Item Description: "Return to an Order of the House, dated 3rd February, 1914, for - A copy of the report from the Sub-Committee of the Cabinet on the Administration of the Closer Settlement Acts ; together with appendices"
"Ordered by the Legislative Assembly to be printed, 3rd February, 1914"
Report "To the Honorable William A. Watt, M.L.A., Premier of Victoria, &c., &c., &c."
Sub-Committee: T. Livingston (chairman) and John Thomson
The Sub-Committee originally included F. W. Hagelthorn who was acting as Minister of Public Works when the investigation commenced . His subsequent appointment as Minister precluded him from taking any part in the inquiry
Secretary of the Sub-Committee: J. H. Owen
248 witnesses were examined but the report only includes some details of evidence given by: J. W. Butler (senior clerk Accounts Branch), J. A. Calhoun (in charge of lessees' files in Occupation Branch relating to Closer Settlement districts), Thomas Hastie (member Lands Purchase and Management Board),James Jenkins (sec. LP&M Board), Thomas Kennedy (chairman LP&M Board), F. E. Lee (member LP&M Board), W. H. Luly (chief valuer/chief crown lands bailiff), John Macgibbon (sec. forLands), W. McIver (accountant Lands Dept.), W. F. McNamara (valuer/crown lands bailiff), J. J. Martin (crown lands bailiff), William Edward Porter (acting chief clerk Lands Dept.), W. Shea (William Porter's supervisor Lands Dept.), J. Storey (crown lands bailiff Seymour & Alexander districts) and C. Weir (clerk LP&M Board)
Appendix 1: Particulars of settlement of dry areas at 30th June 1913 prepared by W. McIver (accountant Lands Department)
Appendix 2: Instructions to crown lands bailiffs consisting of "extracts from evidence indicating the absence of definite instructions to crown lands bailiffs in reference to the duties they perform for the Closer Settlement Board" from R. [i.e. H.] Semmens (crown lands bailiff Ballarat) and J. J. Martin
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