Labor trade in the western Pacific : despatch from the Right Honourable the Secretary of State for the Colonies, transmitting copy of a report on the subject of the labor trade in the western Pacific [by Commodore Wilson R.N.]

Corporate Author: Great Britain. Colonial Office
Other Authors: Black, Maurice Hume, 1830-1899, Buttanshaw, Henry Reginald, 1832?-1888, Duncan, W. A. 1811-1885, Hardy, T. W., Hill-Wray, C. J., Dr., Horrock, Charles Colville, Kimberley, John Wodehouse, 1st Earl of Kimberley, 1826-1902, Layard, Edgar Leopold, 1824-1900, McKellar, D., McKellar, H. S., Miklukho-Maklai, N. N. 1846-1888, Romilly, Hugh Hastings, 1856-1892, Seed, William Lieut., Thomson, John, Dr., Thornton, William J., 1817-1884
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1882
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1882-83, no. 31
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Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
"H. R. Buttanshaw, Polynesian Inspector"
"W. A. Duncan, Collector of Customs" New South Wales
"T. W. Hardy, Collector of Customs" Victoria
"William J. Thornton, Collector of Customs" Queensland
"D. McKellar, Secretary" New Zealand
"H. S. McKellar (for Secretary of Customs)" New Zealand
"William Seed, Lieut. R.O., Acting Agent-General of Immigration for Fiji"
"E. L. Layard, H.M.'s Consul" Noumea
Enclosure A p. 9-13: Notes concerning kidnapping and slavery in the western Pacific : report from Baron N. de Miklouho-Maclay to Commodore [John Crawford] Wilson
Enclosure B p. 13-18: Report ... of the Board (Drs. John Thomson and C. J. Hill-Wray) appointed to ascertain ... the cause of the excessive mortality amongst the South Sea islanders on the sugar plantations owned by R[obert] Cran and Co. Maryborough [Qld.] dated Brisbane May 10th 1880 - and also Charles C. Horrocks' report dated Brisbane 17th May 1880 on Thomson & Hill-Wray's report
Enclosure C I. Qld. p. 18: Analysis by M. Hume Black MLA of expenditure on the 16 working estates [sugar plantations] at Mackay for year 1880 showing proportion paid to European labor, merchants, traders and farmers, and to Polynesians
Enclosure C II. Qld. p. 19: Polynesian inspector H. R. Buttanshaw's return of Polynesians employed on the several undermentioned plantations during the years 1875, 1876, 1877, 1878, 1879 and to the 31st March 1880 with the rate of mortality &c.: Alpha, Antigua, Eaton Vale, Ferney, Irrawarra, Jindah, Magnolia, Nevada [i.e. Nerada], Yarra Yarra [i.e. Yerra Yerra] and Yengarie plantations
Enclosure C III. Qld. p. 19: Report of inspection of Polynesian immigration vessels: the schooner Sibyl with govt. agent Mr Eastlake visited Api [i.e. Epi], Er[r]omanga, Mai [i.e. Mae], Maiwo [i.e. Maewo], Malo, Marolaba, [Espiritu] Santo and Tanna islands, the brig Janet Stewart with govt. agent W. Walker visited Ambrym, Aoba, Api [i.e. Epi], Aurora [i.e. Maewo], Mai, Malicolo [i.e. Malakula], Moona [i.e. Muna on Efate Island], [Espiritu] Santo and Tanna islands
Enclosure C IV. Qld. p. 19: [No. of] Polynesians in the Maryborough, Tiaro and Wide Bay Districts on the 31st December 1879 listed by name of employer viz.: E. T. Aldridge, Alpha Sugar Co., J. Barbeler, Biddles Bros., E. Booker, W. Boughey, Martin Boyle, T. Brand, J. Broadbent, A. A. [i.e. Alfred Henry?] Brown, J. E. Brown, Brown and Richardson, J. A. Cameron, M. Canny, Moreton Canny, J. G. Caulfield, John Clarke, R. Clarke, R. F. Clarke, Clayton Bros.(Ernest and J. E. Clayton?), J. E. Clayton, M. Connor, H. C. Corfield, F. Cormrell, Corser and Co., Cran Bros. [i.e. John, James & Robert Jr.], James Cran, G. Cutler, A. B. Douglas, J. Dowzer, R. Ewart, Farquhar and Dunn, C. Fawkner, C. A. Foster, W. L. G. Gibson, R. G. Gilbert, A. Gordon, W. Groundwater, F. Habler, R. Heath, M. Hogan, Maryborough Hospital, J. M. Illidge, W. A. Irving, L. Jackson, A. Jessen, Thomas Lawrence, E. Lenthall, A. Leslie, P. Lillis, R. Lyons, McCord, Knox and Co., M. McGregor, A. Master, Mant and Littleton, A. Monckton, R. L. Murray, Peter O'Kelly [prop. Ferney Sugar Plantation], A. Paul, R[obert] Cran and Co., Ramsay Bros., L. B. Rawson, J. Rockheimer, T. Rose, R. W. Scougall, William Sly, J. Stewart, C. A. Stringer, R. Travis, Trimbell and Son, Joe Wade, W. Wallace, E. Watson, F. Watson, White and Robinson, Wilson, Hart and Co., J. F. Wood, F. Woodwarn, and W. Woodwarn
Enclosure C V. Qld. p. 20: Details of plantations inspected - Alpha, Antigua, Eaton Vale, Ferney, Irrawarra, Jindah, Magnolia, Nevada [i.e. Nerada], Yarra Yarra [i.e. Yerra Yerra] and Yengarie plantations
Enclosures D I. - D IV. NSW. p. 21-22: No. of vessels cleared at NSW ports for the western Pacific from 1850 to 1880 inclusive - Export of arms and ammunition 1871 to 1880 - Export of liquors 1871 to 1880 - Arms, ammunition and liquor: detailed statement of exports in certain vessels. All prepared by collector of customs W. A. Duncan
Enclosures E I. - E III. Vic. p. 22-23: No., tonnage & crews of vessels leaving Victoria for the western Pacific 1850 to 1880 - Export of arms, ammunition and liquor 1871 to 1880 - Value and amount of imports and exports to and from the western Pacific for ten years as under. All prepared by collector of customs T. W. Hardy
Enclosures F I. - F. II. Qld. p. 23: Particulars of vessels leaving Queensland for islands in the western Pacific during years 1860, 1865, 1870 and each subsequent year to 1880 - Export of arms, ammunition and liquor 1860 to 1880. Both prepared by collector of customs William J. Thornton
Enclosure G I. N.Z. p. 24: Particulars relating to vessels trading to Western Pacific islands from 1850 to 1880 prepared by sec. Customs Dept. Wellington D. McKellar. Return of New Zealand vessel crew reported murdered includes John Charles Moller (master of the brig Meg Merrilies at the Gilbert Islands Nov. 1878) and William Edward Huntley (apprentice on the brig Borealis at the Solomon Islands Sept. 1880)
Enclosure H I. Fiji. p. 25: Return of Polynesian natives conveyed to Fiji and returned to their homes (Gilbert Archipelago, Tanna and New Hebrides) at expiration of agreements with various planters & others (including [Mr.] Barrack, Emberson and Co., Hennings and Co., Moore and Co., [Mr.] Page, [Mr.] Rebman, [Mr.] Reece & others, [Mr.] Stoly, Wilson and Co. and [Mr.] Winter) since the commencement of the Immigration Movement 1864, to 1869. Vessels used included: Anna (master Clarke), Australian Maid (master Stoley), Barb (master [J?] Robinson), Eagle (master Frost), Elias (master Rebman), Eliza Jane (master Summerville), Flirt (master Smith), Ida (master Howard), Jeannie Duncan (master [Thomas George Charles?] Nichols), Lily (master Rae), Lizard (master Summerville), Mary Ann Christiana (master Field/master McLeever), Mary Smith (master Watson), Reliance (master Austin), Sea Flower (master Chaplin), Sea Witch (master Hovell), Swallow (master Bradley), Van Tromp (master Johns/master Wilson), Warian (master Stewart), William and Julia (master McLeever), Young Australian (master Hovell)
Lists of vessels licensed by Governors:
No. 1. N.S.W. List of vessels licensed by the Governor of N.S.W. (labor to be employed amongst islands), 1876 to 1881 p. 26-27: Ariel (master Neil Brodie), Atlantic (master John Stephen), Australasian Packet (masters Alfred Martin/Thomas George Charles Nichols), Avoca (masters Robert Cable/James Runcie), Dancing Wave (masters Arthur Harrison/John Leeman), Emu (masters Joshua William Phillips/Thomas Woodhouse), Esperanza (master Robert Cable), Gazelle (masters Alexander Macintosh/Thomas Woodhouse), Grace Dent (master John Henderson), Heather Bell (masterJohn Daly), Iserbrook (masters Joseph Frazer/Alfred Martin), John S. Lane (master Donald McLeod), Julia M. Avery (master John Frier), Lady Denison (master William Walton), Leslie (masters Abraham Robertson/Johannes H. M. W. Schwarze), Lizzie Davis (master Carl G. Lessing), Loelia (masters Joseph Foreman/M. C. Magnussen/Henry Harrison Peregoy), Lotus (masters James Bowers/Robert Cable), Martha Ellen (master Neil Brodie), Mavis (masters Richard Davis/ William Rosen), Minnie Lowe (Captain John McDougall), Native Lass (master Thomas Davies), Onward (master Isaac Harris), Pacific (master John M. Dobble), Princess Louise (master Samuel Craig), Queen (master W. A. Kemp), Ripple (masters Alexander Mackenzie Ferguson/Thomas Woodhouse), Rita (master John Harvey Bowman), Sea Rip (master G. H. Southgate), Sir Isaac Newton (masters Robert Cable/Robert Morrison Gowens), Stormbird (master Samuel Mayhew), Sydney (masterThomas Woodhouse), Venture (masters William Hay Robertson/William Frederick Martin Wolsch), Vibilia (masters Richard Davis/John Frier), Victor (master Alexander Mackintosh), Vincent (master Frederick Freeman), Western Star (master Wilhelm Frederick Martin Wolsch), Witch of the Wave (master Richard Davis) and Zephyr (masters Frank Marshall/Johannes Herman Martin Wilhelm Schwarze)
No. 2. Victoria. List of vessels licensed to carry or recruit native laborers by ... the Governor of Victoria (labor to be employed amongst the islands) p. 28: Alexandra (masters R. Hays/G. Vinell), Birchgrove (master J. Murdoch), Black Hawk (master F. S. Beaver), Delmira (masters K. H. Lonne/Joseph Webster), Don Diego (masters H. B. Francis/J. Murdoch/J. B. Sydserff), Douglas (masters J. Harris/J. S. Beaver), Eagle's Wing (master W.H. Lake)), Onsurie (master W. J. McDonnell), Oriental (master J. Brown) and Prince Victor (master J. Brown)
No. 3. Qld. List of vessels licensed to carry native laborers (recruits) by ... the Governor of Queensland p. 29: Amy Robsart (masters George Anderson 1870/W. H. Champion 1873), Bobtail Nag (masters W. A. Inman 1877/W. A. Jannen 1876/D. Murray 1875/W. Rosengren 1876), Borough Belle (master R. J. Belbin), Ceara (masters R. Keen 1879/G. F. Potts 1880/C. Satini 1880), Chance (masters E. Evans 1880/J. Harwood 1879-80/W. A. Inman 1880/Carl Satini 1876-78/C. Selim 1875/Charles Smith 1873-75), Fanny Campbell (master John Loutit), Flora (master J[ames] Mackay), Harriet King (master W. H. Chapman), Isabella (masters Henry Bolger 1872/D. M. Goodall 1870-71/D. Murray 1875-76/W. Rosengren 1876-79/H. J. Starsch 1875/W. Winship 1873-74), Jabberwock (masters J. Harwood 1880/W. T. Wawn 1880), Janet Stewart (masters R. J. Belbin 1879/H. N. Wigmore 1879-80/J. J. Woodcock 1878), Jason (masters J. W. Coath 1870-71/G. Groundwater 1872/D. McConnell 1875/D. Roberts 1873-74/James Taylor 1872), Jessie Kelly (masters R. W. Crickmore 1873/J. Woodcock 1875), Lady Belmore (master William Currie), Lady Darling (masters R. J. Belbin 1874-75/E. Evans 1878/D. McDougall 1879-80/J. Williams 1876-78), Lucy and Adelaide (masters J. Anderson 1875-76/R. J. Belbin 1877/ C. Satini 1879/George Smith 1876/W. T. Wawn 1879/J. J. Woodcock 1878), Lyttona (masters W. Rosengren 1871-75/W. C. Winship 1870), Mary Campbell (master C. G. B. Mouatt), Mary Stuart (master C. W. Bartlett), May Queen (masters D. Brown 1875/D. M. Goodall 1873-74/C. S. Kilgour 1876/W. H. Milman 1880/Robert Pearn 1880/A. White 1877-78/J. Williams 1875/E. Witherington 1877/J. J. Woodcock 1879), Mystery (masters W. J. Beddell 1875/W. A. Inman 1877-78/J. Irving 1870-74/Charles Kilgour 1879-80/master Le Gros 1877), Native Lass (masters E. Evans 1875/James Taylor 1874-75), Noumea (master R. J. Belbin), Pacific (master J. J. Woodcock), Petrel (masters Harry Eul 1872/John Rees 1871), Restless (master unknown), Southern Cross (master H. Kennett), Spunkie (masters H. W. Browne 1872/John Rees 1870-71), Stanley (masters C. S. Kilgour 1877-78/James Lynch 1880/W. T. Wawn 1875-76), Stormbird (masters F. P. Furley 1871/C. Satini 1879/A. Turner 1879-80/W. T. Wawn 1878), Superior (master W. Rosengren), Sybil (masters W. H. Champion 1874/E. Evans 1878/E. Keetes 1874/J. Lewis 1879-80/C. Satini 1878/C[harles] Smith 1876/J[ames] Taylor 1875-76/A. Turner 1877, 1879) and Woodlark (master H. Russell)
No. 5 [i.e. No. 4]. New Zealand. List of vessels licensed to employ native laborers by ... the Governor of New Zealand within the last 10 years [supplied by] H. S. McKellar (for Secretary of Customs)) p. 34: Ada C. Owen (brigantine), Belle Brandon (schooner), Falcon (barquentine), Kriemhilda (schooner), Mary Anderson (schooner) and Ryno (brigantine)
No. 5. Fiji. List of vessels licensed to employ native laborers by ... the Governor of Fiji [supplied by] Lieut. William Seed acting Agent-General of Immigration for Fiji p. 35: Agnes Donald (masters James Williams 1880/N. Williams 1879), Alarm (master J. Schwartz), Au Revoir (master A. Masatelle), Black Hawk (master James Clapperton [also given as Clipperton]), Borealis (master A. McKenzie), Charybdis (master W. Wawn), Daphne (masters John McDonald 1874-75/William Rogers 1876/Reuben Wells 1878), Dauntless (master William Jones), H.M.S. Dido (captain [W. H.?] Chapman R.N.), Emma (master William Jones), Energy (master William McDonald), Flirt (master Alex. Urquhart), Gall (master John Williams), Jessie Kelly (master Robert Brown), John Henderson (master J. Robinson), Lady Alicia (master J[ohn] Daly), Lady of Palmerston (master Johann Stammer), Loelia (master F. King), Magellan Cloud (master William McDonald), Marion Rennie (masters William McDonald 1880/William Makin 1877/William Rogers 1874-75/W[illiam] Waite 1879), Mary Eliza (masters David Douglas 1875/Francis Plaice [also given as F. Place] 1874, 1876), Mensichekoff (master William McDonald), Nymph (master W. Shipman), Patience (masters Carsten Stanningshaun 1878/Johann Stammer 1879), Prospector (master James Duncan), Ringdove (master E. Witherington), Rose (master G. Moore), Rosomond (master William Henley), Samoa (master James McKay), Stanley (masters Charles Kilgour 1878-79/James Lynch 1880), Tubal Cain (master William McDonald), Tui Tavaki (master [E.] Witherington)/Tui Tavuke (no master given), Winefred (master Alex./Alexis N. Gibbs) and Zephyr (master W. Schwartz)
No. 6. Noumea. List of vessels licensed to employ native laborers by Her Majesty's Consul at Noumea E. L. Layard p. 37: Ebenezer (master W. Norris), John P. Land (master Donald McLeod), Luengone (cutter?), Maria (cutter?), Mavis (master [J.?] Harris), Tanna (schooner) and Zephyr (master [Johannes Hermann Martin Wilhelm]Schwarze)
Enclosure I p. 37-38: Sale of arms, ammunition and liquor in the western Pacific : report to the High Commissioner by Hugh H. Romilly (deputy commissioner)
Other mentions: Admiralty Islands p. 26,27, Aitutaki (port) p. 28, Anciteum [Aneityum] p. 27,Aoba p. 32, Atiu (port) p. 28, Auckland p. 25,34, Bougainville p. 26, Bowen (Qld) p. 30, Bramble Cay p. 28, Brampton Shoals p. 28, Brisbane p. 28,29,30,31,32,33, Bundaberg p. 29,32,33, Cape York p. 26,27, Cardwell (Qld) p. 30,31,32,33, Caroline Islands p. 24, Choiseul Island [given as Roseul] (port) p. 26, Contrariches [i.e. Contrariété now called Ulawa?] (port) p. 26, Cook Island[s] p. 28, Darnley Island p. 28, Duke of York Islands p. 26, Dunedin p. 25, Mr. Eastlake (govt. agent on the Sibyl) 19, Ellice/Ellise Islands p. 24,34, Fiji p. 35,36, Gilbert and Kingsmill Group (islands) p. 28, Gilbert Islands p. 34, Guadalcona [Guadalcanal] p. 26, Gulf Island p. 26, Havannah Harbor p. 33, Hermits [Islands] p. 27, Commodore Hoskins p. 37, Humphrey's Island p. 28, Insticollo p. 33, Janet stewart (202 ton brig) 19, Line Islands p. 26,27,34,35,36, Lord Howe Island p. 34, Louisiade Archipelago p. 27, Lyttleton (N.Z.) p. 25, Mackay p. 29,30,31,32,33, Malden Island p. 28, Malo Island (New Hebrides) p. 19,31, Mangui [i.e. Mangea on Efate Island] p. 28, Manki Island p. 28, Marshall Islands p. 24,26,27,28, Maryborough (Qld) p. 29,30,31,32,33, Mauritius p. 28, Melatto [i.e. Malatao on Efate Island] p. 26, Napier p. 25, New Britain p. 26,27, New Caledonia p. 27,37, New Georgia Islands p. 34, New Guinea p. 26,27, New Hebrides p. 26,27,34,37, New Ireland p. 26,27, Niu[e] p. 28, Niue [given as Savage Island] p. 34, New Zealand p. 27, Norfolk [Island] p. 26, Noumea p. 27,34, Palmerston Island p. 34, Paoma [i.e. Paama Island New Hebrides] p. 30, Penticoat [i.e. Pentecost Island] p. 32, Petersen's plantation (Tanna) p. 37, Qamea Island [given as Gamia] Fiji? p. 29, Rarotonga Island p. 28, Rockhampton p. 29,30,31,32, Saint Georgia [i.e. San Jorge/St George Island] p. 26, San Christoval (port) p. 26,27, Sandwich [Islands] p. 33, Santa Catalina Island [given as Saint Katalina] p. 26, Santa Cruz (port) p. 27, [Santa Isabel Island] given as Isabel p. 26, Shortland [Islands] p. 27, Sibyl (120 ton schooner) 19, Sikaiana [given by earlier name Stewart's Island] p. 26, Solomon Islands p. 26,27,31,34,37, 26, Sumarez [i.e. Saumarez] R eef p. 33, Suwaroff Island p. 34, Sweer's Island p. 29, Tanna p. 27, [Three] Sisters [Islands] now known as Olu Malau Islands) p. 26, Torres Straits p. 26,27,30, Townsville p. 27,29,31,33, Trinity Bay [Qld.] p. 28, W. walker (govt. agent on the Janet Stewart) 19
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