Public charities : report of inspector for the half-year ended 30th June 1881, and rough draft of proposed amending bill : together with additional reports

Corporate Author: Victoria. Inspector of Public Charities
Other Authors: Anderson, John F., Greig, James Saunders, 1836-1893, Howlett, Frederick, Neal, Henry French, b. 1839?, Padley, A. H., Williams, James
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1881
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1881, no. 23
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Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command "
"H. F. Neal, Inspector of Public Charities"
"J. Williams, Secretary" Melbourne Hospital [i.e. James Williams]
"John J. [i.e. F.] Anderson, Secretary" Alfred Hospital
"J. S. Greig, Res. Sec. and Supt." Immigrants Aid Society
"A. H. Padley, Secretary" Melbourne Homoeopathic Hospital
"F. Howlett, Superintendent" Melbourne Benevolent Asylum
Appendices chiefly comprise individual reports on institutions to the Treasurer from H. F. Neal: Appendix no. 6 Melbourne and Alfred Hospitals ... including statistics re staff July1879-June 1880 Melbourne Hospital by J. Williams and the Alfred Hospital by John J. Anderson - No. 7 Benevolent Asylum and Immigrants Home ... including statistics re. Melbourne Benevolent Asylum and Immigrants Aid Society July 1879 to June 1880 & a schedule of petty officers and servants employed from among the inmates of the Immigrants' Aid Society's Home prepared by J. S. Greig - No. 8 Melbourne Homoeopathic Hospital ... including statement of estimated costs of in and out patients for 1880 prepared by A. H. Padley - No. 9 Inglewood Hospital - No. 10 Creswick Hospital - No. 11 Daylesford Hospital and Benevolent Asylum - No. 12 Clunes Hospital - No. 13 Amherst Hospital - No. 14 Maryborough Hospital - No.15 Maldon Hospital and Benevolent Asylum - No. 16 Dunolly Hospital - No. 17 St. Arnaud Hospital - No. 18 Kilmore Hospital - No. 19 Heathcote Hospital - No. 20 Bendigo Hospital - No. 21 Castlemaine Hospital - No. 22 Ovens District Hospital - No. 23 Ballarat Hospital - No. 24 Mooroopna Hospital - No. 25 Wangaratta Hospital - No. 26 Bendigo Benevolent Asylum - No. 27 Castlemaine Benevolent Asylum - No. 28 Ballarat Benevolent Asylum and Lying-In-Hospital - No. 29 Ovens Benevolent Asylum - No. 30 Asylum and School for the Blind - No. 31 Ballarat Orphan Asylum - No. 32 Ballarat Refuge - No. 34 the Deaf and Dumb Institution - No. 35 Victorian Infant Asylum - No. 36 Melbourne Hospital - No. 37 Immigrants' Home - No. 38 Melbourne Benevolent Asylum ... including statistical information prepared by F. Howlett - No. 39 Alfred Hospital - No. 40 Hospital for Sick Children - No. 41 Melbourne Lying-In Hospital etc
Other mentions: Alexandra Hospital p. 14,21,22, Ararat Hospital [and Benevolent Asylum] p. 16,21,22, Asylum/Home for Incurables [Heidelberg] p. 17, Ballarat Clothing [Benevolent Society] p. [3], Bank N.S.W. p. 24, Bank of Australasia p. 25, Bank Victoria p. 24, Beechworth Hospital p. 14, Belfast Benevolent Asylum p. 18,21,22, Brighton Council p. 25, Buln Buln Shire Council p. 24, Buninyong [Benevolent society] p. [3], Caulfield Shire Council p. 24, Clunes [Benevolent Society] p. [3], Colac Hospital p. 14, Colonial Bank p. 24, Cranbourne Shire p. 25, Creswick [Benevolent Society] p. [3], Dandenong Shire p. 24, Daylesford [Benevolent Society] p. [3], E.S. and A.C. Bank p. 24, Eaglehawk [Benevolent Society] p. [3], Echuca Hospital p. 15, Emerald Hill Council p. 25, Eye and Ear Hospital/Institution p. 15,21,22,26, Geelong Benevolent Asylum p. 18,22, Geelong Hospital [i.e. Geelong Infirmary and Benevolent Asylum] p. 15,21,22, Geelong Protestant Orphan Asylum p. 18,21,22, Gippsland Hospital p. 21,22, Hamilton Hospital and Benevolent Asylum p. 15,18,21,22, Hawthorn Council p. 25, Horsham Hospital p. 15,21,22, Hotham Council p. 25, Immigrants' Aid Society p. 26,31, I[mmigrants'] A[id] S[ociety's] Benevolent Asylum p. 21,22, Inspector's Office, Treasury p. [3], Kilmore [Benevolent society] p. [3] Kyneton Hospital p. 15,21,22, L[ondon] C[hartered] Bank p. 24, Madeline Street Refuge p. 21, [also given as Carlton Refuge p. 22 and [Protestant] Refuge p. 17,26], [Magdalen Asylum]? given as Abbotsford Refuge p. 21,22,26 and Catholic Refuge p.17], Maldon [Benevolent Society] p. [3], Malvern Shire Council p. 24, Mansfield Hospital p. 15,21,22, Maryborough [Benevolent Society] p. [3], Melbourne Blind Asylum [i.e. Victorian Asylum and School for the Blind] p. 21,22, Melbourne Deaf and Dumb Asylum [i.e. Victorian Deaf and Dumb Institution] p. 21,22, Melbourne [i.e. Victorian] Infant Asylum p. 21,22,26, [Melbourne] Jewish Philanthropic Society p. 26, Melbourne Ladies' Benevolent Society p. 26, Melbourne Orphanage [Asylum] [Brighton] p. 21, Melbourne Protestant Orphan Asylum [Emerald Hill] p. 18,22,26, [Metropolitan] Gas Company p. 24, Moorabbin Shire p. 24, Mornington Shire p. 24, National Bank p. 24, Oakleigh Shire Council p. 24, Oriental Bank p. 24, Our Lady's Geelong Orphan Asylum p. 18, Phillip Island Shire p. 25, Pleasant Creek Hospital p. 16,21,22, Portland Hospital [and Benevolent Asylum] p. 16,21,22, Richmond Council p. 24, St. Arnaud [Benevolent Society] p. [3], St. Augustine's Geelong Orphan Asylum p. 18 [given as Geelong Roman Catholic Orphanage p. 21,22], St. Vincent de Paul's (Emerald Hill) Orphan Asylum p. 18,21,24, St. Vincent de Paul's Schools p. 26, Sale Hospital p. 16, Sandhurst Hospital p. 19, Seamen's Union p. 24, Shire of Wyndham p. 24, Swan Hill Hospital p. 16,21,22, Talbot [Benevolent Society] p. [3], Union Bank p. 24, Upper Goulburn Hospital p. 21,22, Warrnambool Hospital [and Benevolent Asylum] p. 16,21,22 and Wood's Point Hospital p. 16
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