Royal Commission on Water Supply : minutes of evidence : presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command

Corporate Author: Victoria. Royal Commission on Water Supply (1894-1896)
Other Authors: Anderson, Andrew, 1838-1897, Craven, Albert William, 1855-1913, Foster, Henry, 1846-1902, Grattan, William, 1854-1917, Langdon, Thomas, 1832-1914, White, John Samuel, 1837-1926, Williams, Henry Roberts, 1848-1935
Published: Melbourne : Robt. S. Brain, Government Printer, 1896
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1896, no. 21
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Item Description: Commission: Andrew Anderson (chairman), Albert William Craven, Henry Foster, William Grattan, Thomas Langdon, John Samuel White and Henry Roberts Williams.
Witnesses Avoca United Waterworks Trust: Joseph Adamthwaite (farmer), Daniel Churchill (farmer), Michael George Croker (Sec. Avoca United Waterworks Trust), Patrick Cummins (farmer), William Curtis (farmer), George Henry Forman (miller), Barnard Gibney (farmer), Henry J. Griffiths (grazier Yawong), Henry Whitern Howse (Kara Kara Shire Waterworks Trust), William John Ingram (farmer), Michael Meehan (farmer), David Miller (East Charlton and Springbank estates), John Nolen (Pres. Shire of Gordon), Joseph Ogburn (chemist Charlton), Edwin Peverill (farmer), William Reed (farmer), Samuel Rinder (Sec. Shire of Korong), Robert Ruse (saddler), John Smith (Kara Kara Shire Waterworks Trust), Joseph Smith (farmer), Augustus Charles Tampion (farmer), Henry Watts (Kara Kara Shire Waterworks Trust), William Williams (farmer), William Williams (saddler/sec. local committee on water supply), William Williams (sec. Urban Trust of Charlton) and William Harvey Wood (station manager)
Witnesses Bacchus Marsh Irrigation Trust: Christopher Crisp (editor Bacchus Marsh Express), John Cunningham (farmer/Trust member), David Little (Trust sec./engineer), Patrick McGrath (farmer), Arthur Charles Simon (farmer/Trust member), Edward Sloss (farmer/Trust member), James Watson (chairman) and William Watts (landowner),
Witnesses Bairnsdale Irrigation Trust: James Counihan [Connihan in index] (farmer/grazier), Thomas Fraser (farmer/grazier), Michael Goold (Trust member), James Hall (farmer/grazier), John [also James] Allan Henderson, James Jackson (Trust member), Geoffrey Mason (land-owner), James Parry, John B. Rashleigh, Angus Shaw, John Barrington Smyth (farmer/grazier) and Alexander Stewart (farmer/grazier)
Witnesses re. Ballarat Water Commission: Alexander Bell (chairman Ballarat Woollen Co.), Daniel Brophy (auctioneer), Robert M. Serjeant (mining manager Ballarat) and John Noble Wilson (Trust chairman),
Witnesses re. Beechworth Water Supply: Frederick Allen (Shire councillor), Donald Fletcher (miner/ex-councillor), John Fletcher (Waterworks Committee chairman), John Wilson Morton (Shire sec.), John Stevens (Shire pres.) and John Yoxall (miner/ex-councillor)
Witnesses Bet Bet Shire: Frank Pickersgill Cheetham (Shire/Trust sec.), James E. Duggan (councillor) and William McLeish (Shire pres./Trust chairman)
Witnesses Borough of St. Arnaud Water Supply: Hugh Burgess (municipal engineer), Alfred Giles (St. Arnaud councillor), John B. Penney (mayor St. Arnaud) and Joseph Read (St. Arnaud councillor)
Witnesses Borough of Talbot Water Supply: Peter W. Blake (mayor Talbot), Joseph Burdess (boot merchant/councillor) and Philip Walter Salmon (sec. water Supply)
Witnesses re. Borough of Wangaratta Water Supply: Alexander Clements (mayor), Alfred Harrison (councillor), Alfred Pinkerton (merchant/councillor) and Charles Speed (town clerk)
Witnesses Campaspe Irrigation Trust: Richard Allan (farmer), Thomas Burgoine (farmer), Patrick Doherty & Jeremiah Murphy (Trust members), James Rankin (pres. Shire of Echuca), Stephen Seward & Joseph Watson (Trust members)
Witness Boort Waterworks Trust: Charles Andrews (Trust chairman) who also gave evidence re Loddon United Waterworks Trust p. 171
Witnesses Carrum Irrigation Trust: Michael Elliot (Trust sec./engineer), John Hemmings (Trust member), John Keys (Trust chairman) and John McMullen (Trust member)
Witnesses Clunes Water Commission: John Pickford (farmer/Commission member), William Thomas Pitcher (mayor/Trust chairman) and Harry Edwin Sando (Commission sec, engineer & treasurer)
Witnesses Cohuna Irrigation Trust: Edward Argyle, Edward Diviny, James Flight (Trust member), John Garden, Ralph Holding (Trust member), Andrew Kirwan, John McKay, Thomas MacLennan (Trust member), John Nancarrow, Henry Sherwood and Lars Frederick Westblade
Witnesses Coliban system: Richard B. Brennan (Emu Valley Irrigation & W. S. T.), William Broughall (legal manager), John R. Campbell (engineer Maldon), Ettore Checchi, Frederick Clark (councillor Eaglehawk), James Clarkson (farmer Lockwood), John Stuart Dethridge (Coliban Works), William Blair Gray (pres. Maldon Shire), Frederick Grosse (Emu Valley Irrigation & W. S. T.), Thomas Harding (Castlemaine Mining Board), Alfred Horbury (Emu Valley Irrigation & W. S. T.), John William Horwood (ex-Harcourt Irrigation & Water Supply Trust), George McArthur (ex-baker Maldon), Edward McCormick (mayor Eaglehawk), Robert Mitchell (mayor Castlemaine), William Penrose (mining manager), Louis Auguste Samuels (South New Chum Co.) and Austin B. Weire (Coliban Scheme Bendigo),
Witnesses Daylesford Waterworks Trust: John William King (mayor/Trust chairman), Donald McLeod (town clerk), James Henry Wheeler MLA, and Miles Dixon Woodburn (Trust member)
Witnesses Dry Lake Irrigation Trust: David G. Rattray (Shire of Swan Hill) and Hugh Thompson (Trust chairman)
Witnesses East Boort Irrigation Trust: Mark Barnes (ex Trust commissioner), Matthew Barnes (Trust commissioner), John William Birch (Trust sec.), Alphonse Grenville (grazier), Farmer Slatter (Trust commissioner) and Christopher Sutton (Trust chairman)
Witnesses Echuca and Waranga Waterworks Trust: John Allen, Henry Barlow, Auguste Bosse & John Brown (farmers), Lewis Burge (rate collector), George Cracknell & Thomas Crothers (farmers), William Henry Day (farmer/ Deakin Shire councillor), Francois de Castella (vine-grower), Charles A. Finlay (landowner), Samuel William Furphy (farmer), George Garson (Trust manager), James Griffin (Deakin Shire councillor), Dr. John U. Healey, John W. Mason (Trust commissioner), Joseph Toole [i.e. Poole] (farmer), James Russell (farmer), Timothy Taylor (Trust chairman), Jeremiah Tehan (Deakin Shire councillor), George Thornton (Trust commissioner), John Watson (Trust commissioner) and William T. Webb MLA
Witnesses Echuca Waterworks Trust: Donald Cameron & Caleb Vines (Trust commissioners), Andrew William Henry White (mayor Echuca/Trust commissioner) and Samuel Whitworth (butcher Echuca)
Witnesses Geelong Water Supply: Frederick E. T. Cobbe [i.e. Cobb] (inspector Geelong Water Supply), Joseph Henry Grey (mayor Geelong) and William John Irwin (clerk Geelong Water Supply)
Witnesses Hamilton Borough Waterworks: Robert Stapleton Bree (Hamilton councillor), James Samuel Butler (engineer), John Cameron & David Laidlaw (Hamilton councillors) and Charles Wiggins (rate collector Hamilton)
Witnesses Horsham Borough Waterworks Trust: James Brake (Trust chairman), William Alfred Glenister (engine-driver at Trust), Duncan William McArthur (Trust sec.), Thomas de Blois Twycross (draper/Trust commissioner), and Frank Williams (butcher/Trust commissioner)
Witness Kerang East Irrigation Trust: John Kerr (Trust commissioner)
Witnesses Kerang Urban Water Supply: George Adams (builder Kerang), William John Davey (prop. Kerang Observer), John Harold Horsfall (pres. Swan Hill Shire), Henry Charles Kempson and David Grant Rattray (sec. Shire of Swan Hill & Old Swan Hill Waterworks Trust)
Witnesses Koondrook Irrigation Trust: John P. Teague (hotelkeeper/pres. Koondrook Progress Assoc.) and James Henry Winkley (Trust chairman)
Witnesses re. Koroit Waterworks Trust: James Francis Duffus MLA, Harry Hall (Trust commissioner), Richard Laffan (Trust sec.) and Charles Strain (Trust chairman)
Witnesses Laanecoorie Weir: Frederick Appleton (rep.Tullaroop Shire), George Elliott Bale (Tullaroop Shire councillor), Alexander Borland (farmer), Thomas Grisold (wheelwright/coachbuilder), William Michael (land-owner) and William Tupper (rep. Marong Shire)
Witnesses Leaghur and Meering Irrigation Trust: Frank Ash (letter), John James Cadusch (hotel-keeper Kerang), James Davies (farmer Fish Point), William Henry Dunstan (farmer Fish Pond), Michael Herdman (chairman), James Hinkson (farmer Gannawarra) and John Moore (farmer Lake Elizabeth)
Witnesses Lerderderg Irrigation and Water Supply Trust: Thomas Cain (Trust member), David Little (Trust sec.), Albert Miller (grazier/Trust chairman), Edward Miller MLC and William Watts (Trust member)
Witnesses Loddon United WaterTrust: Charles Andrews (storekeeper/farmer/Gordon Shire councillor) who also gave evidence as chairman of the Boort Waterworks Trust p.183, James Bailey (pres. Marong Shire), David Chalmers (Korong Shire Council), David Coutts MLC (Trust member), Peter Dalgleish (farmer Catumnal), Ernest Edward Hawkins (Trust member), Robert Jackman (pres. East Loddon Shire), William Johnson (Shire of Gordon councillor), Hugh Keith (farmer), Randolph Meredith Kemp (Trust commissioner/Gordon Shire councillor/commissioner Tragowel Plains Irrigation Trust) and John Piper (farmer)
Witnesses Lowan Shire Waterworks Trust: John Henry Champness (Trust chairman), Jacob Joseph (Lawloit Shire councillor), Gotthilf McKenzie (pres. Dimboola Shire), James Mussen (Trust sec.) and John Walker
Witnesses Macorna North Irrigation Trust: Thomas Peel (trust sec.) and Rowland Richardson (Trust chairman)
Witnesses Marquis Hill Irrigation Trust: Henry F. Beecher (editor Kerang Times), William John Davey (prop. Kerang Observer), and Frederick James Taverner (Trust member)
Witnesses Maryborough Waterworks Trust: Thomas Casey (mayor/Trust chairman), James Hugh Gearing (Trust commissioner) and Henry Neville Phillips (town clerk/Trust sec.)
Witnesses Mildura Irrigation Colony: William John Allen (horticulturalist), Henry E. Barnes (pres. Mildura Irrigation Colony), Herbert Percival Graham (manager Fruit-growers' Association packing-house), James Johnston (farmer), George Hall Tolley (sec. M. I. Colony) and William J. Waddingham (local manager for Chaffey Bros. Ltd.)
Witnesses Millewa Irrigation Trust: Edward Herbert Shackell (ex Trust sec.) and James Shackell (ex Trust chairman)
Winesses Nagambie: John Gordon (merchant), Patrick Gorman (sec. Nagambie Waterworks Trust), Edwin Walker Hill (auctioneer) and William Miller (Trust commissioner)
Witnesses Nhill Urban Waterworks Trust: St. Eloy D'Alton (Trust engineer), William Macdonald (Trust chairman), James Mussen (Trust sec.), John Walker (Trust commissioner) and John Young (ex Trust commissioner)
Witnesses North Boort Irrigation Trust: Llewelyn Jones Brown (Trust commissioner), Mary Frank (wife of farmer Jacob Frank), Donald Kennedy (Trust chairman), Robert James Kewish (Trust sec.) and William Richard Roscholler (farmer)
Witnesses Numurkah Shire Water Works Trust: Samuel Callander (Trust commissioner), Benjamin Lancaster (Shire sec.), John Moran (ex-Trust commissioner), George Reynoldson (Trust chairman), Thomas Scilley (Shire pres.) and George Stickels (Trust commissioner)
Witnesses Old Swan Hill Trust: John Bear (farmer/Gordon shire councillor/commissioner Leaghur and Meering Trust), David Bruce (station manager for Mr. McKenzie) and William Clark (Gordon Shire Council)
Witnesses Rodney Irrigation Trust: James Brady (farmer), William Bray (farmer/Trust commissioner), Peter Brisbane (selector), John A. Carey (Trust sec.), Andrew Chambers (clergyman), Martin Cussen (auctioneer/Trust commissioner), William Gunn (grazier), Maximilian Hector (engineer), Michael Kavanagh, Samuel Lancaster, John D. Love, Donald McIvor & John McKenzie (all farmers), John Morrissey (farmer/storekeeper), Joseph Poole & John Stewart (farmers) and Charles William Wilson (butcher/Trust chairman)
Witnesses re. Private Irrigation Trusts: Frederick Baker Force (treasurer Metropolitan Board of Works) re Yan Yean Scheme, Henry William Meakin (secretary for water supply) and Stuart Murray (chief engineer of water supply)
Witnesses Rutherglen Water Supply: Robert Arrowsmith (mining surveyor Chiltern), Allan K. Buckley (shire secretary/valuer), John Edward James Deane MD, John Fortune (town clerk), David G. Hamilton (storekeeper/councillor), Thomas Harris Ready (mayor), George Scott (hairdresser/tobacconist) and John Young (engineer)
Witnesses Seymour Waterworks Trust: James Chittick Jr. ( Trust commissioner), Robert James Clydesdale (Trust sec.) and Richard Fennelly (engineer)
Witnesses examined Shepparton: James Campbell (farmer/vigneron), James Coldwell (farmer), Patrick Hehir (Shire pres.), Aslyn C. Mason (orchardist), James M. Nickinson (Shire sec.) and John White (sec. Shepparton Urban Waterworks Trust)
Witnesses Shire of Kara Kara Waterworks Trust: James Gibson Farquhar (Trust/Shire engineer), Henry Whitern Howse (Trust/Shire sec.) and Herbert O'Donohue (Kara Kara Shire councillor/Trust commissioner)
Witnesses Shire of Stawell Waterworks Trust: Alfred B. Clemes, Isaac Newton (Trust commissioner) and William Rough
Witnesses Stawell Borough Water Supply: John Balfour Burton MLA, Henry Henderson (Supply/Borough engineer) and John Thomas Sinclair (town clerk/Supply sec.)
Witnesses examined Swan Hill: Charles E. Albrecht (engineer Shire of Castle Donnington), John Gray (Irrigation Trust sec.), Robert Hastings (Irrigation Trust chairman), Mark Henry Thrum p. 91, David James Wallace (solicitor Swan Hill) and Joseph Williamson p. 86
Witnesses Torrumbarry North Irrigation Trust: Alexander McCalla (sec. Murray River Irrigation Estate Co.), Robert McNish Gale (engineer Murray River Irrigation Co.) and Frederick James Wallis (partner James Bell & Co./Trust secretary),
Witnesses Tragowel Plains Trust: James Scott Angus (farmer/ex Trust commissioner), John Bear (farmer/Gordon Shire Councillor/commissioner of Leaghur and Meering Trust), Joseph Bell (Trust secretary), Thomas Burrows (clerk of works Gordon Shire), George Coutts (grazier), William Wood Culcheth (civil engineer), Thomas Curlett (Trust chairman), Samuel Esler (Trust commissioner), D'Arcy Gallop (Tragowel Plains Irrigation Trust), Felix James Hawkins (grazier Hawkinston), Randolph [Meredith] Kemp (farmer/licensed victualler/commissioner of Loddon United Water Trust and Tragowel Plains Irrigation Trust), George Ladson (grazier Macorna), Henry John Marfleet (Trust commissioner), Hugh Mason (farmer/grazier), Robert Hughes Roberts (farmer), Francis Royan (farmer Yarrawalla), John Gardiner Starr (civil engineer), John Wallace (Tragowel Plains Irrigation Trust) and George Welch (farmer Macorna),
Witnesses Tungamah Shire Waterworks Trust: Harrie Hill Banfield (councillor Ararat), James William Cooper (farmer nr. Boosey Creek), John Fell (farmer/Trust commissioner), John Gilmour (farmer/Trust commissioner), William Ginnivan (farmer Benalla), William Hall (miller Goorambat), Tobias Kelly (Trust/Shire engineer), John Lawless & Peter Paul Lawless (farmers Burrasmine), Stewart McIlfatrick (farmer Tharanbegga), Alexander MacNeill (town clerk Ararat), Maurice O'Kane (farmer Boosey), Thomas Rogerson Sharp (farmer), Thomas Tobin (mayor Ararat), William Horwood Tricks (Trust sec.), Ismay Watson (accountant), Thomas White (farmer/Trust commissioner) and James Willis (farmer/Trust commissioner)
Witnesses Twelve Mile Irrigation Trust: Richard Moore (Trust commissioner) and Thomas Moore (trust chairman)
Witnesses Wandella Trust: Richard Avard (engineer/ironfounder), Donald McKenzie (Trust chairman) and Joseph Williamson (Trust sec.)
Witnesses Warracknabeal Waterworks Trust: Samuel Collins (farmer Galaquil), Samuel Hutchinson (Trust commissioner), Pharez Phillips (Trust chairman) and William Tarrant (Trust commissioner)
Witnesses Warrnambool Waterworks Trust: John Cleverden (councillor/Trust member), Arthur Dudley Dobson (Trust engineer), Thomas King (Trust commissioner), Horace Edward Lawson (town clerk/Trust Secretary), Samuel Giffen Russell (Trust commissioner) and John Ward (mayor/Trust chairman)
Witnesses Werribee Irrigation Trust: Thomas Agar Jr. (farmer/Trust commissioner), Thomas Agar Sr. (farmer) and Stephen Cook (fruit & vegetable grower/acting Trust secretary)
Witness Western Wimmera Irrigation Trust: Peter Peterson Fraser (ex chairman)
Witnesses Western Wimmera Irrigation Trust: Hamilton Allen (rep. Borung Shire), James Anderson (Dimboola Shire Councillor/Trust commissioner), Stuart B. Bolton (Trust sec.), William Burgin (Trust commissioner), John Bushby (Trust chairman), Paul Hardess (farmer Katyil), Gotthilf Hoffman (farmer), Percy Learmonth (Trust engineer), John McClure (Trust commissioner), John McLennan (orchardist), Friedrich Miatke & John Miller (farmers), Christian Nowatna (pres. Wimmera Shire), John Roche (Trust commissioner), Arthur Scott (Dimboola Shire councillor), Robert Henry Singleton (Dimboola Shire sec.), Robert Stanley (Wimmera Shire councillor), Ambrose W. Walter (pres. Arapiles Shire) and Donald Wright (Dimboola Shire engineer)
Witnessses Wimmera United Waterworks Trust: John Clark (farmer/St. Arnaud councillor), Patrick Joseph Hoban (Trust commissioner), George Laing (Trust engineer) and William John Waddell (pres. Shire of St. Arnaud)
Witnesses Wimmera United Waterworks Trust: William Henry Breen (councillor Dunmunkle Shire), Arthur George Brown (Trust engineer), Alfred B. Clemes (Trust sec.), Henry Cox (Borung Shire Councillor/Trust commissioner), John Cromie & John Cunningham (Trust commissioners), James Ferguson (farmer Beulah), George Hewitt (pres. Shire of Borung), William Kendall (Borung Shire councillor), William McClintock & Gordon Maconochie (Trust commissioners), Pharez Phillips (Trust chairman) and Seth H. Worrall (store manager Beulah)
Witnesses Yatchaw Irrigation Trust: James Samuel Butler (Trust sec.), Robert L. Lloyd (Trust chairman), Hector Morrison (farmer Yatchaw), Henry Berkeley Nickolls (sec. Meadow Lands Co./liqidator Buckley Swamp Co.) and Isaac Routledge (bootmaker/Trust commissioner)
Witness Yarrawonga Urban Waterworks Trust: David Arnott (Trust chairman)
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