Item Description: "Ordered by the Legislative Assembly to be printed, 20th December, 1916"
Committee: Samuel Barnes (chairman), John Billson, Alfred Hicks, Donald Melville, Robert Solly and Richard Toutcher
Includes references to evidence given by the Country Roads Board & Maurice Kernot (chief engineer for Railway Construction) p. 4, D. F. Cole (engineer Heytesbury Shire), the Railways Construction Branch & C. H. Barber (traffic officer Vic. Railways) p. 5, C. E. Norman (chairman Railways Commissioners) & the Railways Commissioners p. 6, J. McKenzie (councillor/farmer on Port Campbell Rd. nr Cobden) p. 7, W. Thompson (dairy farmer with orchard on Curdie's River 7 miles below Timboon), W. H. Luly (chief valuing inspector Crown Lands Dept.), P. Campbell (Melbourne district surveyor Lands Dept.) & Temple Smith (chief field officer Dept. of Agriculture) p. 8 and H. R. Mackay (conservator of forests) p. 9
Includes references to the Timber Mills Wages Board p. 6 and to an experimental farm established by the Dept. of Agriculture on the Heytesbury grass-tree country south east of Cobden p. 7
BOUND IN 1916 VOLUME 1 p. 861-870
Physical Description: 10p. ; 33cm.