Item Description: Victorian representative: W. M. McPherson MLA (treasurer)
New South Wales representatives: W. A. Holman MLA (premier/treasurer) and J. C. L. Fitzpatrick MLA (asst. treasurer)
South Australian representative: Sir Richard Butler MLA (treasurer)
Queensland representative: E. G. Theodore MLA (treasurer)
Western Australian representative: James Gardiner MLA (treasurer)
Tasmanian representative: Sir Elliott Lewis MHA (treasurer)
Sir John Forrest, Commonwealth Treasurer, was present by invitation. He addressed the Conference on the subject of finance and on matters relating to the loan of £18,000,000 from the Commonwealth to the States in 1914 which was maturing
J. Bowser, Premier of Victoria, was present to welcome the visiting Treasurers
W. M. McPherson was appointed Chairman. J. A. Norris, Accountant, Victorian Treasury, was appointed Secretary
G. Kermode, Engineer in charge of Ports and Harbours, Victoria, was in attendance and explained the present method of payment by the Commonwealth for harbor and port dues on transports and other Commonwealth vessels
Physical Description: iv, 30p. ; 33cm.