Item Description: "Ordered by the Legislative Assembly to be printed, 28th January, 1896"
Committee comprised: George Graham, James Graves, Henry Bournes Higgins, Sir John McIntyre, George Prendergast, Thomas Scott and Alfred Outtrim.
Witnesses examined: Louis Abrahams (cigar and cigarette manufacturer Sniders and Abrahams), Yates Brooks (Customs Dept), Frederick Horatio Bruford (Customs Dept.), William Carroll (locker Customs Dept.), George A. Carter (cigar manufacturer), Pasquale Corte (consul-general for Italy), Hiram A. Crawford (fruit/tobacco/hop grower Everton), John Lamont Dow (journalist), James J. Fenton (asst. government statist), Alfred David Hart (tobacco manufacturer/managing director Cameron Brothers and Co.), Louis Philip Jacobs (cigar manufacturer/tobacco merchant), William Lawson (Customs Dept.), Hugh McKenzie (locker Customs Dept.), Paul Mandel (manager Melbourne Tobacco-Growing Syndicate), Edward John Power (inspector of tobacco and cigar factories), Richard Prowse (locker Customs Dept.), Leonard Richardson (farmer/tobacco-grower Talgarno), Solomon Rosman (cigarette manufacturer),James McInnes Sinclair (farmer Boort), James J. White (tobacco manufacturer/representative Moss White and Co.), Louis Wuillemin (vine-grower and Leo Zwicker (importer)
Appendix comprises extract "Consumption of Tobacco in France" from Board of Trade Journal Oct. 1895
Physical Description: ix, 77p. ; 33cm.