Item Description: "Pesented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Board: George Verdon, H. Amsinck, J. W. Stephen, James Moore, M. H. Irving, G. V. Smith
Honorary Secretary: J. E. Bromby
"E. J. White, Acting Government Astronomer"
Robert Ellery (govt. astronomer) was on 12 months leave due to poor health at the time the Board made its annual visitation on 2nd June 1875
Permanent Observatory staff: R. Ellery (govt. astronomer), E. White (acting govt. astronomer), C. Moerlin, Mr. [J.] Turner, Mr.[J. E.] Gilbert, Mr Hay (on probation), an unnamed messenger, and an unnamed workman principally engaged in work with the great reflector
Temporary Observatory staff: an unnamed clerical assistant and mechanic
Mentions the death of a former employee, Professor Wilson
Physical Description: 9p. ; 33cm.