorological Dept., M. Kowalski (Kasan), Leipzig Observatory, Meteorological Dept. of Northern India [Simla?], Meteorological Office (London), Meteorological Society, [Mexican] Central Meteorological Observatory, W. Meyer (Geneva), Moncalieri Observatory (Turin), Montsouris Meteorological Observatory, Moscow Observatory, National Assoc. for Promoting Social Sciences [i.e. Social Science Association (Gt. Britain)], Nautical Almanac Society, Netherlands Meteorological Institute, Paris Observatory, [Laurence Parsons], Earl of Rosse, Rev. Dr. J. B. Pearson (Cambridge), Philosophical Society of Glasgow, Potsdam Observatory, Prague Observatory, Prussian Statistical Bureau, Pulkowa [i.e. Pulkovo] Observatory (Russia), Radcliffe Observatory (Oxford), Royal Astronomical Society, Royal Society of Dublin, Royal Society of New South Wales, Royal Society of Victoria, H[enry] Chamberlain] Russell, ., San Fernando Observatory (Madrid), Scottish Meteorological Society, Selenographical Society, Société de Géographie d'Anvers, Stockholm Observatory, St. Petersburg [i.e. Pulkovo] Observatory ], Stonyhurst Observatory, Sydney Observatory, M[onsieur] F[rancois J.] Terby (Brussels), Tiflis Observatory (Caucasus), Tokio University, H. Tornbe, F[rancois] W. C. Trafford (Zurich), U.S. Army dept., Chief Signal Officer, Washington [i.e. United States] Naval Observatory, Western Australia Surveyor-General, Zentralinstitit fur Meteorolgie und Erdmagnetismus (Austria) [ given as Vienna Observatory/Vienna Meteorological Observatory] and Zi-ka-Wei Observatory (China)
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