Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Victorian delegates: Sir A. J. Peacock (Premier) (President), W. L. Baillieu (Honorary Minister) and W. Hutchinson (Minister of Lands)
New South Wales delegates: G. W. Fuller (Colonial Secretary) and W. G. Ashford (Minister of Lands)
Queensland delegates: T. J. Ryan (Premier) and J. M. Hunter (Minister of Lands)
South Australian delegates: C. Vaughan (Premier) and R. P. Blundell (Minister of Industry)
Western Australian delegate: F. Wilson (Premier)
Tasmanian delegates: W. H. Lee (Premier), Sir Elliott Lewis (Treasurer) and J. B. Hayes (Minister of Lands)
"F. Short, Secretary"
W. M. Hughes (Prime Minister) and A. Poynton (Federal Treasurer) attended
J. C. Watson attended as organiser of the Federal Parliamentary War Committee
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