Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Comprises correspondence between Robert Murray Smith (Agent-General), James Service (Premier of Victoria), and S. W. Griffith (Premier of Queensland)
Other mentions: Mr. Evelyn Ashley(Parliamentary under-secretary for the Colonies) p. 6, Australasian Convention [1883] p. [5], Sir F[rancis] Dillon Bell (N.Z. Agent General London) p. [5], Colonial Office [G.B.] p. [5], Council of Confederation p. [5],6,7,8, Sir W. Des Voeux p. [5], Sir A[rthur] Gordon p. [5], Mr Hemmants [i.e. William Hemmant] (Qld. acting Agent General London) p. [5], India p. 7, New Guinea p. [5], Paris p. [5], Queensland p. [5],6, Sir Saul Samuel (N.S.W. Agent General London) p. [5], [Edward Henry Stanley] Lord Derby p. 7, Victoria
Physical Description: 8p. ; 33cm.