Final report from the Select Committee upon the Fishing Industry of Victoria : together with the proceedings of the Committee, minutes of evidence and appendices : ordered by the Legislative Assembly to be printed 23rd November 1892

Corporate Author: Victoria. Parliament. Legislative Assembly. Select Committee upon the Fishing Industry of Victoria
Other Authors: Salmon, Philip Melville, 1849-1909, Carter, William Thomas, 1846-1907, Foster, Henry, 1846-1902, Harris, Albert, 1842?-1910, Harris, Joseph, 1833-1925, Hopkins, John Rout, 1828-1897, Mason, Francis Conway, 1843-1915, Murray, John, 1851-1916, Smith, Louis L. 1830-1910
Published: Melbourne : Robt. S. Brain, Government Printer, 1892
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1892-93, no. D 5
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Item Description: Committee comprised: Philip Salmon (Chairman), William T. Carter, Henry Foster, Albert Harris, Joseph Harris, John Hopkins, Francis Mason, John Murray and Louis L. Smith.
Witnesses examined A-C: Charles Abrahams (fisherman Port Phillip Bay), John Adams (publican Hopkins River), Duncan James Alexander (fisherman Gippsland Lakes & Corio Bay), James Alexander (fisherman Metung & Geelong), Frank Allan (crown lands bailiff, inspector of factories & electoral inspector Warrnambool), Herbert Allan (fisherman Hobson<U+2019>s Bay & Western Port), William J. Allan (grazier nr. Warrnambool), Robert Allen (fisherman Cunninghame), Capt. James Anderson (inspector of fisheries residing Williamstown), John Anderson (fisherman Metung), Henry Austin (fisherman Welshpool), Henry Avery (fisherman Port Albert), Albert Baldwin (Powder Magazine keeper Maribyrnong), William C. Barnett (agent Braybrook?), Olaf Benson (fisherman Frankston), George Bentinck (fisherman Frankston), Angelo Bertotto (fisherman residing Sandringham), George Bize (fisherman Cunninghame), Samuel Bleasby (Postal Dept. employee & member Fish Protection Society), George Boddy (fisherman Mordialloc), William Bott (fisherman Dutson), John Box (fish carrier Frankston), John Brack (engineer Port Melbourne sugar works), Thomas Briggs (fish salesmen residing Port Melbourne), George Brown (fisherman Western Port), William Burton (fisherman Frankston), David Campbell (fisherman residing Stuart Bridge (Murray River)), William Robert Campbell MLC (fish commissioner NSW), Francis L. Carbon (French teacher Melbourne), Archibald Carmichael (fisherman Hastings), Malcolm Carmichael (fisherman Western Port), John Carstairs & William Carstairs (fishermen Gippsland Lakes), Alfred Carter (fisherman Port Albert), John M. Chanter MLA (NSW), James T. Chenhalls (draper & rod fisherman Echuca), Michael Clancy (farmer & labourer Braybrook), George William Clare (publican Warrnambool), John Clayton (town clerk Melbourne), Morris Cohen (fish shop keeper Bourke Street), James Connor (fisherman Hobson<U+2019>s Bay & Port Phillip Bay), Joseph H. Connor MLC (mayor Geelong), Joseph Cox (Paynesville storekeeper & founder Victorian Fishermen<U+2019>s Union), Joseph Henry Cripps (fisherman Corner Inlet & Franklin River), Richard Cross (fisherman Cunninghame), Alexander Cunningham (deep sea fishing-boat builder) and James Cunningham (fisherman Toora)
Wtinesses examined D-K: John C. Dahlsen (shipowner carrying fish from Gippsland Lakes to Melbourne), Teunis de Zoete (fisherman Mornington), John Delbridge (fishmonger South Yarra), John J. Denton (fish salesmen residing Fitzroy), Thomas B. Derham (licensed victualler Braybrook), Robert Dinse (fisherman Gippsland Lakes), James Dodds (mechanical engineer Robison Brothers), John Doyle (licensed victualler & fisherman), Charles Droop (fisherman Mordialloc), David Duffy (fisherman Paynesville), Joseph Duffy (fisherman Gippsland Lakes), John Duggan (fisherman Port Albert), Henry Dunn (fisherman Port Fairy), George Dusting (fisherman Portland), Henry Dusting (fish salesman Melbourne), William H. Dusting & William T, Dusting (fishermen Portland), Joseph D. Dyer (sr. constable Water Police Williamstown), Walter Elliott (fisherman Port Phillip Bay), Joseph Evans (fisherman Port Fairy), A. J. Fausset (shopkeeper & hawker Albert Park), Robert Ferguson (manufacturer & hon. inspector of fisheries), Philip Finegan (licensed victualler & mayor Sale), George Fitz & William James Fitz (fishermen Port Albert), Julius Fleischer (fisherman Gippsland Lakes), William Young Frederick Forrester (bank manager Warrnambool), George. H. Foss (fisherman<U+2019>s agent Mornington), Christopher J. Foulkes (fisherman residing Raymond Island), Cuthbert Fox (fisherman Queenscliff), W. H. Fraser, Nicholas Galtic (fisherman Cunninghame), James A. Gardiner (manufacturer North Melbourne & angler Saltwater River), Henry Gardner (fisherman Toora), John Gillon (fisherman Port Albert), Richard Greinke (fisherman Gippsland Lakes & Western Port), Alexander Grieve (fisherman Western Port), David Grieve (fisherman Hastings), Christian Gronheit (fisherman and boatbuilder Port Albert), Ivor Hansen & Thomas Hansen (fishermen Cunninghame), Philip Hargan (fish broker Melbourne?), Percy Leigh Harvey (stationmaster Mordialloc), Colonel Richard Heath (dentist who established oyster farming and breeding in Corio Bay 1870), Edwin L. Helpman (agent Warrnambool), James Henderson (fisherman residing Paynesville), Henry Hennessy (fisherman Geelong), Joseph Higginbotham (fisherman Western Port), Joseph Hill (fish salesmen residing Port Melbourne), William Hollingsworth (fisherman Toora), Alfred Hooper (fisherman Mornington), Robert Houghton (fisherman Cunninghame), George House (shopkeeper & fish hawker Richmond), William Howland (stonemason & fisherman at Foster), Henry Hoyt (grazier residing Melbourne), James Hunt (fisherman Port Phillip Bay), James W. Huntingdon (retail fish agent Melbourne), Joseph Incigeneri (fisherman Western Port), Thomas Jamieson (fisherman Cunninghame), Carl F. Jansen (fisherman Gippsland Lakes), David Jenkins (fisherman & fish hawker Port Melbourne), Percy Northumberland Jenkins (fishmonger Melbourne), Richard Jenkins (fisherman Port Melbourne), William Jerran (fisherman Gippsland Lakes), Elias Johnson (fisherman Port Albert), Neil Johnson (fisherman Mordialloc), Robert Johnstone (foreman of works City of Footscray), Edward Jones (fish hawker Sydney Road), John Jones (fisherman Western Port), William Kerkin (fish salesman Melbourne), Henry F. Kernot (fisherman Western Port), Sydney Knight (fisherman Toora), Walker Knight (fisherman Sorrento), Joseph Korsman (fisherman Port Stephens NSW) and William Kretchmar (builder & carpenter Mordialloc)
Witnesses examined L-R: Henry Laman (asst. fisheries inspector & customs officer Port Stephens), Edward Lambert (fisherman Cunninghame), James F. Lancashire (keeper Grand Hotel Portarlington), Charles Lang (fisherman Port Phillip Bay), Robert Langford (auctioneer, forwarding agent & fish salesman Melbourne), G. A. Lewen (commission agent), John Lewis (inspector of fish markets & asst. inspector of fisheries), Charles Lindemann (fisherman Metung & Western Port), Samuel Locke (fisherman St. Leonards), Christian Mackeprang (railway employee residing Port Melbourne), John Main (fisherman Stony Point), John A. Manton (inspector of forests & asst. inspector of fisheries NSW), John Markoe (fisherman Cunninghame), Edward Marriner (fisherman Port Phillip Bay), Matthew Mathiesen (fisherman Sorrento), James Max (fisherman Geelong), Henry Maynard (ex fish trade Bendigo), Thomas McCombe (fisherman Frankston & Gippsland), William McKenzie (fisherman Sorrento), John McMahon (fisherman Cunninghame), Michael Melville & Thomas Mentiplay (fishermen Gippsland Lakes), Athelstone Metcalfe (fisherman Metung), Henry Meyer (fisherman Port Melbourne), Alfred Miller (fisherman Welshpool), Charles Miller (fisherman Queenscliff & Port Fairy), George Miller (fisherman Toora), Andrew Minnis (fisherman Hastings), Edward Mogourk (fisherman Port Stephens), William Moore (wharf manager Welshpool), William Moore (fisherman Cunninghame), John Henry Morphet (ironmonger & fisherman Barmah), Henry Mouchemore (fisherman Queenscliff & Franklin River), George S. Mullenger (president Shire of Braybrook), Thomas Murray (fisherman Western Port & Metung), Jens Neilsen (fisherman Gippsland Lakes), Malcolm Nicholson (fisherman Portland), James Oliver (fisherman Frankston and Portland), William Oliver (fisherman Frankston), Christian Olsen (fisherman Port Albert), William Olsen (fisherman & carpenter Port Albert), Nels Peter Olsson (fisherman Mordialloc), Thomas Ozanne (fisherman Mordialloc), William Page (agent for Gippsland Lakes fishermen), Alfred Palmer (fisherman Gippsland Lakes), Henry Pascoe (fisherman Queenscliff), James E. Paterson (secretary Sale Steam-Boat Co.), Robert Patterson (fisherman Frankston), James Pattie (fisherman Geelong & Hobson<U+2019>s Bay), Harry Payne (licensed victualler Bairnsdale), John Pearce (fisherman Mordialloc), Samuel Rowley Peel (Newport Workshop manager Vic. Railways), Alfred Pelle (fishmonger Sale), William Phillips (fish forwarding agent Melbourne), John Pommery (fisherman Portland), Richard Poole (fisherman Metung), Joseph Potter (fish hawker Sale), Frederick Presnell (fisherman Port Fairy), John Prest (fisherman Fisherman<U+2019>s Bend), John Ray (fisherman Gippsland Lakes), Alexander Reid (fisherman Western Port), Thomas Rennison (deputy master of fisheries), Robert H. Reynolds (fisherman Metung), Charles Richards (fisherman Portarlington), Thomas Richardson (fisherman Geelong), William Charles Richardson (governor Sale Gaol), John Robertson (fisherman Port Albert), Richard Robertson (fisherman Hastings), William Robertson (fisherman Port Albert, Port Phillip Bay & Gippsland Lakes), Andrew Rocke (fisherman Western Port), James Ross (fisherman & farmer Barmah), Martin Rossovech (fisherman Paynesville), Samuel Rudduck (Mordialloc) and William Rydberg (fisherman Mordialloc)
Witnesses examined S-Z: Jonathan Simon (fisherman Toora), Charles Simpson (fisherman Geelong), Alison [i.e. Allison] Smith (locomotive superintendent Vic. Railways), George Smith (fisherman Toora), George Henry Smith (fisherman Port Albert), James Smith (fisherman Metung), Samuel M. Smith (fisherman Port Albert), Frederick William Smithers (travelling inspector of fisheries (NSW)), William Sparrow (fisherman Lakes Entrance), Baptiste Sposisto (fisherman Hastings), Thomas H. Sprague (fishmonger Sale), John Stancliff (fisherman Portarlington), John Stark (fisherman Frankston), Samuel Stephens (fisherman Queenscliff), Henry Stewart (fisherman Frankston), Axal Svenson (fisherman Mordialloc), John Swaine (hon. asst. inspector of fisheries & president Fish Protection Society), Richard G. Talbot (fisherman Mordialloc & Tasmania), Victor Talbot (fisherman Geelong), George Taylor (fisherman Mordialloc), James Taylor (fisherman Western Port), Joseph Teather (fish agent Geelong), Patrick Tennyson (mayor Port Fairy), Lindsay George Thompson (chief inspector of fisheries & secretary Fisheries Commission (NSW)), Richard Thorp (fish hawker 12 Kilby Grove Melbourne), Henry Threlfell (fisherman Warrnambool), Henry Wakham (fisherman Gippsland Lakes), Charles Ward & William Ward (fishermen Hastings), Samuel Warren (fisherman & fish hawker Port Melbourne, Queenscliff &c.), George Watkins, John Watkins & William Watkins (fishermen Mordialloc), James West (fisherman Corner Inlet & Foster Landing), Alfred Westersen, John White (fisherman Cunninghame), William White (fisherman Lake Wellington), George Williams (fisherman Port Albert), Isaac Wilson (fisherman Geelong), James Wilson (fisherman Toora), Ashley Woolley (fisherman Western Port &c.) and Thomas C. Yockins (storekeeper Port Fairy & forwarding agent for Fish Salesmen<U+2019>s Association of Melbourne)
George Henry Smith's evidence includes "Recommendations and sugestions of a Committee appointed by the fisherman at Port Albert to draw up a report for the information of the Fishing Industries Committee" signed by G. H. Smith, W. J. Fitz, W. Robertson, Alfred Carter, John Gillion and H. Avery.
Physical Description: xxviii, 192p. ; 33cm.