Public Service Commissioner : report for the year 1914

Corporate Author: Victoria. Public Service Commissioner
Other Authors: Morrison, George Cowie, 1857-1937
Published: Melbourne : Albert J. Mullett, Government Printer, 1915
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1915, no. 14
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Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Report "To His Excellency the Governor in Council"
"G. C. Morrison"
Dept. of the Chief Secretary staff who joined the Expeditionary Forces: J.K. Adey, G.J. Alldersea, F. Bailey, D.A. Banks, W.J. Benwell, R. Blade, W.L. Brewster, W.G.J. Catron, E.E. Clark, H.L. Corben, W. Crawford, J.C. Davis, R.D. Desmond, J.A. Douglas, J.F. Dromgoole, S.D.J. Figgis, T.E. Foley, T.A. Fraser, R.S. Gregor, C. Harris, J. Hingeley, A.J. Jack, H.J. Jones, G.E. Latimer, R. Martin, W.R. McCartney, F.W.S. Noonan, J.N. Perry, A.J.V. Peverill, H. Richards, E.T. Richardson, F.P. Selleek, J.M. Semmens, J. Stapleton, C.L.M. Stewart, F.V. Trickey, W.I. Usher, D.W. Wallace and D.A.R. Wright
Dept. of the Treasurer staff who joined the Expeditionary Forces: R[oy F.] Bennett, R.L. Buller, J.A. Collins, W.H. Dolling, J.A.G. Heritage, G.W.F. Holland, A.E. Keys, W.G.F. Maddern and D.D. Paine
Dept. of Public Instruction staff who joined the Expeditionary Forces: J[ames] Adams, R.H. [i.e. K.] Bazley, P.O. Blackman, W.T. Blackman, J. Bourke, V.R. Bourke, E. Bright, J.M. Bristow, C.E. Brook, L.E. [i.e L.R.] Brookes, V. [i.e. Thomas V.] Brookes, V.T. Brookes, W.B. Campbell, T.R. Cantwell, T. Carmichael, W.J. Ca[w]thorn, J. Clarke, W.J. Cloney, S.R. Close, A.J. Collins, W. Colvin, L. Conroy, W.M. Conroy, M.W. Cowell, G. Daniel, H. Davies, A.V. Deeble, C.A. Denehy, W. Don, C. Dougheney, J.S. Duffy, A.J. Dwyer, J.M. Edgar, A.D. Ellis, R.F. Ellis, W.H. Ellwood, S. Elmore, E.R. Fairlie, J.H. Fletcher, L.R. Forrester, C.W. Frost, W.J. Govan, W.B. Gow, N. Grant, F.G. Hall, J.B. Hamilton, A.J. Hammill, E.W. Hauser, C.H. Hayman, O. Helms, J.A. Hill, K.B. Hollings, A.H. Howlett, G.N. Hunter, P.R. Isaac, F.J. Jenkin[s], A.J. Johnson, G.A. Johnston, T. Keddie, F.W. Kemp, P. Langford, W.R. Langford, J.A. Lennon, S.C. Lewis, J.M. Leyden, R.E. Leyland, A. Liddelow, O. Lightbody, D.G. Lindsay, G.J. Long, F. Lord, J.M. Main, O. Mills, C.R. Mitchell, S. McHarg, W.C. McHarg, W.A. McIntosh, J.F. McLaren, W.J. McLaren, E.F. Maclean, W.R. McNicoll, F.M. Neal, B.F. Nicholas, L.L. Oliver, F.J. Olle, W.A. Patterson, T. Patton, H.R. Peart, C.M. Peter, L.W. Phillips, C.W. Read, A.E. Richards, J. Riedle, J. Roadknight, F. Rochstein, F. Rowe, L. Say, P. Scouller, R.B. Slater, E.A. Smith, G.D. Somerville, H.J. Sparrow, J.S.P. Stafford, L.V. Starr, G. Story, A.M. Sullivan, H. Sumpton, D.O. Sweeney, J.R. Thompson, N.S. Trevena, G.S. Vanstan, F.D. Whelpton, P.E. [i.e. E.P.?] Wilmot, H.W. Wilson, J. Wilson and H.[R.] Wright
Dept. of Law staff who joined the Expeditionary Forces: G.W. Akeroyd, P.D. Annear, J.T.H. Aram, G.H. Bush, L.G. Campbell, W. Cashman, W.R. Doolan, J.R. Elsbury, G.M. Grant, C.J. Hall, C.F.K. Knight, T.A. Orr, A.E. Rasmussen, F.D. Smith and C.M. White
Dept. of Lands and Survey staff lwho joined the Expeditionary Forces: R.H. Berry, A.W. Bugg, C.C. Burge, J.P. Cormack, B.O.T. Gibbs, N.H. Gibson, S.A. Glover, J.D. Jaguers, W.T. Long, J.A. Mahoney, F.P. Mountjoy, W.H.L. McDonald, L.E. Trawin, J.J. Walshe and J.C. Williamson
Dept. of Public Works staff who joined the Expeditionary Forces: W.K. Bolton, J.J. Fulton, E.P. Kennedy, J.R. Nicholls, S.H. Stonely and W.R. Turner
Dept. of Mines staff who joined the Expeditionary Forces: S.B. Abbott, A.L. Smith and E.P. Whitfield
Dept. of Public Health staff who joined the Expeditionary Forces: C.W. Robinson
Dept. of Agriculture staff who joined the Expeditionary Forces: J.W. Hanlon, E.H. Neal, I.M. Tulloh and F.H. Wickham
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