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Victorian Railways, & Labertouche, P. P. (1888). Money paid by Railway Department for fire claims: Return to an order of the House dated 11th July 1888 for a return showing (1) The amount of money paid by the Railway Department for the claims since the Spark Arrester Board sent in their report dated 29th October 1883 (2) The amount of damage done to railway rolling-stock by fires caused by locomotives (3) The cost of fitting locomotive engines with spark-catchers, and if they were of the best design as required by law (4) The number of miles run by engine No. 148 since she has been fitted with a spark-arrester, her consumption of fuel per mile, also the number of miles she ran in twelve months previous to being fitted, and the quantity of fuel she then consumed per mile. Melbourne: Robt. S. Brain, Government Printer.

MLA Citation

Victorian Railways, and Peter Paul Labertouche. Money Paid By Railway Department for Fire Claims: Return to an Order of the House Dated 11th July 1888 for a Return Showing (1) The Amount of Money Paid By the Railway Department for the Claims Since the Spark Arrester Board Sent in Their Report Dated 29th October 1883 (2) The Amount of Damage Done to Railway Rolling-stock By Fires Caused By Locomotives (3) The Cost of Fitting Locomotive Engines With Spark-catchers, and If They Were of the Best Design As Required By Law (4) The Number of Miles Run By Engine No. 148 Since She Has Been Fitted With a Spark-arrester, Her Consumption of Fuel Per Mile, Also the Number of Miles She Ran in Twelve Months Previous to Being Fitted, and the Quantity of Fuel She Then Consumed Per Mile. Melbourne: Robt. S. Brain, Government Printer, 1888.

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