Item Description: "H. S. W. Lawson, Commissioner of Crown Lands and Survey, and President of the Board of Land and Works"
"J. M. Reed, Secretary for Lands"
Appendix B: Annual report on the survey operations of the Department for the year ending 30th June, 1914 by A. B. Lang (surveyor-general)
Appendix C: Report as to the Vermin Destruction and Wire-Netting Acts for the financial year 1913-14 by F. E. Allan (chief inspector, Vermin Destruction Act)
Appendix D: Report on the Botanic and Domain Gardens and Treasury Gardens for the Year Ending 30th June 1914 by J. Cronin (curator)
Other people mentioned in the report: John Macgibbon (previous Secretary for Lands who retired on the 31st March 1914 p. 16)
Physical Description: 25p. ; 33cm.