Sixteenth report of the Board for the Protection of the Aborigines in the Colony of Victoria

Corporate Author: Victoria. Board for the Protection of the Aborigines
Other Authors: Bulmer, John, 1833-1913, Goodall, William, b. 1846, Hagenauer, Friedrich August, 1829-1909, Kramer, Carl Wilhelm, 1835-1891, Le Souef, Albert Alexander Cochrane, 1828-1902, Page, A. M. A., Captain, d. 1890, Stähle, John Heinrich, 1840-1915, Strickland, Frederick Philip, 1819-1901
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1880
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1880-81, no. 29
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Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
"Albert A. C. Le Souef, Vice-Chairman"
Appendices 1-6, 9-11: reports to A. M. A. Page, (general inspector and Sec. of the Board), from F. P. Strickland (Coranderrk) William Goodall Jun. (Purnim Aborignal Station), J. H. Stahle (Lake Condah), F. A. Hagenauer (Ramahyuck Mission Station), John Bulmer (Lake Tyers Mission Station) and C. W. Kramer (Lake Hindmarsh Mission Station) and various accounts of expenditure
Appendix 7 Return of deaths on aboriginal stations 1876-80 - i.e.
Condah: Billy Coppin, Carry Green, John Green, Robert Livingstone, Caroline McKallum, Jackie Moburn, Samuel Moburn, Jack Morely, Agnes Mullet, Old Bollie, Old Charlie, Old Larry, Robert Sutton, Georgina White, John White and Willie White
Coranderrk: Robert Bains, Israel Barker, Jemmy Bulla, Lizzie Davis, Albert Dick, Thomas Farmer, Edward Mooney, Fanny Moore, Mary Parker, Aggie Rowan, Baby Terrick and James Webster
Framlingham: Robert Clark, P. Fairie, Fred. Goodall, Willie Goodall, W. Hood, Hurdy Gurdy, James Lancaster, Old Toby and Old Tolpin
Hindmarsh: Amelia, Biddy, Bobby, Bessie, Chrissie, Credie, Emily, Gustav, Harriet, Laura, Paddy, Rhoda, Tommy, Minnie Bowden, Alexander Comb, Cornelius Comb, Helen Comb, Topsy Edwards, John Gilbert, Albert McGuinness, Cameron Marks,Matilda Mooney, Old Frank, Old Ned and Mary Punty
Ramahyuck: Mary Ellen, Tally, Cameron Boyd, Tom Clark, Polly Clark Hugh Cole, Mary Coleman, Fred Filchett, Rhoda Filchett, Nora Foster, Clara Gilbert, Eliza Gilbert, Alice Ngary, Ida Ngary, Robert Ngary, Old Charlotte, Old Nanny, William Pearson, N. Pepper, J. Raymond and Chrissie Wood
Tyers: Dan, Jack-a-Jack, Mary (aged 65), Mary (aged 75), Amelia Blair, Joseph Bull, Ben Jennings, Alfred Jennings, Maria Johnson (aged 6 months), Maria Johnson (aged 60), John Kerless, Sarah McDougall, Billy McIntyre, Euphemia Rivers, Lucy Rivers, Mary Ann Thompson, Margaret Wittaker and William Wood
Other mentions: Mr. Deans (schoolmaster Coranderrk), p. 5, Drs. [William] Forbes and [James] Reid (Sale) p. 3,9, Miss [Amelia] Gregory (schoolmistress Lake Condah) p. 7, Rev. W. Hamilton (given gratuity of £25.00 by the Board) p. 12, Melbourne Hospital p. 3 and Miss [Nina] Robertson (governess Framlingham)
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