Item Description: "Ordered by the Legislative Assembly to be printed, 28th June, 1898"
Committee comprised: E. H. Cameron (Chairman), J. Buchanan, A. W. Craven, A. Harris, D. Melville, E. Morey, J. Styles, W. A. Trenwith and J. S. White
Witnesses examined: Francis Rennick (engineer-in-chief Vic. Railways), Samuel Willis (contractor & land-owner Menzies' Creek), Matthew Glassford (farmer Monbulk Creek), Carl Axel Nobelius (orchardist & nurseryman Emerald), John Turnbull (farmer Gembrook), Arthur Albert Foster (farmer & dairyman Gembrook), James Ramage (rate collector & farmer Gembrook), Henry James (farmer Gembrook), Alexander Crichton (farmer Gembrook), John Gilbert Lennox (selector Gembrook), Albert Edward Mann (smith & farmer Macclesfield), Robert Lochhead (Asst.Traffic Manager Vic. Railways) and William Brisbane (auctioneer & estate Agent Melbourne)
Appendices comprise various reports by John Mathieson (Victorian Railways Commissioner), Francis Rennick, Robert Lochhead, E.V. Siepen, James Fenton and W. R. Rennick
Appendices H-J received on the 30th April 1898
BOUND IN 1898 VOLUME 2A p. 1-48
Physical Description: 48p. ; 33cm.