Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Victorian representatives: Sir Alexander James Peacock (Premier/Treasurer/ Minister of Labor), Harry S. W. Lawson (Attorney-General/Solicitor-General/Minister of Public Instruction) and Frederick Hagelthorn (Minister of Agriculture)
New South Wales representatives: William Arthur Holman (Premier/Colonial Treasurer), David Robert Hall (Attorney-General/Minister of Justice) and Henry Clement Hoyle (Minister for Railways)
Queensland representatives: Edward Granville Theodore (acting Premier/Treasurer/Secretary for Public Works)
South Australian representatives: Crawford Vaughan (Premier/Treasurer/Minister of Education), Alfred William Styles (Chief Secretary), Clarence Goode (Commissioner of Crown Lands and Immigration/Minister of Agriculture) and Reginald Pole Blundell (Minister of Industry/Minister of Mines/Minister of Marine)
Tasmanian representatives: Walter Henry Lee (Premier/Chief Secretary/Minister of Education) and Sir Elliott Lewis (Treasurer/Minister of Mines)
Western Australian representative: John Scaddan (Premier/Colonial Treasure/Minister of Railways)
"J. C. Morphett, Clerk of the Conference"
"Crawford Vaughan, President"
Appendix A: Progress report (No. 6) by the Executive Officer (the Premier of New South Wales) respecting action taken under authority of Resolutions adopted at former Conferences (W. A. Holman)
Appendix C: correspondence on the subject of inter-empire migration between H. Rider Haggard and J. Earle (Tasmanian Premier), G. F. Pearce (acting Prime Minister), A. J. Peacock (Victorian Premier), Edward G. Theodore (acting Queensland Premier), W. A. Holman (N.S.W. Premier), J. Scaddan (Western Australian Premier) and Crawford Vaughan (Sth. Australian Premier)
Physical Description: xlvi, 118p. ; 33cm.