Melbourne International Exhibition, 1880-81 : final report of the proceedings of the commissioners for the Melbourne International Exhibition 1880, together with a statement of accounts

Other Authors: International Exhibition, Casey, James Joseph, 1831-1913, Levey, George Collins, 1835-1919, Morgan, William, Symonds, Charles Hunt, 1819?-1895, Vale, William Mountford Kinsey, 1833-1895
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1881
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1881, no. 27
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Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament pursuant to Act 42 Vict. No. 609, Sec. 11"
"J. J. Casey, Executive Vice-President"
"William M. K. Vale, Treasurer to the M.I.E."
"C. H. Symonds, Commissioner of Audit"
"Wm. Morgan, Accountant"
"George Collins Levey, Secretary"
Other mentions: Algeria (given as Algiers) 4,Australian and European bank 6,8, Austria 2,3,4 [Frederick] Barnes and [Joseph] Reed (architects) 2,7, Belgium 3,4, Premier [Graham] Berry 1, Gustav Beckx (rep. Belgium) 4, J[ules] Belcour (rep. France) 4, Belgium 3, Board of Land and Works 2, [Joseph] Bosisto MP (chairman Vegetable Products Committee) 3, Sir George Bowen (governor of Victoria) 2, Brooks, Robinson and Co. (supplid canvas hose) 7, Edward] C[harles] Buck (rep. India) 4, Earl Cadogan 3, Carlton Gardens 1,2, Mr [Leon] Caron [composer of the canata "Victoria"] 3, Hon. J[ames] J[oseph] Casey 2,3, (executrive vice pres. of the Commission/chairman Great Britain Committee), Centennial Exhibition (1876 Phildelphia) [given as Philadelphia Exhibition 1876] 3, H[ugh] C. E. Childers (sec. for War) 3, China 4, W[illiam] J[ohn] Clarke MLC 3, [Cecil Clementi-Smith] (given as Major Clementi) (rep. Straits Settlements) 4, Sir Daniel Cooper 3, W. J. Daly (rep. New Caledonia & Algiers) 4, S[amuel] Davenport (rep. S. Aust.) 4, Michael Dee (supplied soil for Exhibition gardens) 7, Denmark 4, Department of Mines 6, Douglas and Sons (supplied hydrants etc.) 7, Eric the Red (ship) 4, M. Ernest Eugester (rep. Switzerland) 4, Europe 3,5, Thomas Evans (supplied canvas hose) 7, A[lexander] M[ackenzie] Ferguson (rep. Ceylon) 4, Fiji 4, Fiji Govt. 4, France 3,4, George Fincham (organ builder) 3, Malcolm Frazer [i.e. Fraser] MLC (rep. W.A.) 4, Germany 4, German Govt. 2,4, A de Goyzueta (Marchese di Toverena) (rep. Italy) 4, [2nd] Earl Granville 3, Great Britain 2,4 (given as United Kingdom), Great Exhibition 1851 4,5, Kenneth Gunn (supplied 20 vases for the Exhibition) 7, J. Hallow (supplied Exhibition fountain basin) 7, Hamel and Ferguson 7, Dr. [James] Hector (rep NZ) 4, [Henry Howard Molyneux Herbert, 4th Earl of Carnarvon] (given as Earl of Carnarvon) 3, Sir Michael Hicks-Beach (Sec. of State for the Colonies) 3, T. B. Hill (asst. sec. of the Commission)5, Joseph Hochyustel (Exhibition fountain) 7, Sir J. D. Hooker 3, Hyde Park (London) 4, India (given as British India) 4, International Exhibition (1873 London) (given as London Exhibition of 1873) 3, International Exhibition (1873 Vienna) (given as Vienna Exhibition of 1873) 3, International Exhibition (1878 Paris) (given as Paris Exhibition 1878) 1,2,3, International Exhibition (1879 Sydney) (given as Sydney International Exhibition 1879) 2,6, James M'Ewan [i.e. McEwan] and Co. 7, Robert S. Inglis (Exhibition Building gasfitting/plumbing) 7, W. Ireland (supplied bluestone for Exhibition garden fence) 7, Italy 3,4, Italian Govt. 4, [J.] Sharp and Son 7, Japan 4, Johnson and Co. 7, W. B. Jones (supplied travelling crane) 7, Joseph Royal and Co. 7, Hideharu Kawase (rep. Japan) 4, Earl of Kimberley 3, Hon. George King MP (rep. Qld.) 4, Sir P. Leighton [i.e. Sir Frederic Leighton] 3, G[eorge] C. Levey (sec. of the Commission) 2,3,5 Gustav Lix (supplied bronze castings for Exhibition drinking fountains) 7, [Sir Somerset Richard Lowry-Corry, 4th Earl Belmore] (given as Earl of Belmore) 3, Duke of Manchester 3,5, John Mather (decorations Exhibition Building) 7, P. Matthews (architect) 2, Mauritius 4, Mr [J. W.] Meaden [librettist of the cantata "Victoria"] 3, [Melbourne City Council] (given as Corporation of Melbourne) 2, Melbourne Water Supply Dept. (i.e. Vic. Dept. of Melbourne Water Supply) 7, David Mitchell (erected the Industrial Exhibition Building) 2,3,7, William Morgan (accountant) 5, S. Morley 3, Moubray, Rowan and Hicks 7, Hon. J. Munro 3, Netherlands (given as Holland) 3,4, New Caledonia 4, New South Wales 4, New South Wales [Govt.] 2, New Zealand 4, Cosmo Newbery (supt. of juries and awards) 5, Nicholson Street 2, Marquis of Normanby 5, Norway 4, Oceania (given as South Sea Islands) 4, C[harles] M[yles] Officer MP (rep. Tas.) 4, R[ichard] S. Owen 3, J[oseph] A[nderson] Panton (chairman Mining and Minerals Committee) 3, Philippines (given as Manilla) 4, [William]Phillips, [James] McWalter and [Henry] Chambers 7, D. Ploos van Amstel (rep. Netherlands) 4, Portugal 4, Prussia 3, Public Works Dept. 6,7, Queen [Victoria] 5, Queensland 4, Railway Dept. 6,8, Rathdowne Street 2, [Joseph] Reed and [Frederick] Barnes (architects) 2,7, Dr [Arthur] Renwick MP (rep. NSW) 4, Dr Francis Reuleaux (rep. Germany) 4, Duke of Richmond and Gordon 3, Samuel H[artley] Roberts (decorations Exhibition Building) 7, Sir John Rose 3, Royal Commission for the Melbourne International Exhibition of 1880 3, Royal Commission for the International Exhibition Paris 1878 2,6, [Royal] Exhibition Buildings 2, Russia 4, Marquis of Salisbury 2 ("Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs"),3, Sir Herbert Sandford (rep. UK) 4, W[illiam] Sangster (laid out Exhibition gardens) 3,7, Saxony 3, Victor Schönberger (rep. Austria) 4, late A[lexander] K[ennedy] Smith 3, W[arington] W[ilkinson] Smyth 3, Social Science Congress (1880 Edinburgh] 8,9, Sorata (ship) 4, South African Settlements 4, Spain 4, O. M. Spencer (rep. USA) 4, Sri Lanka (given as Ceylon) 4, Straits Settlements 4, Sweden 4, Switzerland 4, Tasmania 4, Lloyd Tayler (architect) 2, James Thomson (sec. of Committees) 5, W[illiam] K[err] Thomson (rep. Fiji) 4, Treasury Dept. 6,9, Turkey 4, United States 3 (given as America),4,5 (given as America), United States Govt. 2,4, Sir George Verdon (chairman Fine arts Committee) 3, Victoria (prize cantata) 3, [Victoria. International Exhibitions Bill 1877] (given as a bill To Provide for the Holding of Victoran Exhibitions) 1,2, Victorian Exhibition Act 1878 1,2,3, [Victorian Intercolonial Exhibition 1875] (given as Melbourne International Exhibition of 1875) 5, W. M. K. Vale (chairman Manufacturers Committee) 3, Vienna Exhibition of 1873 3, W. H. Masters and Co. 7, Prince of Wales 3, Walker and Halliday 3,7, Western Australia 4, Charles Wilson (supplied canvas hose) 7, Sir S[amuel] Wilson MLC (chairman Ceremonial Committee/Animal Products Committee) 3,4, Hon. W[illiam] Wilson (rep. Mauritius/chairman Districts of Victoria Committee) 4, Wright and Edwards 7, T. A. Wright (sec. Royal Commission for the Melbourne International Exhibition of 1880) 3 and Wurtemburg 3
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