Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament pursuant to acts 54 Vict. No. 1121 Sec. 10 and No. 1079 Sec. 320"
"Thos. M. Millar, Secretary and Inspector"
Includes Reports on Schools from J[ane] Wilson (Matron, Receiving Depots, Royal Park), M. L. Hutchinson and Lisa Bardin (Visiting Committee for Receiving Depots, Royal Park) Mary V. Kennedy (Provincial Superioress, Industrial School, Abbotsford), Emma Banner (Girls' Training Institute), Mary O'Shea (Oakleigh Reformatory School), Elizabeth Rowe (Brookside Reformatory School), W. Groom (Excelsior Home for Boys Reformatory School), A. Brebner (Kingsbury Reformatory School), M. McAskell (Superintendent, Wandin Yallock Reformatory School), H. B. Sadleir (Bukawert Reformatory), P. McMahon (Straight View Farm Reformatory School, C. H. Jeffries (Albion Reformatory and Heidelberg Reformatory)
Physical Description: 15p. ; 33cm.