Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by command of His Excellency the Governor"
Victoria represented by: W. A. Watt (Premier and Treasurer)(President of Conference)
New South Wales represented by: W. A. Holman (Premier & Colonial Treasurer) and H. C. Hoyle (Minister for Railways & Assistant Treasurer)
Queensland represented by: W. H. Barnes (Acting Premier & Treasurer)
South Australia represented by: A. H. Peake (Premier, Treasurer & Minister of Education)
Tasmania represented by: J. A. Lyons (Treasurer)
Western Australia represented by: T. H. Bath (Minister of Lands and Agriculture)
"J. A. Norris, Secretary"
The second and third day included discussions with the Prime Minister Joseph Cooke and the Commonwealth Treasurer Sir John Forrest
Physical Description: 75p. ; 33cm.