Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Victorian representatives: Harry Sutherland Wightman Lawson (Premier/Attorney-General/Minister for Labour) and William Murray McPherson (Treasurer)
New South Wales representatives: William Arthur Holman (President of the Conference)(Premier/Colonial Treasurer), John Charles Lucas Fitzpatrick (asst. Treasurer/Secretary for Mines), and John Garland (Solicitor-General/Minister of Justice)
Queensland representatives: Thomas Joseph Ryan (Premier/Chief Secretary/Attorney-General) and Edward Granville Theodore (Treasurer/Secretary for Public Works)
South Australian representatives: Archibald Henry Peake (Premier/Chief Secretary) and Sir Richard Butler (Treasurer/Minister for Railways)
Tasmanian representatives: Walter Henry Lee (Premier/Chief Secretary/Minister of Education) and Sir Neil Elliott Lewis (Treasurer/Minister of Mines)
Western Australian representatives: Henry Bruce Lefroy (Premier/Minister for Lands and Agriculture) and James Gardiner (Colonial Treasurer)
W. S. Mowle (Clerk of the NSW Legislative Assembly) was appointed Clerk of the Conference
Sydney Grant Boydell (Clerk Assistant of the NSW Legislative Assembly) was appointed Clerk Assistant of the Conference
Appendix p. 117-149: Progress report no. 7 : report by the executive officer (the Premier of New South Wales) respecting action taken under authority of resolutions adopted at former Conferences held in Adelaide in May 1916 and in Melbourne in December 1916, January 1917 and January 1918
Appendix p. 150-153: Interstate Conference of Ministers of Agriculture : memorandum and resolutions on the relationship between the Commonwealth and States on the matter of the administration of the Commerce Act covering butter grading, &c. adopted for submission to the State Premiers in Conference - signed W. C. Grahame (minister for Agriculture NSW), D. S. Oman (Minister for Agriculture Victoria), Wm. Lennon (Sec. for Agriculture and Stock Qld.) and E. A Anstey (Minister for Crown lands, Agriculture and Repatriation South Aust.). Includes copies of letter from A. S. McKenzie (general sec. Primary Producers' Union NSW) to the under secretary NSW Dept. of Agriculture, letter from George Twohill (sec. New South Wales Butter and Cheese Exporters' Association) to the NSW Minister for Agriculture, letter from Mr McIntyre (re. meeting of dairy factories' directors Lismore 3rd May 1918) to L. P. MacInnes (NSW Dept. of Agriculture, letter from Edmund Turrell (sec. Queensland Cheese Manufacturers' Association) to the under secretary Qld Dept. of Agriculture and Stock, a resolution dated 8th May 1918 from Conference of Ministers of Agriculture relative to the sale of the dairy produce of Australia in overseas markets to the chairman of the Premiers' Conference Sydney, and a resolution dated 8th May 1918 from Conference of Ministers of Agriculture relative to the fixing of prices of dairy produce by the Commonwealth government also to the chairman Premiers' Conference Sydney
Appendix p. 154-155: Memorandum on the encroachment by the Commonwealth Government on the functions of the States' Departments of Agriculture : submitted for the consideration of the Premiers' Conference by W. C. Grahame, D. S. Oman, Wm. Lennon & E. A. Anstey)
Appendix p. 156-158: Channel of communication between state governments of Australia and foreign governments - memorandum from W. A. Holman (NSW Premier) to the Secretary of State for the Colonies and consequent correspondence between Walter H. Long (Secretary of State for the Colonies) and W. A. Holman Juily- Sept. 1917
Appendix p. 159-161: copy of 2 despatches (25th November 1902 & 15th April 1903) from the Secretary of State for the Colonies (J. Chamberlain) to the Governor of South Australia
Appendix p. 162: Statement showing concessions granted to soldiers, and in respect of soldiers' estates, by the Government of New South Wales during the financial years ended 30th June, 1916 and 1917 (The Treasury)
Appendix p. 163: correspondence from W. G. Ashford (NSW Minister for Lands) to W. A. Holman (NSW Premier) re. Holman's question on conservation of forests in the Commonwealth. The letter is quoted on p. 65-66 of the Report of debates
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