Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Enquire into the Municipalities and the Charitable Institutions in Victoria

Corporate Author: Victoria. Commission Appointed to Enquire into the Municipalities and the Charitable Institutions in Victoria
Other Authors: Agg, Alfred John, 1830-1886, Gains, Albert Brewer, d. 1864, Howitt, Godfrey, 1800-1873, Hull, William Henry, Smith, William Collard, 1830-1894, Sturt, Evelyn Pitfield Shirley, 1816-1885, Victoria. Governor (1856-1863 : Barkly)
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1863
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1862-63, no. 52
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Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Report "To His Excellency Sir Henry Barkly, K.C.B., Governor-in-Chief of the Colony of Victoria and its dependencies, &c., &c., &c."
Commission: E. P. S. Sturt (chairman), William Hull, W. C. Smith, Alfred J. Agg and Godfrey Howitt
Report contains extracts of witnesses' evidence: John Adams (Buninyong), Edward Barker FRCSE (hon. surgeon Melbourne Hospital), John Barter (town surveyor Richmond), James Bell (chairman Dunolly Council), William Bell (mayor Geelong), J. de la Roche Bragge MD (Hawthorn), James Joseph Casey (member Sanhurst Council), John S. Cheney (chairman Creswick Council), Robert Clarke (chairman Amherst/Scarsdale Council), Henry Clarkson (member Carisbrook Council), Robert Clegg (collector Melbourne Benevolent Asylum), George Cooke (pres. Dunolly Hospital), S. J. Cooper (resident medical officer Melbourne Benevolent Asylum), B. Cowderoy (chairman St Kilda Council), John Craven (town clerk Prahran), J. B. Crews (councillor Prahran), Robert Henry Dunn (house surgeon Maryborough Hospital), Richard Eades MD (hon. physician Melbourne Hospital), George Evans (town clerk Hotham), W. Howell Gibson (superintending officer of water supply on the gold fields), William Gilbee MRCS, England (hon. surgeon Melbourne Hospital), Patrick Hayes (chairman Footscray), John Heard (Sth Barwon), Thomas Hodgens (Chewton), Philip Johnson (chairman Richmond Council), Mr Kelliher, Francis Marchant Laidman MRCSE (Maryborough), Henry Langlands (member of the Committee), Charles Letheby (councillor Eaglehawk), John Lynch (chairman Brown's and Scarsdale Council), Dugald McDougall (chairman Hawthorn Council), Sir James Frederick Palmer (pres. Legislative Council), James S. Paul (chairman Newtown/Chilwell Council), Frank Robertson (chairman Board of Management, Kyneton Hospital), William Rodier (town clerk Ballaarat East), Thomas Sheppard (chairman Buninyong Council), William A. Smith (chairman Carisbrook Council), Charles T. Sutherland (chairman Clunes Council), D. Taylor (chairman Maryborough), David J. Thomas MD (hon. surgeon Melbourne Hospital), William Train (chairman Smythesdale Council), Charles Vaughan MLC (chairman Fitzroy), Daniel Wallace (chairman Castlemaine Council), James Warnock (Maldon), William Weire (town clerk Geelong), Julius P. Westwood (Daylesford), William Wood (engineer Amherst and Clunes District Road Board)
Appendix A: letters from Albert B. Gains (Secretary to the Commission) requesting information re. their municipalities and charitable institutions to the Mayors of Melbourne and Geelong, the Chairman of the Municipal Council of [ ], the Chairman of the Committee of Management of the [ ] Hospital, the Chairman of the Committee of Management of the [ ] Benevolent Asylum, the Chairman of the Committee of Management of the [ ] Hospital and Benevolent Asylum, the Chairman of the Committee of Management of the [ ] Orphan Asylum and the Chairman of the Committee of Management of the Immigrants' Aid Society
Appendix K: Synopsis of the evidence given before the Commissioners of Municipalities and Charitable Institutions by the following witnesses: John Adams, James Craig Auld, Samuel Baird (town surveyor Ballaarat), Robert Baldry (chairman Malmsbury), Edward Barker FRCSE, Edward Barsby, John Barter (surveyor), [ ] Bates (sec. Castlemaine Benevolent Asylum), James Bell (chairman Dunolly/later Vic MLC), William Bell (mayor Geelong), Godfrey Barker Berry (councillor Taradale), James Blair PM (pres. Portland Benevolent Asylum and Hospital), John Bland (pres. Belfast Hospital and Benevolent Asylum), W. H. Bonsey (police magistrate), Wm. Bougen [or Boughen] (master Ballaarat Benevolent Asylum), Henry Box, Joseph de la Roche Bragge MD, Thos. Bregassi (sec. Maryborough Hospital), Alexander Brodie (councillor Carisbrook), lieutenant-colonel J. E. N. Bull (pres. Castlemaine Hospital), Brice Frederick Bunny (chairman St. Kilda/later Vic MLA), Robert Burrowes (chairman Sandhurst/later Vic MLA), Robert Byrne (Sandridge borough councillor/later Vic MLA), Mrs Jessie Cairns (pres. Melbourne Ladies' Benevolent Society accompanied by other members of her deputation who did not give evidence, Mrs Turnbull and Mrs Sprent), rev. A. Campbell, James Campbell (sec. Geelong Protestant Orphan Asylum), James Joseph Casey (councillor Sandhurst/Vic MLA), John S. Cheney (chairman Creswick), R. E. Clarke (supt. Geelong Protestant Orphan Asylum), Robert Clarke (chairman Amherst), Henry Clarkson (councillor Carisbrook), W. R. Clavey (surgeon Melbourne Orphan Asylum), Robt. H. Clegg (collector Melbourne Benevolent Asylum), Edward Cohen (mayor Melb./Vic MLA), Joseph Combe (town clerk Ballaarat), George Cook [also given as Cooke] (pres. Dunolly Hospital), J. Cooper (resident surgeon Melbourne Benevolent Asylum), Stephen Cooper (sec. Ballaarat Benevolent Asylum), T. Cooper (member Creswick Hospital committee), Wm. Cooper, Benjamin Cowderoy (former chairman St. Kilda), John Craven (town clerk Prahran), P. C. Crespigny (police magistrate), J. B. Crews JP (former & later Vic MLA), Chas. Croaker (chairman Portland), H. B. Daly (councillor Dunolly), rev. J. Dare, Andrew Davies, Joseph Davis (town clerk Castlemaine), rev. Edwin Day, C. J. Dennys, Charles Dicker (sec. Dunolly Hospital), rev. R. B. Dickinson (member Committee, Melbourne Orphan Asylum), Thomas Dickson, Stephen Donovan, William Gardner [i.e. Gairdner] Drought (sergeant of police), Arthur Drury (pres. Ballaarat Hospital), Robert Henry Dunn (house surgeon Maryborough Hospital), Charles Dyte (councillor Ballaarat East/later Vic MLA), Richard Eades MB, George Evans (town clerk Hotham), Edwin Exon (supt. Melbourne Orphan Asylum), Chas. Faussett [i.e. Fausset] (chairman Emerald Hill), John Ferguson (councillor Dunolly), Thomas Finn (councillor Portland), Edmond [i.e. Edmund] Gerald Fitzgibbon (town clerk Melb.), J. J. Fitzgerald (member Creswick Hospital committee), George Avery Fletcher (town clerk Sandhurst), Wm. Forster, T. Fox MD, Thomas Gardiner (town clerk Maryborough), F. T. Gell (chairman Hotham), G. Howell Gibson (superintending officer of water supply Dunolly), R. B. Gibson (surveyor), William Gillbee MRCSE (surgeon Melbourne Hospital), Fredk. Gingell (councillor Castlemaine), S. Goode, John Grieve (chairman Warrnambool), T. Gullack, John Guthrie (collector of customs), John Halfey (chairman Kew/later Vic MLA), R. K. Hammond (chairman Brighton), James Thomas Harcourt (supt. Immigrants' Aid Society, Melb.), C. H. Hardy (surgeon Maldon Hospital), James Harrison, James Hawkins, Patrick Hayes (chairman Footscray), John D. Hayward (inspector of nuisances Richmond), John Heard, John Heaton (councillor Richmond), James Hendy (member Committee, Geelong Protestant Orphan Asylum), James Hider, James Peter Hill (surgeon Daylesford Hospital), Thos. Hodgens, John Hogan, Peter Huddart, James Hutchinson (surgeon Castlemaine Hospital), Wm. Jamieson, Henry Jarrett (chairman Kyneton), Philip Johnson (chairman Richmond), Andrew Kerr (town surveyor Warrnambool), Mr Killeher, James M. Knight (town clerk/surveyor Belfast), F. M. Laidman (coroner Maryborough Hospital), Henry Langlands, W. J. M. Larnach, John Lascelles (registrar of Friendly Societies), Alexander Learmonth (chairman Hamilton), Mr Lee (Taradale), Chas. Letheby (councillor Eaglehawk), Robert Lewis (chairman Ballaarat/chairman Ballaarat Benevolent Asylum/later Vic MLA), John Lowry (town surveyor Kew), Henry Lugg, John Lynch (chairman Brown's and Scarsdale), Richard McClure (chairman Prahran), James McCutcheon (supt. Melbourne Benevolent Asylum), Wm. J. McCutcheon (pres. Emerald Hill Benevolent Society), Hugh McDermott (councillor Richmond), Dougald McDougal (chairman Hawthorn), P. H. McGillivray (resident surgeon (Sandhurst Hospital), Richard McGrain (councillor Malmsbury), John McIntyre (hon. sec. Sandhurst Hospital/later Vic MLA), A. McKenzie, R. C. Mackenzie PM [also given as Mackensie] (pres. Maldon Hospital), Neil McLean, F. N. Martin (councillor Creswick), J. Mason (councillor St. Kilda), John Mason (chairman Belfast), Thos. Mason (chairman Williamstown), John Middlemiss (sec. Geelong Infirmary and Benevolent Asylum), [ ] Millar (town surveyor Hotham), Wm. Marsh Miller (town clerk Essendon), Edward Moore (sec. Ballaarat Hospital), Mr Moss (hon. sec. Victoria Deaf and Dumb Institution, accompanied by members who did not give evidence, R. S. L. Chase, John Dunn, Mr Harcourt, Mr McBain (hon. treasurer), rev. D. M. McDonald and Selwyn Smith), John Murphy, Thomas Naylor, Edward Nettell, Patrick O'Brien JP, D. J. O'Keeffe, Dennis O'Leary (mining surveyor), Sir James Frederick Palmer (pres. Legislative Council), William Henry Palmer (member Committee, Warrnambool Hospital), James Stevens Paul (chairman Newtown/Chilwell), J. J. Perry, Peter John Petherwick, Mr Pickles (councillor Sandridge), Mr Pitman, Andrew Plummer (chairman Sandridge), Thomas Powell (chairman Sth. Barwon), George Power, George Read (town clerk Carisbrook), Isaac G. Reeves (chairman East Collingwood), J. P. Richards (councillor Maldon), Frank Robertson (chairman Board of Management, Kyneton Hospital), W. B. Rodier (town clerk Ballaarat East), Ebenezer Rosser (chairman Brunswick), F. B. Salmon (sec. Amherst Hospital), W. M. Samuels (vice pres. Sandhurst Benevolent Society), Thomas Sheppard (pres. Buninyong), Thomas Allen Sidders, A Sister of Mercy (treasurer St. Vincent De Paul's Catholic Orphanage), Hugh Sloly (councillor Belfast), J. Hoare Smith (town clerk Clunes), J. P. Smith (vice-pres. Amherst District Hospital), William A. Smith (chairman Carisbrook), Richard Southee, capt. F. C. Standish (chief commissioner of police), F. P. Stevens (pres. Warrnambool Hospital/former Vic MLC), John Stevenson (councillor Maldon), Chas. T. Sutherland (chairman Clunes), [ ] Tankard, Daniel Taylor (chairman Maryborough), Joseph Taylor (surgeon), Wm. Thistlethwaite (councillor Emerald Hill), David Thomas MD (Melbourne Hospital), Dr J. Tierney (hon. medical officer St. Vincent De Paul's Catholic Orphanage), John Toon (town clerk Hawthorn), James Willis Townsend (collector Sandhurst), Richard Thos. Tracy MD (Melbourne Lying-in Hospital), Wm. Train (chairman Smythesdale), W. M. Turnbull MD (Melbourne Lying-in Hospital), Charles Vaughan MLC (chairman Fitz Roy), Daniel Wallace (chairman Castlemaine), Henry S. Walsh (late mayor Melb.), James Warnock, rev. Samuel Waterhouse, Wm. Weire (town clerk Geelong), Julius P. Westwood (chairman Daylesford), [ ] Williamson (member Creswick Hospital committee), John Wilson (councillor Warrnambool), William Wood (engineer Amherst Reservoir), rev. William Worth, J. W. Wright (town clerk Maldon) and Frederick Young (chairman Ballaarat East)
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