Railway loan 1878 (Act 608) : return to an order of the the Legislative Assembly dated 9th July 1879 for a copy of the contract entered into between the Government and the Associated Banks for the floating of the last loan, and of all correspondence connected with the same

Corporate Author: Victoria. Premier (1877-1880 : Berry)
Other Authors: Anderson, A. W., Badcock, John, d. 1894, Brett, Edwin, Engledue, J. R., Captain, Greenlaw, William, 1830-1895, Harrington, T. M., Larnach, Donald, 1817-1896, McMullen, John Franklin, 1849-1936, Matheson, John, 1821-1882, Mewburn, W. R., Moules, Henry, Odgers, William Henry, 1828-1881, Parkes, Edmund Samuel, 1834-1887, Pollock, David G. H., Rodewald, Frederick, Smith, Francis Grey, 1827-1900, Styles, Henry B., Taylor, Hugh L., Traill, George Hamilton, d. 1907, Turner, Henry Gyles, 1831-1920, Verdon, George Frederic, Sir, 1834-1896, Webster, John, Bank of Australasia, Bank of New South Wales, Bank of Victoria (1852-1927), Colonial Bank of Australasia, Commercial Bank of Australia, English, Scottish and Australian Chartered Bank, London Chartered Bank of Australia, London Joint Stock Bank, National Bank of Australasia, Oriental Bank Corporation, Union Bank of Australia
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1879
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1879-80, no. C 2
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Item Description: "Ordered by the Legislative Assembly to be printed 14th August 1879"
Includes correspondence/telegrams between J[ohn] Matheson (chairman rep. banks contracting for the Vic. govt. loans/Bank of Australasia) & Graham Berry (premier/treasurer Victoria), John Webster & Graham Berry, W. H. Odgers (under sec.) & Associated Banks of Australasia, J. Matheson & Donald Larnach (chairman of committee Bank of N.S.W.), and Graham Berry & Donald Larnach
Includes memorandum of agreement entered into 1st November 1878 between the Government of Victoria and ... banks trading in Melbourne for the sale in London of the £5,000,000 4 1/2 per cent ...&c. - signed Graham Berry (treasurer Vic.), E. S. Parkes (for Bank of Australasia), John McMullen (for the Union Bank of Australia), Henry B. Styles, Manager (for Bank of N.S.W., J. Matheson (for Bank of Victoria), Edwin Brett (for London Chartered Bank of Australia), George Verdon (for English, Scottish and Australian Chartered Bank), G. Hamilton Traill (for Oriental Bank of Australasia), W. Greenlaw (for Colonial Bank of Australasia), F. G. Smith (for National Bank of Australasia) and Henry G. Turner (for Commercial Bank of Australia Ltd)
Includes minutes of meetings of the London representatives of the Ten Associated Banks held on 18th and 28th February 1979, 4th, 5th and 7th March 1879 (reps. D. Larnach (chairman)(Bank of NSW), J. Badcock (Bank of Australasia), W. R. Mewburn (Union Bank of Australia), Hugh L. Taylor (Bank of Victoria), J. R. Engledue (London Chartered Bank of Australia), Frederick Rodewald (director London Joint Stock Bank, agent for Colonial Bank of Australasia), A. W. Anderson (Oriental Bank Corporation), T. M. Harrington (National Bank of Australasia), Henry Moules (English, Scottish and Australian Chartered Bank) and David G. H. Pollock (for the City Bank, as agents for the Commercial Bank of Australia))
Successful tenderers 13th March 1879: A. Kull and Co., Henry Abel, Adam and Co. (2), A. J. Adderley, H. Adler, Akroyd and Sons (x4), Samuel Albert (6), Mrs Harriet Alexander, Alexanders and Co., F. Algar (2), Edward Amphlett, W. L. Arrowsmith, B. W. Blydenstein [given once as Glydenstein] and Co. (2), Henry Baker, Barry and Co., Sir J. W. Bazalgette, A. L. Beart, Rev. Thomas O. Beeman, Robert Bell, Lionel Benjamin, Elizabeth R. Berry, Richard Besidy, H. F. Billinghurst, Richard Birkin, Joseph William Bourn, W. F. Brabant, Franz Breesman [i.e. Briesemann], Ewing Brown, John Brown, Patrick Brown, Brunton, Bourke and Co. (6), William Buncombe, James J. Burrough, Captain Hans Busk, C. J. Hambro and Son (3),Henry Carlebach, Joseph Carlebach, Daniel Castello (2), Cazenove, P. & Co.,Thomas Chandler, Charles Cleve and Co., B. F. Clapham (9), Clark Sandeman & Co. (3), M. Clifton, Baroness Jules Cloquet, Coates, Son and Co., Moses Cohen, Thomas Cole, Ann Cooper, W. F. Crumelin, Cunningham Bros.(7), Hugh Cunninghame, Crewes and Samuel, David Cohen and Co. (6), N. Davis, H. M. Dorling, James Dorman, Colonel H. Doveson, William Durham, Demetrius Duarte, Admiral H. Eden, William Edwards, Ellis and Co. (5), Welbore L. Ellis, Eyton and Eyton, Foote and Adams (4), J. Forsaith, Mary S. S. Forster, Robert Francis, General Credit and Discount Co. (3), G[eorge] Burnand and Co (2), George Gerrish, William Rodger Gilmour, Andrew Gowan, W. H. Grace, Henry Grose, Guinniss [i.e. Guinness], Mahon and Co., Charles A. Hardman, Harman, Keen and Co.(10), George D. Harris, H. & J. Hart (2), Gilliat Hatfield, Helbert [also given as Herbert], Wagg and Campbell (2), , Frank Herring, George N. Hill, Hilton and Gibbes (2), Francis Holl, Holland and Balfour, Horne and Smith (2), R. E. B. Horneblow, E. M. Hubbuck (4), David Hughes, Hughes and Peevor (2), International Financial Society, J. Hutchinson and Sons, J. N. Scott and Son, James Capel and Co. (7), John Hill and Sons (3), Edwin J. Izard, L. A. Jomdes, John A. Jones, Joseph Sebag and Co. (3), Joseph Joseph, Jourdan [also given as Jourdain] and Wylie, Nathan Keizer, R. W. Ker (2), Benjamin Kisch, William Kitchen, Albert J. Kitching, George Kitching, James Edward Knollys, Edwin Knott, Charles Lavey, Lee and Pemberton, Linton, Clarke and Co. (23), Alexander Littlejohn, Lewis Lloyd, London and Hanseatic Bank, G. Loveless, David Lowe (4), Vernon Lushington, Macnicoll and Co., Lord [John] Manners [7th Duke of Rutland], Mark Marcus, Marten and Christopherson (2), Samuel Martin, Thomas J. Martin, William M. Massey, Henry R. Merton, Hermann Meyer (6), Mocatta and Davis, C. W. & J. C. Morice, Morris, Prevost and Co. (3), Assur Henry Moses (2), Eleazar H. Moses, M. F. Moses, Moses Henry Moses (2), Mark Mountain, James Edward Moxon (2), Mullens, Marshall & Co. (2), Murton and Smallpiece (2), Eardley B. Norton, Nottingham and Notts. Banking Co., Panmure, Gordon and Co., (25), James Park, William Parrott, Partridge and Greenfield, Frederick H. Partridge, Mrs E. A. Peachey, F. A. Phillips, Lewis Phillips, Pidgeon, Stebbing and Taylor, George D. Pollock, Pratt, Clapham and Reynell (3), Herbert Price, Robert Elliott Price, Thomas E. Price, Robert Punt, R. Raphael and Sons (3), R. S. Wilkinson and Harvey, Richard Naylor and Co., Victor Rubens (3), S. W. Waley and Co. (2), Thomas R. Safe, S[amuel] Stiebel and Co., David Samuel (3), Samuel, Montague and Co. (2), Ellen W. Sandford, A. Schwarzchild (9), James Henry Sclater, Benjamin J. Scott (4), Forrester Scott (3), Scottish Provincial Assurance Co., A. & J. Scrimgeour (29), Searle and Watson (2), Thomas Sheldon, Shorter, Clements and Shorter, J. Silverston, M. Silverston (4), Edwin Skeate, D. Smith (3), Henry Harper Smith, Peter Smith, T. H. Smith, H. G. Solomon, W. Spewell, John Steele, H. A. Stephens, H. P. Stephenson, Stewart and Tiley, A. Studenmund, Sutton, Miller and Co., Henry E. Symons, Miss M. Trotter, H. Seymour Trower, W. H. Trumpler, Walter Vant, Charles G. Vernider, Ward and Whitford (2), , Jane C. Webber, Weill and Harburg, William Westgarth (17), W. G. H. Whish, Henry White, Robert Wight, Robert J. Wiley, John Wilson, Edmund S. Wood, T. P. Woodcock, Frederick Woodward, A. & G. Worms, Richard Zimmerman, Zulueta and Co. (2)
Unsuccessful tenderers A - L 13th March 1879: A. Biedermann and Co. (4), A. J. Adderley, A. Keyser and Co., John Alison, Edward Amphlett (2), Alexander Anderson, Emma E. Ariell, C. Ashworth, William Astle (2), Mary Jane Atkins, Thomas B. Atkins, Edward Atkinson, B. W. [also given incorrectly as R. W.] Blydenstein and Co. (2), Francis J. P. Bailward, Baker and Sturdy (2), James Baker, Bank of British Columbia (4), Bank of Montreal, Samuel Barnett (2), Olinthus R. Barnicott, Barry and Co. (3), George C. T. Bartley, William S. Bass, General H[enry] Bates, Alexander Beattie, F. W. Begbie, Robert Bell, Benecke, Souchay and Co. (2), Billett and Blaikie, Birbeck Bank (2), Frederick J. P. Birch, A. Bitton, Henry Blyth, John P. Bolding, Henry K. Bone, Albert Bonus, Bower and Tuthill, Rev. J. Bownes, G. G. Bowring, Henry Boyer, Henry T. Bradbee, F. M. Brereton, Franz Briesemann (4), Henry L. Brown, James Bruce, Brunton, Bourke and Co. (3), J. H. 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(5), London and Westminster Bank (4), London and Yorkshire Bank Ltd. (2), London Bank of Mexico and South America (3), Henry Lyne (2), Lewis W. Lyne, Edward Lyon, Jeremiah Lyon (2),
Unsuccessful tenderers N - Z 13th March 1879: Alexander Macalister, W. J. Mackean, L. Mackenzie, David McLean, Archibald Macnicoll, Macnicoll and Co. (7), William McWhirter, Lawrence Malcolm, Manners, Sutton and Graham, Mark Marcus (3), Henry Marriott, A. E. Marshall, Marten and Christopherson (5), F. C. Marval, W. H. Mathew, Stephen Matthews (2), Charles Maude, Charles Meacock, M. Medwin, Robert S. Mendey, Hermann Meyer (2), William M. Michell, Thomas Miller, George Milne (2), Harding Milward, A. Mocatta, Mocatta and Davies (8), Charles J. D. Moore, G. A. Moran, Charles L. Morgan, C. W. & J. C. Morice, Norman B. Morris, Morris, Prevost and Co.(x3), Wiliam Morris and Son, H. P. Mosely, Assur H. Moses, Moses H. Moses, Mullens, Marshall and Co. (18), Murton and Smallpiece, Charles Myers, W. F. Narraway, Richard C. Naylor, John D. Neal, Walter P. Nevill (2), Alfred J. Neville, Patrick H. Normand, North, Simpson, Graham and Co., Charles Nunn, W. L. Nutter, Dr. Ogle, G. W. Oakley, Wilton Oldham, J. & S. Oppenheim, Hanson Ormerod, J. S. Oxley, P. Cazenove and Co. (2), Page and Gwyther, William Page, Panmure, Gordon and Co. (12), J. Papazian (2), James Park (5), T. H. Parkinson, Gervas Parnell, G. T. Pawle, George T. Peevor, George H. Penney, Peppercorne and Mant, Henry Pereira (2), Peter Domecq and Co. (2), John Lecky Phelps, Lewis Phillips, G. N. Pickstock, Pidgeon, Stebbing and Taylor, Henry J. Plews, E. Plumbridge, James Poingdestre, Pratt, Clapham and Reynell (9), Prescott and Co., Richard M. Preston, Thomas E. Price, William Price, Price and Pott, Augusta C. Pym, R. W. [i.e. B. W.] Blydenstein and Co., R. S. Maitland and Son, R. W. Carden and Co. (2), Arthur D. Radclyffe, Hannah Rambart, Joseph A. Ransom, O. L. Rasch (2), Luther Reeves (x2), Richard Naylor & Co., James G. Richmond, James W. Ridgway, A. G. Ridout, N. Stewart Ringer, Robins and Barber (6), Susannah Robinson, William Robinson (2), Roger, Mortimer, Bentham & M. (8), Thomas Henry Rollason, Charles Rose (2), Sir John Rose, L. Ross, Victor Rubens, Jane Rudd, P. W. Russell (2), R. Ryrie, S. W. Waley and Co. (24), Redmond St. Leger, Albert Samuel (x4), David Samuel, Lewis A. Samuel, Saul Samuel, Samuel, Montagu and Co. (2), Charlotte Sandell, Sandeman, Clark and Co. (5), Schloss Bros. (2), Leopold Schloss, Solomon Schloss, E. C. Schomberg (2), Schwann and Co., Forrester Scott (3), J. and A. Scrimgeour (6), Searle and Watson (7), H. W. Segelcke, William Sharp, Thomas R. Shelland, Sheppards, Pelley and Co. (12), Shorter, Clements and Shorter (2), Henry Shrimpton, F. A. Waldo Sibthorp, E. F. Sichel, Sidney, Cooper and Co. (2), J. Silverston (2), M. Silverston (13), F. Y. Simons, James Skinner Jr. (3), James Smart (2), T. H. Smith (5), Thomas R. Smerdon, C. Chaloner Smith, Thomas Smith Sr. (3), William Soddy, Henry J. Solomon (3),Alexander Somervail, W. G. Soper, Edward Southwell, Spurling and Skinner (4), J. C. Stackhouse, Standard Bank of British South Africa (2), Steer, Lawford and Cuerton (8), Leopold Stern (3), John Stewart, Stiebel Bros.(16), Samuel Stiebel, G. N. Strawbridge, T. B. Struthers, William Stuckey (6), M. Humbert Sturt, Sutton, Miller and Co. (x15), Clement Swetenham, Francis Tagart, J. H. Taylor (2), James S. Taylor, D. R. Thomson, J. D. Thomson, J. R. Thomson, John Thomson, Rev. W. T. Thursby, Thomas Tidbould, William Tidmas, W. Tidy, William Tiffin, George W. Tillett, Henry Titford, John Tizard, Tozer, Hewitt and Co., H. Seymour Trower (4), George D. Tyser, Lionel Van-Oven, George Verner, Walker, Russell and Co., John Walker, J. M. Walters, Edward Ward (3), James Ward, Ward and Whitford (2), James Washington (5), Herbert Watson, Henry S. Way, Richard Weekes and Co., Weill and Harburg (2), Edward Wells, Joseph Wells, William Charles West, William Westgarth (9), Mrs. E. M. White, Edward F. White (2), Henry C. White (2), William White (2), Whiteheads and Coles (2), Henry B. Wild, Wildey, Petrochini and Co., William Brown and Co., William Morris and Son (4), William R. Hartridge and Co., Charles H. Williams, G. A. Williams, J. W. C. Williams, Robert W. Willis, A. & R. Wilson, C. L. Wilson, J. W. Wilson, W. Wilson, H. G. Witthouse, Arthur F. Wood (5), Francis Woodfall, Woodlock and Co. (5), John Woodward, William M. Woof, W. G. Woolston, G. & A. Worms (5), Hon. E. B. Wrottesley, James Yate, James A. Youl, Zulueta and Co. (4)
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