Item Description: "Ordered by the Legislative Assembly to be printed, 24th September, 1918"
Committee: James Menzies (chairman), Samuel Barnes, John Billson, Alfred Hicks, Donald Melville, Robert Solly and Richard Toutcher
On becoming Minister of Railways and Minister of Mines on 21st March 1918 Samuel Barnes ceased to be a member of Committee. Richard Toutcher was appointed in his stead
Includes references to evidence given by A. B. Lang (surveyor-general) p. [3], 6, A. S. Kenyon (engineer State Rivers and Water Supply Commission) p. 4, 6, M. E. Kernot (chief engineer for railway construction) p. 5-6, F. G. Clarke (Minister of Lands) p. 7, R. Kellway (special traffic officer Railway Dept.) p. 7-8 and the Railways Commissioners p. 5, 8-9
Other people/bodies mentioned: State Rivers and Water Supply Commission p. [3], 5, 10, the Lands Dept. p. [3], 4 and the Discharged Soldiers Settlement Act p. [3]
BOUND IN 1918 VOLUME 1 p. 663-672
Physical Description: 10p. ; 33cm.