Kelly Reward Board : report of the Board appointed to enquire into and report upon the proper mode of distributing the rewards offered for the capture of the Kelly Gang : together with the minutes of evidence

Corporate Author: Victoria. Kelly Reward Board
Other Authors: MacBain, James, Sir, 1828-1892, MacMahon, Charles, Sir, 1824-1891, Smith, Robert Murray, 1831-1921
Published: Melbourne : Robt. S. Brain, Acting Government Printer, 1881
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1880-81, no. 85
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Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Board: Sir Charles MacMahon (chairman), James MacBain and R. Murray Smith
Witnesses: George Vesey Allen (Daily Telegraph reporter), John McWhirter (Age reporter), Joseph Dalgarno Melvin (Argus reporter), Robert Ramsay (late chief secretary) and Charles C. Rawlins
Schedule A. Claimants not entitled to participate in the Reward: const. J. W. Brown, const. Robert Bunker, const. J. Burton, const. John Coghlan, const. Falkiner, const. Robert Griffin, Lawrence Kirwin [Kirwan] (police agent [Renwick]), Mr. La[i]ng (stationmaster Wangaratta), const. McIntyre, const. W. Parker [Reg. No. 1403], ex const. [Harry] Perkin[s], Richard Rule [sawmiller], Mr. Saxe (postmaster Benalla), sen. const. Shahan [i.e. Shanahan], Anne Sherritt, Ellen Sherritt, const. [Thomas Cape] Skeham [i.e. Skehan], George Stephens, Mr. Stephens (stationmaster Benalla), const. Hugh Stewart, const. Thomas Waldron, sen. const. Patrick Walsh, Antonie Wicks [i.e. Anton Wick] and B. C. Williams (police agent) [alias of police spy Daniel Kennedy]
Schedule B. Claimants entitled to participate in the Reward: [Henry William] Alder (Vic. Railways engine-driver), const. Alexander, const. R. Alexander, const. Armstrong, const. [James Murdoch] Arthur, Barn[e]y (native tracker), const. Barry, Bell (Vic. Railways guard), [John] Bowman (Vic. Railways engine-driver), const. Bracken, [Hugh McClement] Burch (Vic. Railways fireman), const. Canny, const. Cawsey, Mr. Cheshire (postmaster Beechworth), Coleman (enginedriver), Thomas Curnow (schoolmaster), const. Dixon, const. Dowling, Jesse Dowsett (govt. railways), const. Duross, const. Dwyer, const. James Dwyer, const. Gascoigne, const. Glenny, const. Graham, supt. Hare, const. [James] Healy, Hero (native tracker), const. Hewitt, [Herbert] Hollows [Vic. Railways] (fireman), Jacky (native tracker), Jimmy (native tracker), Johnny (native tracker), sen. const. [Charles] Johns[t]on, sen. const. Kelly, const. P. Kelly, const. Kirkham, const. McColl, const. McDonald, const. McHugh, McPhee (guard, pilot engine), const. Meagor [i.e. Magor], const. Milne, const. [William] Moore, Moses [Bulla] (native tracker), const. Mountiford [i.e. Montiford, later Montiford-O'Brien], sen. const. Mullane, Stanhope O'Connor, Mr. [W.] Osborne, const. Phillips, Mr. C. L. [i.e. C.] Rawlins, const. Reilly, const. Ryan, supt. Sadleir, John Sherritt, sen. const. Smyth, Spider (native tracker), serg. Steele, [John] Stewart [Vic. Railways] (fireman), const. Stillard, const. Stone [either Henry Stone Reg. No. 1125 or John Stone Reg. No. 1435], const. Wallace, const. Walsh, det. const. Ward, serg. Whelan, const. Wickham [i.e. Wickam] and const. Wilson
Schedule C. Claimants recommended by the Board as worthy of special recognition for services rendered during the period of the serarch for the outlaws: Mr. Cheshire (postmaster Beechworth), const. Falkiner, Mr. La[i]ng (stationmaster Wangaratta), const. Thomas McIntyre, Mr. Saxe (postmaster Benalla) and Mr. Stephens (stationmaster Benalla)
Schedule D. Special rewards: const. Bracken, Thomas Curnow (schoolmaster), Mr. Jesse Dowsett (govt. railways), sr. const. Johns[t]on, sr. const. Kelly and sgt. Steele
Other mentions: The Age iv,7,9, The Argus iv,7, [const.Henry] Armstrong 10,11, [const. James] Arthur 10, Beechworth 8, [Australasian] Sketcher 7, Benalla [1]-4,6,7,9,10, const. [Hugh] Bracken 2,3,7-10, [Joe] Byrne 3,11, [Francis Thomas Dean] Carrington iv,2,7,9, [Martin] Cherry 11, [Hussey Malone] Chomley 2, [Thomas] Curnow 6, Daily Telegraph iv,6, [Jesse] Dowsett (guard Vic. Railways) 3,8,10, const. [James] Dwyer 7,8,10,11, const. [Patrick Charles] Gascoigne 5,10, Glenrowan iv,2-4,6,9, Glenrowan Hotel/Inn [also called Jones's Hotel] 2-5,7-11, Glenrowan [Railway] Station/Station-house 2-7,9,10, Government Gazette (NSW) iii,Government Gazette (Vic.) iii, Greta 9, Mrs [Francis] Hare 3, supt. Francis Hare iii,iv,1-10, [Dick i.e. Rchard Hart] (given as Steve Hart's brother) 6, const. [James] Healy 10, Hero (black police tracker) 10, sr. const. [Charles] Johns[t]on 3,8,11, Mrs [Anne] Jones 10, Jack Jones 5, Jane Jones 5, Ned Kelly iii,3,5-8,10,11, sr. const, [John] Kelly 2,3,5,7,8,9,10, Kelly Gang/Outlaws iv,[1],3,4,5,8,9, Kelly Reward Board [111],iv,2, Mr Keogh 5, const. [Thomas] Kirkham 7,8, Sir James McCulloch [1], [Patrick] McDonnell's Hotel (given as Macdonnell's Hotel) 4, Martini-Henry rifle 5, Mr Montford [i.e. const. Montiford], later Montiford-O'Brien) 6, Mr [John] Moore [1], Morgan's Lookout 10, New South Wales Govt. [iii], supt. [Charles Hope] Nicolson [iii],1, Mrs [Louisa Mary] O'Connor 2,7,8, supt. [Stanhope] O'Connor 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10, const. [William] Phillips 5,10, [Harry] Power (bushranger) [1], police trackers (given as black trackers) iv,2-4,6,8-10, Queensland 2, Qld Govt. iv,2, Mr [James] Reardon 9, Mrs [Margaret] Reardon 8,9,10, young [i.e. Michael] Reardon 9, supt. [John] Sadleir [iii],3,6,7,8,10,11, [James] Service Ministry [1], Aaron Sherritt [iii],4,10, the Skillians [i.e. William and Maggie (née Kelly)] 6,[Miss Smith] (given as Mrs [Louisa] O'Connor's sister) 2,7,8, Spencer Street Station 6, captain [Frederick] Standish [1],2, Mrs [Emily] Stanistreet 4, Mr [John] Stanistreet (stationmaster Glenrowan) 4,9, sgt. [Arthur] Steele [iii],3,5,7,8,10,11, [Clement Stephens] (stationmaster Benalla) 4, Sydney [iii], Victorian Railways 4, Violet Town 8,11, Wangaratta 3,5,6,7,10,11, Warby/Warby's Range/s 5,9, detective [Michael E.] Ward [iii], Webley revolver 4
Physical Description: v, 11p. ; 33cm.

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