Item Description: "Ordered by the Legislative Assembly to be printed 11th November 1880"
Committee: Charles Pearson (Chairman), Robert Ramsay, John Madden, William Vale, Henry Wrixon, Joseph Bosisto and Alfred Deakin
Witnesses: Edward FitzHayley a'Beckett (registrar Melbourne University), H. M. Andrew (Wesley College), Sir Redmond Barry (chancellor Melbourne University), Rev. J. E. Bromby, Anthony Colling Brownless (vice chancellor Melbourne University), John Simeon Elkington (history and political economy professor Melbourne University), George B. Halford (anatomy professor Melbourne University), Martin Howie Irving (ex professor Melbourne University), Alexander Leeper (principal Trinity College), Frederick McCoy (natural science professor Melbourne University), Alexander Morrison, E. J. Nanson (mathematics professor Melbourne University) and Herbert H. [i.e. A.] Strong (classics and logic professor Melbourne University)
Other mentions: Bishop of Melbourne [i.e. James Moorhouse] p. [iii],vi, Board of Pharmacy p. [iv], Cameron Oakbank Scholarship p. [iv],vi, Gilchrist Scholarship p. [iv],vi,[1], Sir Robert Kane p. [1], C. de Montmahou (France) p. [iii], Pharmaceutical Society p. vi, Professor Reuleaux (Commissioner for the German Empire) p. [iii],
Physical Description: vi, 39p. ; 33cm.