Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by command of His Excellency the Governor"
Victorian delegates: John Murray (Premier/Chief Secretary/Minister for Labour)(President of Conference), William Alexander Watt (Treasurer) and James Drysdale Brown (Attorney-General/Solicitor-General)
New South Wales delegates: James Sinclair Taylor McGowen (Premier/Chief Secretary) and William Arthur Holman (Attorney-General/Minister of Justice)
Queensland delegates: Digby Frank Denham (Premier/Chief Secretary), Walter Henry Barnes (Treasurer/Minister for Public Works) and Thomas O'Sullivan (Attorney-General)
Tasmanian delegates: Sir Neil Elliott Lewis (Premier/Treasurer) and Albert Edgar Solomon (Attorney-General/Minister for Mines)
Western Australian delegates: John Scaddan (Premier/Colonial Treasurer) and Thomas Henry Bath (Minister for Lands, Agriculture and Industries)
"H. H. Newton, Clerk of the Conference"
Physical Description: xxvi, 189p. ; 33cm.