Report of the Trustees of the Public Library, Museums, & National Gallery of Victoria, with the reports of the sectional committees for 1879 : and a statement of income and expenditure for the financial year 1878-9

Corporate Author: Public Library, Museums and National Gallery (Vic.)
Other Authors: àBeckett, Thomas Turner, 1808-1892, Agg, Alfred John, 1830-1886, Barry, Redmond, Sir, 1813-1880, Bindon, Samuel Henry, 1812-1879, Bright, Charles Edward, 1829-1915, Campbell, Oswald Rose, 1820-1887, Curtis, Robert, Dobson, Frank Stanley, 1835-1895, Duffy, Charles Gavan, Sir, 1816-1903, Francis, James Goodall, 1819-1884, Irving, Martin Howy, 1831-1912, Langton, Edward, 1828-1905, McArthur, David Charteris, 1810-1887, McCoy, Frederick, Sir, 1817-1899, McCulloch, James, Sir, 1819-1893, MacGregor, John, 1828-1884, MacMahon, Charles, Sir, 1824-1891, McMillan, Thomas, Macpherson, John Alexander, 1833-1894, Mitchell, William Henry Fancourt, Sir, 1811-1884, Morris, Edward E. 1843-1902, Nanson, E. J. 1850-1938?, Newbery, James Cosmo, 1843-1895, O'Shanassy, John, Sir, 1818-1883, Rule, O. R., Sheffield, Henry, 1810-1908, Stawell, William Foster, Sir, 1815-1889, Strong, Herbert Augustus, 1841-1918, Symonds, Charles Hunt, 1819?-1895, Vale, William Mountford Kinsey, 1833-1895, Verdon, George Frederic, Sir, 1834-1896, Von Guerard, Eugene, 1811-1901
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1880
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1880-81, no. 10
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Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament pursuant to Act 33 Vict. No. 357 Sec. 7"
Trustees: Redmond Barry (president), Sir William Foster Stawell, David Charteris MacArthur, Sir John O'Shanassy, Sir. C. Gavan Duffy, Sir James McCulloch, James Goodall Francis, Thomas Turner a'Beckett, Samuel Henry Bindon (deceased), John Alexander MacPherson, Charles Edward Bright, Martin Howy [i.e. Howey] Irving, Sir William H. F. Mitchell, Sir George Verdon, Sir Charles MacMahon, William M. K. Vale, Frank Stanley Dobson, John MacGregor, Edward Langton, Herbert Augustus Strong, Edward John Nanson and Edward Ellis Morris
"Robt. Curtis, Secretary to the Trustees"
"Edward Langton, Treasurer"
"C. H. Symonds, Alfred J. Agg, Commissioners of Audit"
Includes reports from Redmond Barry (chairman Sectional Committee of the Public Library), Henry Sheffield (Librarian), Charles Edward Bright (chairman Sectional Commitee of the Industrial and Technological Museum), J. Cosmo Newbery (supt. of Industrial Museum), O. R. Rule (mineral section), Thomas McMillan (phytological section), Sir James McCulloch (chairman Sectional Committee of the National Gallery), Eugene von Guerard (master of the School of Painting), O. R. Campbell (master of the School of Design) William M. K. Vale (chairman Sectional Committee of the National Museum), Frederick McCoy (director National Museum) and Redmond Barry (chairman Sectional Building and General Committee)
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