Registrar-General's Office : report of the Board Appointed to Inquire into and Report upon the Registrar-General's Office in Relation to the Management, Distribution and Cancellation of Stamps etc., etc. : together with minutes of evidence, appendices etc., etc. : presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command

Corporate Author: Victoria. Board Appointed to Inquire into and Report upon the Registrar-General's Office in Relation to the Management, Distribution and Cancellation of Stamps
Other Authors: Agg, Alfred John, 1830-1886, Fosbery, John Walcott, d 1826-1911, Guinane, Daniel Paul, Gudemann, Robert, 1825-1897, Jackson, Thomas William, b. ca. 1838, Krone, Henry A., b. 1832, Langton, Edward, 1828-1905, Morrah, Arthur, 1833-1909, Orr, John, Sexton, John B., Sheil, P. J., Webb, Thomas Prout, 1845-1916, Wheatley, Alfred E.
Published: Melbourne : Robt. S. Brain, Government Printer, 1889
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1889, no. 6
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Item Description: The Board appointed 19 Sept. 1888 comprised: Edward Langton (cChairman), Thomas P. Webb (master in equity) and Arthur Morrah (sec. Dept. of Crown Lands and Survey)
The Board completed a preliminary report on 11 Dec. 1888 (GP V 1888 no. C 32)
Witnesses examined: Robert C. Anderson (Indemnity Fire and Marine Insurance), William Lee Archer (Victoria Insurance), Thomas B. Bell (Colonial Mutual Insurance), Ernest Blake (postmaster Law Courts), John Brown (accountant Pavey Wilson & Cohen), William Bond (supervisor stamps GPO), Arthur B. Booth [also appears as B. Arthur Booth] (Equitable Insurance Assoc. N.Z.), George Buzzard (Liverpool London & Globe), William Hurst Buckley (clerk), Thomas J. Burkland [also appears as Buckland] (United Insurance Co.), William Cassidy (clerk), William Campbell (Victoria Insurance), George Chapman (Straits Marine Insurance), Alfred George Davey (Northern Insurance), Franz Diener (Phoenix Insurance), Charles H. Erwin (Royal Insurance), Edwin Charles Elliott (Guardian, Equitable and Triton Companies), Patrick Fallon (Federal Fire Insurance), John W. Fosbery (Commissioner of Audit), James Alexander Francis (Lloyds Melbourne), W. H. Giddy [also appears as Gaddy] (London and Lancashire Fire Insurance), William Kent Gilmore [also appears as William R. Gilmore] (Sun Fire Insurance), Henry Thomas Gomm (Secretary Public Service Board), Wemyss Thomson Gordon (clerk), Daniel Guinane [also appears as Ginnane] (clerk), Benjamin Cosway Harriman (Secretary Law Dept.), H. C. A. Harrison (Deputy Registrar of Titles), Henry K. Hall [also appears as Henry R.] (Indemnity Fire and Marine Insurance), William Heale (Merchants Marine Insurance), Henry R. Hogg (Mercantile Marine Insurance), Frank E. Howson (accountant Indemnity Fire and Marine Insurance), Clement E. Jarrett [also appears as Clement F.] (Union New Zealand Insurance), William L. Jack (Colonial Mutual Insurance), Thomas William Jackson (Commissioner of Audit), Henry Krone (acting Registrar-General), Francis Fincham Leslie (Queensland Insurance), George W. Lilley (Canton Insurance), Abbott Martin (Imperial Insurance), Robert Walker Martin (North British Mercantile), Arthur J. Masters (South British Insurance), William Morkham (accountant Post Office and Telegraph Dept. & Comptroller of Stamps), George Nelson (clerk), William Peter Nicol (clerk), John Orr (ex fee-clerk and stamp distributor), John O'Sullivan (clerk), Johannes Pohls & James C. Platt (Hamburg-Magdeburg Co.), Frederick Pantlin [also appears as Frederic Pantlin] (Colonial and Lion Cos.), William C. Patterson (Australian Mercantile Union), Myles Phillips (Australian Alliance), William Robert Ray (lloyds Melbourne), Edward E. Roberts (clerk), Willoughby Henry Ross (clerk), C. A. Smyth, John B. Sexton (accountant Registrar-General's Office), Charles Salter (Royal Insurance), George Scott (United Australian Mutual Insurance), B. Bruce Stewart (Cornwall Fire Insurance), John Sinclair (Northern Assurance), John Smith (Northern Insurance), P. J. Sheil (fee-clerk), Edwin H. Smith, James M. Stewart (Guardian Insurance), James Smibert (deputy Postmaster-General), Robert John Sparrow (New Zealand Insurance), John Stone, Richard M. Taylor (Phoenix Fire Insurance), Harry W. Taylor (clerk Master-in-Equity's Office), W. M. Taylor (Australian General Marine), Frederick Traill [also appears as Frederic Traill] (Marine Insurance), James Edward Tod (Union Fire and Marine N.Z.), John Turnbull (National Insurance), Edward Tattershall (managing clerk Pavey Wilson & Cohen), John Watson (United Insurance), Edward Samuel Watson (Australian Alliance), Edward Woods (Victoria Life and General Insurance), Alfred E. Wheatley [also appears as Whealley] (Office of Titles), Henry Ryder Wheeler (clerk) and Edward F. Yencken (Norwich Union Insurance).
Appendix I : memorandum showing the course followed by Commissioners of Audit (T. W. Jackson & John W. Fosberry) in their annual inspection of the accounts of the Registrar-General's Office with a request it accompany the Report of the Board
Appendix II: extracts from audit reports of Commissioners Symonds, Agg and Jackson and Deputy Commissioners Jackson and Gudemann.
Appendix III: letter from John W. Fosbery referring to annexed correspondence from B.C. Harriman (Secretary Law Dept.) relative to non-delivery to R.C. Anderson (manager Indemnity Fire and Marine Insurance) of an annual licence for which he had applied, and memoranda from R. Gibbs (Registrar-General and Registrar of Titles)
Appendix IV: reports & memoranda concerning the books and accounts of the Office of the Registrar General from John W. Fosbery, J. B. Sexton (accountant Dept. of Registrar-General), P. J. Sheil, D. G. [Daniel Ginnane], R. Gudemann (under-Treasurer), B. C. Harriman, A. E. Wheatley and John Orr.
Appendix VI: Mr. Krone's Report re Registered Companies.
Includes extracts from the Proceedings at the Trial of Thomas Francis Butler before His Honour Mr. Justice Kerferd
Physical Description: xxix, 218p. ; 33cm.