Item Description: Victorian representatives: J. M. Davies (acting Premier/Attorney-General/Solictor-General) and G. Swinburne (Minister for Agriculture/Minister for Water Supply)
Queensland representatives: William Kidston (President of the Conference)(Premier/Treasurer/Chief Secretary) and A. H. Barlow (Secretary for Public Instruction)
New South Wales representatives: J. H. Carruthers (Premier/Treasurer) and James Ashton (Secretary for Lands)
Tasmanian representatives: Captain Evans (Premier/Minister of Education) and D. C. Urquhart (Treasurer)
South Australian representatives: Thomas Price (Premier/Commissioner for Public Works/Minister of Education) and A. H. Peake (Treasurer/Attorney-General)
Western Australian representatives: N. J. Moore (Premier/Minister for Lands) and Norbert Keenan (Attorney-General)
Lewis A. Bernays (Clerk of the Qld. Legislative Assembly) was appointed Clerk of the Conference
Includes message delivered on behalf of the Governor of Queensland (Chelmsford) at the beginning of the Conference p. 3
Includes telegram from John Forrest apologizing for being delayed but stating that he and Senator Best will attend
Appendix A: Example showing the working of the Commonwealth Treasurer's scheme -basing the fixed payment proposed by Sir John Forrest upon the customs and excise revenue of the four years ended 30th June 1906 and supposing his scheme to be in effect in 1906-7 - signed J. Collins (accountant to the Treasury of the Commonwealth) and John Forrest (Treasurer of the Commonwealth)
Appendix B: Public debts of Australia : tables prepared by the Treasurer of the Commonwealth [John Forrest] for the use of Commonwealth and State Ministers in Conference at Brisbane in May 1907.- Melbourne : J. Kemp, acting Government Printer. - 23p.
Appendix C: memorandum from Frank Farnell (chairman Board of Fisheries) for the Premier and Colonial Treasurer NSW re. proposal to establish deep-sea trawling in the Commonwealth
Appendix D: Compulsory training in the use of the rifle
Appendix E: memorandum setting out the terms on which the Northern Territory is to be surrendered to the Commonwealth by South Australia. Signed for the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia by Alfred Deakin in the presence of Littleton E. Groom
Appendix F: Important considerations regarding the federation of states which differ materially at the initial stage, in the magnitude of population or development. Also includes The relative magnitude of Commonwealth and state functions and obligations, and, The finance problem and the way out - both by Robert M. Johnston (govt. statistician Tasmania)
Physical Description: xxvii, 359p. ; 33cm.