Police Commission : charges against members of the police force : return to an order of the Legislative Assembly dated 22nd November 1881 for copies of any communications the Chief Secretary may have received from members of the police with regard to the charges against them in the report of the Police Commission

Corporate Author: Victoria. Chief Secretary's Dept.
Other Authors: Alexander, Robert (Reg. No. 2755), b. 1848, Chomley, Hussey Malone, 1832-1906, Hare, Francis Augustus, 1830-1892, Hedberg, Oscar Eliceus (Reg. No. 2632), 1853-1923, Montfort, William Bradish, 1834-1905, Moore, Robert, Nicolson, Charles Hope, 1829-1898, Sadleir, John Daniel, 1833-1919, Ward, Michael Edward 1845-1921, Wilson, Thomas Richard, 1834-1895
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1881
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1881, no. C 6
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Item Description: "Ordered by the Legislative Assembly to be printed 24th December 1881"
Includes correspondence of 14 Nov. 1881 from asst. commissioner Charles Hope Nicolson to the acting chief commissioner of police (Hussey Malone Chomley) attaching Nicolson's Remarks upon the second progress report of the Royal Commission on Police, extracts from his Report of the 25th April 1872 against the proposed abolition of the Glemore police station, and extracts from his Reports of October 1877 relative to his inspection of Greta and Chiltern
Includes correspondence of 20 Oct. 1881 from supt. Francis Hare to the acting chief commissioner of police (Hussey Malone Chomley) seeking permission from the chief secretary to respond to statements made by a majority of the Royal Commissioners in reply to Mr. Dixon's protest (which accompanied their second progress report) and Hare's subsequent letter of 24 Oct. 1880 [i.e. 1881] to the chief secretary
Includes correspondence of 19 Oct 1881 from supt. John Sadleir to the acting chief commissioner of police (Hussey Malone Chomley) requesting permission from the chief secretary to respond to paragraph 6 of the Royal Commission's second progress report, and his subsequent letter to the acting chief commissioner of 24 Oct. 1881 attaching extracts from the Benalla Standard 21 Oct. 1881 and the Ovens and Murray Standard 22 Oct. 1880
Includes correspondence of 21 Nov. 1881 from detective Michael Edward Ward requesting the officer in charge of detectives to forward his attached report of the same date, in response to the Royal Commission's recommendation in reference to him, to the acting chief commissioner of police for transmission to the chief secretary
Includes correspondence of 5 Nov. 1881 from mounted constable Robert Alexander (Reg. No. 2755) to inspector Montfort of Benalla requesting that the attached corresponence (comprising three statements by Alexander) be forwarded to the acting chief commissioner of police
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Physical Description: 21p. : plan of Aaron Sherritt's house, Sebastopol ; 33cm.