Tariff : report of the Royal Commission : together with appendices and minutes of evidence : presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command

Corporate Author: Victoria. Royal Commission on the Tariff
Other Authors: Allan, George Leavis, 1826-1897, Anderson, John, ca. 1830-1887, Andrew, John, 1819-1902, Beilby, John Wood, b. 1818, Bennet, Thomas Knight, 1830-1918, Bosisto, Joseph, 1824-1898, Butler, Henry, Chapman, Thomas M., Cook, William Mitchell, 1821-1886, Dempster, Andrew, Dickins, John, Dougharty, G., Dougharty, John George, 1823-1889, Douglas, George, Drysdale, T. A., b. 1828?, Dunn, E., Fisher, John, 1834?-1907, Fitzgerald, R., Fraser, Alexander, 1802-1888, Gardiner, Alexander, Gibb, James, 1843-1919, Gordon, Charles Henry, Graves, James Howlin, 1827-1910, Grimwade, Frederick Sheppard, 1840-1910, Howat, George, James, John, 1828-1912, Johnstone, Robert de Bruce, 1821-1881, Kent, Harold, b. 1845, Lobb, William John, 1834-1916, Longmore, Francis, 1826-1898, Looker, W. R., Lorimer, James, Sir, 1831-1889, McIntyre, John, Sir, 1832-1904, McKean, James, 1832-1901, Meares, George, 1825-1903, Meeks, Henry, 1852-1922, Middleton, Richard Lucas, Mirams, James, 1839-1916, Munro, James, 1832-1908, Nimmo, John, 1819-1904, Reynolds, William, Riddell, James S., Smith, Alexander, Smith, Arthur J., Thomson, James, 1852-1834, Tucker, A. L. 1843-1902, Walker, William Froggatt, 1841?-1890, Warburton, Thomas, White, Alfred, White, Edward, White, George, Wilson, James Bullock, 1829?-1890, Woods, John, 1822-1892, Woodward, John Augustus, 1838-1884, Wuillemin, V., Zox, Ephraim Lamen, 1837-1899, A. McLean and Co., Apollo Candle Co., Bacchus Marsh Protection and Reform League, Briscoe and Co., Byaduk Farmers' Club, Campbell, Pratt, and Co., Collins, McPetrie, and Ogilvie (Firm), D. E. Langton and Strugnell (Firm), Dal. Campbell and Co., Ettershank, Eaglestone, and Mann (Firm), Fisken, Gibson, and Co., J. C. Walker and Co., James McEwan & Co., King and Cunningham (Firm), McLean Brothers and Rigg (Firm), Maiden, Hill and Clark (Firm), Peck, Hudson, and Raynor (Firm), Pitt, Son, and Badgers (Firm), Powers, Rutherford, and Co., Raleigh, Aitken, and Co., Richard Gibson and Co., Rochester Agricultural and Pastoral Asociation, Ryan and Hammond (Firm), Stratford Strettle and Co., Traralgon (Vic. : Shire), Undera Farmers' Union, W. and A. Bennetts (Firm), William Hamilton and Co., Wilson Brothers and Co.
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1883
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1883, Second Session no. 50
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Item Description: Commission: James Mirams (chairman), John Andrew, Joseph Bosisto, William Mitchell Cook, John Fisher, James Gibb, Frederick S. Grimwade, John James, William John Lobb, Francis Longmore, James Lorimer, John McIntyre, James McKean, George Meares, David Munro, John Nimmo, Robert de Bruce Johnstone, Albert Lee Tucker, William Froggart Walker, John Woods, John Augustus Woodward and Ephraim Lamen Zox
Albert Tucker was ill for 3 months and subsequently appointed a Minister of the Crown
William Cook was appointed 7th May 1882
Robert de Bruce Johnstone died 2 months after his appointment to the Commission
Ephraim Zox was unable to attend any meetings or visits held or made on the Jewish Sabbath
Winesses examined (Hats and Caps): George William Bruce, Arthur Buchner, Henry Butler, Thomas William Clarke, Alfred Cooper, Edward Hillier, Abaham Morris Isaacs, Patrick S. Keleher, Robert W. King, George Meeks, George Arthur Morgan, John James Morrow, Thomas Shelmerdine, Robert Simonds, Frank Stuart, James Hobson Turner, Louis Waterman and W. R. Yeomans
Witnesses examined (Wearing Apparel): Thomas Young Anderson, Godfrey John Barthold, Joseph Blair, William Bowley, George William Bruce, Thomas Dorgan, Samuel Henderson, John Lang, John Livingstone, Duncan McIvor, John MacIvor, Norman McLennan, John James Morrow, Thomas William Nicholson, Edward Oakley, John Parry, Harry Pullen and Robert Reid
Witnesses examined (Woollen Mills): Charles Andrews, Michael Caharr, Rose Campbell, William Gilbert Collins, Abraham Crawford, James Fletcher Denniston, Ebenezer Daniel Dodd, Edwin Gaunt, Charles Edward Grainger, Alexander Gray, William Haigh, Ferdinand Liebach, William John Lormer, Richard Shaw Nichols, Mary Pegler, Eli Roberts, James Shaw, Mary Anne Smith, John Taylor, Thomas Taylor, William Thackrah, John Walton and James Thomas Williams
Witnesses examined (Ladies' and Children's Clothing &c.): Joseph Lewis Clark, George Clayton, George Colden Antill Harrison, Levi Hartshorn, William Albert Hartnell, Robert Hicks, John Hird, James Levens, Elisha Howard Mack, James Miller, Walter Joseph Morgan, William Morgan, Joseph de Saxe, Charles Wilson and James Brown Youl
Witnesses examined (Boots Shoes and Leather): Richard Hartley Smith Abbott, Robert Barry, John Bedggood, Andrew Berry, David Carson, George Debney, Robert Hurst, William Lang, Moritz Michaelis, George Mackay Pickles, Frederick William Reed, John Rosier, Hugh Thompson, William Trenwith, James Gray Weddell, Edward Thomas Whitten and James Henry Wynne
Witnesses examined Echuca: Joseph Tilley Brown, Henry Birch, Thomas Craike, John Frisler, George Gibbs, Henry von der Heyde, Joel Horwood, Charles Lenne, James Makintosh, John Mitchell, John Henry Morphet, Philip Nolan, Carl Roeder, John Truscott, John Vettler and, George William Weevan
Witnesses examined Sandhurst: Henry Birch, William John Cook, James Fawns, George Duncan Guthrie and Abraham Roberts
Witnesses examined (Saddlery Harness & Leatherware): David Altson, Robert Bennett, Thomas Booth, Scrofton Samuel Brown, Charles Bryant, Thomas Edwards,Thomas Elsbury, Robert Ely, Francis William Tinley Evans, Thomas Eyton, Robert Gatenby, William Gaulton, Frederick Goodacre, Thomas Hannay, Walter Thomas Hansford , Alfred Harrowen, John William Horwood, James Charles Howse, Alfred Joyce, James Logan, Alexander Lowenstein, Joseph Mapson, David Marshall, Alexander Mills, Addison Nicholl, David Allen Nicol, Robert Oswald, John Pearce, Charles Pritchard, James Reid, Abraham Robinson, Edward W. H. Rowe, Joseph Seddon, Walter Sydenham and, David Thompson
Further witnesses A - L: Israel Aarons, George Alfred Aaronson, Louis Abraham, Andrew Agnew, Thomas Aitken, William Aitken, Henry Upton Alcock, James Anderson, John Anderson, William Anderson, Thomas Anthony, Thomas Armfield, Charles Arnell, James Ashburner, Edmund Ashley, Edward Bain, William Barr, Haworth William Bartram, Edgar Arton Baskerville, James Bass, Henry Bassett, David Bennett, Samuel Bennett, Simon James Bentley, Henry Berry, Thomas Best, George Bird, Joseph Bird, Alfred Birkin, Robert Birney, Robert Black, Francis Wilson Blyth, John Bond, Maurice Bourke, Patrick Kelly Bourke, William Bowen, Joseph Brady, William Henry Brain, Ernest Brandt, William Howard Branston, James Brazendale, Thomas Brennan, William Brierley, John Brooken, John William Brown, William Brown, Hugh Junor Browne, Thomas Brunton, William Henry Bryant, Alexander Bryse, William Buchanan, John Buncle, George Burrows, Bryan Champney Burstall, Samuel Burston, Charles James Bury, William Augustine Busst, Philip Henry Cadby, John Cameron, Malcolm John Campbell, Samuel Capper, William Carruthers, Godfrey Downes Carter, Alexander Caughey, Henry Atkinson Cawkwell, John William Clapham, Francis Boardman Clapp, Stephen Clive, John Cobain, Robert Cochrane, Andrew Cohu, John Conlan, Thomas Conquest, James Cook, Sydney Cooke, Joseph Cooksey, Edmund Cooper, Ebenezer Cornish, Alfred Cornwall, William Willmott Couche, John Cross, Robert Cross, Cornelius Crowley, William Crutch, Ellias Cunlif, John Currie, John Curtain, James Dallas, Gustave Damman, John Danks, William Davidson, John Davies, George Davis, William Henry Dawbarn, John Francis Deegan, Andrew Dempster, Charles Walter Derham, William Detmold, William John Disher, Thomas Dixon, J. G. Dougharty MLC, George Douglas, John Dow, Charles Draper, William Drummond, James Duncanson, Robert Spencer Easton, Philip Edersheim, George Eisert, George Elliot, George Henry Elliott, Joseph Ellis, William Evans, William Evett, John Ewing, Charles M. Farrington, James Fergusson, George Fincham, Thomas Findlay, John Finlay, William Finnis, Edward Fitzgerald, Francis Flint, Roland Florance, Meno Flottman, Samuel Floyd, Charles William Foster, George Foster, John Fox, Francis Foy, Thomas Frame, Charles Franklin, Alfred Fuller, Henry Louis Galbraith, Robert Gamlin, Alexander Gardiner, Peter James Gibaud, David Gibson (dairyman), David Gibson (miller, Carlton), William Gilbert, John Glen, Robert Godwin, Moses Goldstein, Charles Henry Gordon, James Price Goulstone, George Graham, Robert Stratton Graham, Joseph Gray, Henry Greer, Frederick S. Grimwade, Charles Henry Grondona, Thomas Bibby Guest, Walter Guppy, Emil Gutheil, Henry Thomas Hammond, William Henry Harratt, Joseph Harris, William Harris, Thomas Septimus Harrison, Alfred Hart, Thomas Hartle, Robert Joseph Harvey, Robert Hayes, Francis Healy, Frederick William Heinecke, Josiah Hemmons, John Hickman, Simeon Hingeley, Arthur Hocking, Michael Hogan, Henry Roughton Hogg, Richard Hogg, William Hornby, Frederick Horstman, John Hotson, William Howard, Henry Hughes, John Bromley Hughes, William Humble, Thomas Hunt, John Hurst, James Hutchins, Matthew Leighton Hutchinson, James C. Hutton, Thomas Francis Hyland, Robert Scott Inglis, James Lowry Irving, Andrew Jack, William Jackson, Gideon James, George Henry Jamieson, Edwin Jenkins,James Johnson, John Gull Johnson, Peter Johnson, Robert Johnston, Augustine Jones, David Jones, Leonard Jones, Thomas Tolley Jones, Adolph Joske, James Kelly, Caleb Amos Kennett, Andrew Kerr, Nathaniel Kerr, James Keyte, Joseph Kilner, John Alfred Kitchen, John Ambrose Kitchen, Marks Kozminsky, Georg Heinrich Kuster, Michael Lander, Alexander Lang, Matthew Lang, Peter Langwill, Alfred Larard, Martin Leddin, William Ledson, Hugh Lennon, Emanuel Levy, Montague Levy, John William Lindt, William Little, Herbert Lloyd, Thomas Loader MLA, John Loriner, Alexander Lugton and George Lush
Further witnesses M - Z: William MacDonald, Henry Mackintosh, James Malcolm, Donald Manson, Ludovic Marie, William Marshall, William Frederick Massey, James Mathieson, Samuel May, Robert McBean, Dougald McCalman, Robert McDougall, James McEwan, Robert McGregor, Henry McGuigan, Martin McKenna, William McLean, Peter Bain McMaster, George Mee, William Middlemiss, Richard Lucas Middleton, Hugh Milvain, Andrew Money, Richard Montgomery, James Moodie, Leo Moonen, Henry Woodruffe Mould, Samuel Mullen, John Napier, Charles Napper, Charles Nettleton, Peter Nettleton, Andrew Newell, James Nicholson, George Nipper, Joseph Nixon, Edward Noble, Luke Nolan, William James Norman, John Rigby Norris, James O'Grady, Philip Henry O'Leary, Law Oldfield, William Olsen, William Orr, George Palmer, Edward Parkes, John Parry, Leonard Parsons, Henry Patrick, James Patterson, Joseph Pearce, Henry Pedley, Horace Perkins, George William Perry, John Perry, Gilman Goodrich Pierce, Thomas Pitt, Charles Pitt, Isaac Plumridge, Joseph George Porta, Alexander Porteous, Robert Pridham, Joshua Proud, Frederick Pullinger, William Radford, H. L. Raecke, John Ramsay, William George Raven, William Read, Camille Reau, John Rendle, John Reynolds, William Reynolds, Joseph Frederic Richardson, Henry Rickettson, Robert Ridout (the younger), James Right, Ronald Robb, Frederick Stephen Roberts, John Robertson, Robert Robertson, James Macfarlane Robison, Robert Roe, Charles George Roeszler, John Rolfe, Henry Rosales, William Rose, Alexander McDonald Ross, Clark S. Ross, Andrew Rowan, William Sanders, Edward Schaefer, Fritz Schroeder, Andrew Scott, George Scott, Charles Seehusen, John Sharp, Andrew Miller Sharpe, Charles Shaw, William Henry Shaw, Charles Simmonds, Alexander Smith, Christopher Smith, George Sutherland Smith, Louis Lawrence Smith, Edward H. Smithurst, Barnett Sniders, Joshua Snowball, Joseph Spry, Joseph Stead, Emanuel Steinfeld, Andrew Stewart, Thomas Telfer Stirling, John Stone, William Stone, George Sutherland, Thomas Swallow, Matthew Tankard, James Taylor, Joseph Amphlette Taylor, John Thallon, Richard Henry Thatcher, Henry Thitchnener, Daniel Thomas, George Thomas, Charles Thompson, James Thompson, William Thomson, John Thrum, Thomas Henry Thwaites, Arthur Tilley, Henry Thomas Tompsitt, William Train, Charles Troedel, Thomas Turnbull, Charles George Turner, Charles Unitt, William Henry Uren, Edward Vale, Joseph Wadley, David Walker, John Alfred Walker, Joseph Henry Walker, William Walker, Hugh Warnock, Daniel White, Edward White, Edward Whitehead, Isaac Whitehead, Thomas Whitelaw, John Whiting, John Benjamin Whitty, James Bullock Wilson, William Wilson (pres. Romsey Shire), William Hamilton Wilson (councillor Merriang Shire), Frederick Thomas Wimble, John Charles Winn, William Withers, William Wright, Joseph Young, Peter Young and Abraham Zevenboom
Appendix A: City and Suburban Factories and Country Towns and Districts Visited by the Commission - Mentioned as proprietors of factories: Tho[ma]s Aitken (Melbourne), Alcock and Co. (Melbourne), Australasian Glass Manufacturing Company (Sandridge), Australasian Lithofracteur Company (Braybrook), Australian Tobacco Manufacturing Co. (Melbourne), Bedggood and Son (Richmond), Bowley, Son, and Co. (Melbourne), Brooks and Currie (Melbourne), Charles Willis and Co. (Melbourne), Alfred Cornwell (Brunswick), John Curtain (Melbourne), Dillon and Burrowes (Melbourne), Dudgeon and Arnell (Melbourne), Edwards and Son (Richmond), Feldheim, Jacobs, and Co. (Melbourne), Geo[rge] Fincham (Richmond), W. Hillier (Melbourne), Hoffman Patent Brick and Tile Company (Brunwick), Hughes and Harvey (Melbourne), J. Clark and Son (Richmond), J.G. Barthold and Co. (Melbourne), Lister and Cooke (Melbourne), Mack and Ellis (Melbourne), Moss, White, and Co. (Melbourne), Luke Nolan (Brunswick), Oriental Tea Company (Melbourne), Parry and Mackay (Melbourne), John Perry (Melbourne), Porteus and Gibaud (Melbourne), Robertson and Sons (Melbourne), Rosenthal, Aronson, and Co. (Melbourne), Sands and McDougall (Melbourne), Stevenson and Turner (Collingwood), Swallow and Ariel (Sandridge), W[illia]m Train (Emerald Hill), Wain and Rose (Melbourne), W. R. Yeomans (Richmond), Wm. Cameron Bros. and Co. (Melbourne), Wm. Detmold and Co. (Melbourne), John Zevenboom (Melbourne)
Appendix G: copy of letter from H. Butler (chairman Warehousemen's Trade Committee) to James Mirams
Appendix J: letter from George L. Allan (Allan and Co.) to James Mirams re. the tariff on musical instruments
Appendix N: stock and station agents' reply to the Commission's questionnaire (signed George Howat, G. Dougharty, King and Cunningham, William Hamilton and Co., Peck Hudson and Raynor, Ettershank Eaglestone and Mann, Fisken Gibson and Co., Stratford Strettle and Co., A. McLean and Co., Richard Gibson and Co., Powers Rutherford and Co., Raleigh Aitken, and Co., J .C. Walker and Co., Ryan and Hammond, John G. Dougharty, Dal. Campbell and Co., W. R. Looker) and reply to George Howat from the Commission sec. T. A. Drysdale
Appendix O: circular letter from James Mirams to gather information re. stock tax and the pastoral and agricultural industries with an addition from minute secretary James Thomson
Appendix P: Letter from various consumers, graziers, salesmen & butchers re. the stock tax - signed Ryan & Hammond, Peck Hudson & Raynor, E. Dunn (farmer Tullamarine), Thomas Knight Bennet, John Dickins (butcher), Campbell Pratt & Co., Dal. Campbll & Co., King & Cuningham, Richard Gibson & Co., Ettershank Eaglestone & Mann, John G. Dougharty, Thomas M. Chapman
Appendix Q: Memo from James H. Graves (commissioner of Trade and Customs) to James Mirams re. duty on stock imported into Victoria
Appendix R: Letter from T. A. Drysdale (Commission sec.) to Wm. Reynolds (chairman Metropolitan Meat Market Co.) re. stock tax
Appendix S: Letter from James Mirams to Messrs. Pitt, Son and Badgers (stock & station agents) re. the stock tax and letters to James Mirams re. the stock tax from Wilson Bros. & Co. pro R. G. and from Maiden, Hill & Clark
Appendix T: Letter to James Mirams from John Anderson (general traffic manager Vic. Railways) re. returns of the no. of sheep & cattle received from other colonies during the last 10 years and rates charged - and Returns signed H. Kent (traffic auditor)
Appendix U: Precis of letters received from J. Wood Beilby (retired squatter Brighton), Alexander Gardiner (witness examined on the stock tax), R. Fitzgerald (selector Seymour), Messrs. Collins, McPetrie and Ogilvie (stevedores, wool pressers &c. Sandridge & other Vic. ports), Messrs. D. E. Langton and Strugnell, William Reynolds (chairman Metropolitan Meat Market Co.), sec. Apollo Candle Co., sec. Bacchus Marsh Protection and Reform League, sec. Rochester Agricultural and Pastoral Association, sec. Byaduk Farmers' Club, sec. Shire of Traralgon, Alexander Smith (stock & station agent) and Undera Farmers' Union
Appendix X: Table of prices for best merino sheep in the market-yards, Flemington, for various years - supplied by Alexander Smith in accordance with a promise made during his examination
Appendix Y: Extracts from the Minute-Book of the Royal Commission on the Tariff signed James Thomson (minute sec.)
Appendix Z: Letters to James Mirams re. tobacco industry from V. Wuillemin (tobacco grower/manufacturer of cigars) and Arthur J. Smith (tobacco grower/chairman Co-operative Upper King River and Wangaratta Tobacco Factory Co.)
Appendix AA: Letter from Andrew Dempster to James Mirams re. his evidence before the Commission, letter from George Douglas (Douglas and Sons) to James Mirams re. Andrew Dempster's letter, letter to James Mirams re. the evidence given by Wm. McLean (signed by James McEwan & Co, Andrew Dempster, Alex. Fraser, George & Alfred White (Geo. White & Co.), McLean Bros. & Rigg, Thomas Warburton, Briscoe & Co. per H. Meeks and James S. Riddell,) and a letter from W. & A. Bennetts to James Mirams re. import duty on ironmongery
Appendix BB: Propositions of the printing trade to the Royal Commission on the Tariff as represented by the Melbourne Typographical Society - submissions by C. H. Gordon, Richard L. Middleton (Ballarat rep. Australasian Typographical Union) and J. B. Wilson
Other mentions: Miss Broughton's novels "Cherry Ripe" & "Joan" p. cxlii, Buckley's Outlines of Geography p. cxlii, Burston's Arithmetic p. cxlii, Chamber's Book-keeping series p. cxlii, Chinese Immigration Bill p. cxli, Commissioner of Trade and Customs p. cxxxii,cxli, Co-operative Upper King River and Wangaratta Tobacco Factory Coy. Limited p. cxxxvii, Customs Department p. cxviii,cxxviii, [Andrew] Dempster p. cxxxviii-cxxxix, Dept. of Education p. cxl,cxlii, [George] Douglas p. cxxxviii, G. W. Hall MLA p. cxli, [Henry Haylen?] Hayter p. cxli, Hymnal Companion (Church of England) p. cxlii, Bulwer Lytton's Kenelm Chillingly p. cxlii, James Mirams p. cxxviii, J. A. Kitchen p. cxxxii, Melbourne Exhibition p. cxxxviii-cxxxix, Thomas Loader p. cxxxii, Robert McDougall (cattle breeder), [James?] McEwan and Co. p. cxxxix, William McLean p. cxxxix, [Richard Lucas?] Middleton p. cxl, Minister of Education p. cxl, William Orr (stock and station agent) p. cxxxii, Phillips's Writing Book series p. cxlii, Salamis (ship) Smith's Geography p. cxlii, p. cxxxix, W. K. Thompson p. cxxxix, [Anthony] Trollope's Australia and New Zealand p. cxlii, Victorian Copyright Act cxlii, Victorian Tobacco Act p. cxxxvi, W. Reynolds (Metropolitan Meat Market) p. cxxxii, [Joseph] Stead p. cxxxix, Sutherland's History of Australia p. cxlii, Warehouseman's Trade Committee p. cxiii, J. B. Wilson p. cxl
Physical Description: cxliii, 1534p. ; 33cm.