Corporate Author: Victoria. Immigration Dept.
Other Authors: Grimes, Edward, 1811?-1859
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1853
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1853-54, no. A 1
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Item Description: "Laid upon the Council table by the Colonial Secretary by order of His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor and ordered by the Council to be printed 31st August 1853"
Report and twenty two returns signed: "Edward Grimes/Immigration Agent/Immigration Office, Melbourne/9th June, 1853"
Annual report by the Immigration Agent (i.e. chief executive of the Immigration Department, also called the Immigration Office,which was responsible for assisted and unassisted migration, homeless immigrants' asylums and emigrants)
Appendix I: Names of the ships chartered for the conveyance of immigrants which arrived in ... Victoria during the year 1852, the names of the surgeons superintendent, the length of the passages, the no. of births and deaths which occurred on board, the no. of immigrants introduced and the cost of their conveyance and superintendence
Appendix II: Sex and age of the assisted immigrants who arrived in Victoria during 1852
Appendix III: Condition of the assisted immigrants who arrived in Victoria during 1852
Appendix IV: Religious persuasions of the assisted immigrants who arrived in Victoria during 1852
Appendix V: Occupation of the assisted immigrants who arrived in Victoria during 1852
Appendix VI: Education of the assisted immigrants who arrived in Victoria during 1852
Appendix VII: State of education compared with the religious persuasions of the assisted immigrants who arrived in Victoria during 1852
Appendix VIII: State of education compared with the age of the assisted emigrants who arrived in Victoria during 1852
Appendix IX: No. of children under 14 years of age in the families of the assisted immigrants who arrived in Victoria during 1852
Appendix X: Periods of engagement and average wages obtained at Melbourne, Geelong, and Portland by assisted immigrants who arrived in Victoria during 1852
Appendix XI: Nominations for free passages to Victoria under the Land and Emigration Deposit Regulations 1st January to 30th May 1852
Appendix XII: Nominations for free passages to Victorian under the Remittance Regulations dated 20th March 1850 ... 1st January to 31st May 1852
Appendix XIII: Nominations for passages to Victoria under the Remittance Regulations dated 29th May 1852 ... 1st June to 31st December 1852
Appendix XIV: No. of unassisted immigrants and passengers who arrived in Victoria by sea 1852
Appendix XV: No. of passengers who departed Victoria by sea 1852
Appendix XVI: Prosecutions under the Passenger's acts by emigration officers 1st Nov. 1852 to 30th April 1853
Appendix XVII: Return shewing for the ports of the Colony the amounts collected as a passenger rate 1st Jan to 30th April 1853 distinguishing the places from which the immigrants have come
Appendix XVIII: Return classifying persons in the Houseless Immigrants' Asylums at South Melbourne and Batman's Hill 1st Dec. 1852 to 30th April 1853 and amount of receipts at each asylum
Appendix XIX: Age, occupation and disposal of the single females introduced into Victoria at the cost of the Fund For promoting Female Emigration during the year 1852
Appendix XX: No. of persons (other than those introduced in Government ships chartered by the Fund For Promoting Female Emigration) received into the Immigration Depots 1st Jan. 1852 to 30th April 1853
Appendix XXI: Statement compiled from returns furnished by the Commissioners of Crown Lands in Victoria shewing the rates of wages, the demand for labour and the principal productions in each district 1852
Appendix XXII: Wages, prices and miscellaneous charges current in Melbourne April 1853
Ships mentioned Appendix I: Anne Thompson (442 ton), Apolline (453 ton), Araminta (845 ton), Blanche (794 ton), Bombay (1280 ton), Bourneuf (1495 ton), Bride (555 ton), Calphurnia (722 ton), Cambodia (914 ton),Chance (1409 ton), Chowringhee (893 ton), Clifton (868 ton) [barque], Dominion (583 ton), Emma Eugenia (383 ton), Europa (1088 ton), Flora (702 ton), Flora McDonald (666 ton), Garland (881 ton), Georgina (798 ton), Helen (707 ton), Isle of Skye (351 ton), James T. Foord (790 ton), John Davies (900 ton), Joshua (804 ton), Lady Elgin (851 ton), Lady Mc[i.e. Mac?]Donald (866 ton), London (800 ton), Mangerton (1099 ton), Marco Polo (1625 ton), Marmion (903 ton), Miltiades (674), Persian (1132 ton), Priam (571 ton), Runnymede (520 ton), Sir Edward Parry (575 ton), Sir Robert Sale (741 ton), Success (621 ton), Theodore (1063 ton), Ticonderago [i.e. Ticonderoga] (1089 ton), Victory (579 ton) and Wanata (1460 ton)
Ships and masters mentioned Appendix XVI: W. [i.e. John?] Bell (Royal Shepherdess), J. Bennett (Koh-i-noor), J. Brown (Burman), J. Cordiner (Rival), G. Coyle (John Bunyan), T. M. Drayson (Chilian), J. Ehftingle [i.e. H. B. Eeftingh?] (Lucia Maria), J. Grey (Clarence), G. Harris (Lady Ebrington), H. Irvine (Freak), J. Jackson (Sea Witch), W[illiam] Jago (Prince Regent), T. [i.e. John] Jenkins (John Melhuish), J. Laurie (Dreadnought), J. Lutjes (General List), J. C. Roberts (Lord Elphinstone), H. F. Siddle (Jenny Lind), T. Spain (Yarra), H. Taylor (Rienzi), W. Thomas (Margaret), C. Thompson (Sylph), J. Tootrig (Minsford), H. Vent (Atalanta) and D. Walters (Collooney)
Ships mentioned Appendix XIX: Blackwall, Fortitude, Northumberland and Roxburgh Castle
Ships mentioned Appendix XX: Catherine Mitchell, Lord Elphinstone, Orestes, Prince Albert and Sacramento
Surgeon superintendents mentioned Appendix I: W[illiam] Bainbridge, J[ames] Barlas, J[ohn] M. Burke, J[ames or John] Byrne, A[lfred John or John Alfred] Carr, J[ames] G. Carstairs, R[obert] G. Coombe, J. J. [probably John Tyrell] Evans, J[ohn] Farmer, J[ohn] Findlay, E[dward] Fletcher, C. Forraby, W[illiam] R. Gill, W[illiam] Gillbie [i.e. Gillbee], H[arry or Henry] Green, C[harles] Grier, J[ohn] J. Hallett, T[homas] Hunt, B[erkeley] W[estropp Vincent] Hutchinson, F. W. Johnston, J. Johnstone, J. T. S. Jolley, a[rthur] C. Kemball, H. M. Kevett, W[illiam] H. King, J[ames] P. Lawrence, D. Macosh, E[dmund] Newbould, D[avid] B. North, W[illiam] F. Preshaw, J[oseph] C. sanger, H[enry] Sorley, J. Spencer, J. B. Stewart, W[illiam] Storey, C[harles] E. Strutt, W[illiam] Thomson, T. D. [i.e. John Dunbar] Tweeddale, J. T. [i.e. Thomas James] Vallance, E[ustace] J. Walshe, F[rederick St. George] Wilkinson and R[obert] Wilson
Other mentions: Anglicans [given as members of Church of England] 5, Ballaarat goldfields 36, Batman's Hill 8,9, Belfast (Ireland) 8, Bendigo goldfields 36, Bombay 31, Bourke County 32, Bourneuf (ship) [3],4,7, Miss [Angela] Burdett Coutts 31, Cape of Good Hope 8, Roman Catholics 5, Mrs. [Caroline] Chisholm 11, Chance (ship) 4, the Clyde (Scotland) 8, Cork (Ireland) 8, East Indian Government [i.e. East India Company] 31, England 4,5,8,16,17,18,19,21,22,23, Family Colonization Loan Society 9,11, Female Immigration Depot 7,9, Fund for Promoting Female Emigration 9,10, Geelong 4,6,14,20,24,26,29, Gipps' Land District 32, Glasgow 14, [Government] Houseless Immigrants' Asylum Batman's Hill 3,8,9,30, [Government] Houseless Immigrants' Asylum South Yarra [i.e. Princes Bridge) 3,8,9,30,30, Grant County 32, Gravesend (England) 14, Great Britain 4,8, (given as United Kingdom) 4,6,24,26, [Gt. Britain] Colonial Land and Emigration Commissioners [3],4,7,8,10,11, [Gt. Britain]. Immigration Remittance Regulations 6,10, [Gt. Britain]. Passengers Act 8, Greenock (Scotland) 14, Highland and Ireland Emigration Society 10, Immigration Depot 4,9, Ireland 5,16,17,18,19,21,22,23, Liverpool 8,14,31, London 4,8,31, Londonderry (Ireland) 8, Marco Polo (ship) [3], Married Couples' [Immigration] Depot 7, Melbourne [3],4,6,8,9,10,14,20,24,26,29, Melbourne City Council [give as The Corporation] 9, Methodists [given as Wesleyan Methodists] 5, Mount Alexander goldfields 36, Murray District 32, New South Wales 11,24,26,29, New Zealand 27, Normanby County 32, Oceania (given as South Seas) 27, Ovens goldfields 36, Plymouth (England) 14, Port Albert 24,26,29, Port Fairy 11,24,26, given as Belfast 29, Portland 4,6,11,14,20,24,26,29, Portland Bay District 32, Presbyterians 5, Sanitary Station Point Nepean [given as Sanatorium at the Heads] 8, Scotland 5,10,16,17,18,19, 21,22,23, South Australia 27,29, South Yarra 8,9, Tasmania [given as Van Diemen's Land] 24,26,29, Ticonderago [i.e. Ticonderoga] (ship) [3],4,7, Sir C[harles] Trevelyan 10, Victoria. Land Branch [given as Commissioners of Crown Lands] 9, [Vic.].Passengers Act 8, Wales 16,17,18,19,21,22,23, Wanata (ship) [3],4, Warrnambool 29, Wesleyan Immigrants' Home 9, Western Australia 27, Western Port District 32, Wimmera District 32
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