Fines under Dairy, Health (Pure Food), Factories, Weights and Measures, and Bakers and Millers Acts : return to an order of the House dated 1st October 1919 for a return up to the 30th September 1919 in continuation of the previous return, showing separately all fines imposed under (a) The Dairy Supervision Act ; (b) The pure food provisions of the Health Act ; (c) the Factories and Shops Act ; (d) the Weights and Measures Acts ; (e) The Bakers and Millers Act specifying: Name of person or firm fined, Name of offence, Amount of fine, Locality where offence committed : together with totals and with summary of offences, fines, &c. under each Act, as furnished on page 2 of the return presented to this House on the 8th July 1919

Corporate Author: Victoria. Dept. of Labour (1916-1954)
Other Authors: Victoria. Board of Public Health (1890-1920)
Published: Melbourne : Albert J. Mullett, Government Printer, 1919
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1919, no. C 4
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Item Description: "Ordered by the Legislative Assembly to be printed 19th December 1919"
Fines imposed under the Dairy Supervision Act: G. F. C. Allen (fined at Kyabram), Mrs A. Anderson (Eltham), C. A. Anderson (Simmies), Ashlon and Boyd (Tallangatta Valley), William Baxter (Dunrobin), J. Bayliss (Eaglehawk), Mrs N. Bradley (Silvan), Mrs A. Bray (Heidelberg), A. Broome (Eastville), W. Chapman (Lilydale), Charleson and Ganon (Glenpark), C. Coglan (Learmonth), Mrs F. Clark (Langwarin), M. T. Comer (Mosquito Creek), D. Conroy (Bunding), Mrs S. Coults (Barringhup), J. Crotty (Essendon), John Delima (Sebastopol), Mrs N. Fenaughty (Kyabram), Mrs B. Garlick (Buninyong), T. Griffin (Tongala), Gunman Bros. (Kyabram), G. L. Hamilton (Ivanhoe), J. Heyenga (Towong), George Hill (Tallangatta), William Hobson (Burrumbeet), A. King (Camberwell), W. Lowden (Cudgewa North), D. R. McDonald (Mentone), McNamara (Bacchus Marsh), B. McNulty (Bungaree), P. Madigan (Iona), E. Mapperson (Casterton), Mrs A. Matthews (Brighton), A. Newman (Silvan), H. Pollock (Moutajup), C. W. Price (Lilydale), L. Richardson (Talgarno), M. Shanahan (Essendon), E. L. Simpson (Bacchus Marsh), C. E. Smith (Kilsyth), Mrs J. Smyth (Casterton), Mrs L. Stephens (Whittlesea), John Twomey (Heidelberg), Mrs E. Tully (Hamilton), J. Williams (Bacchus Marsh), B. R. Wilson (Echuca Village), J. Wilson (Dandenong) and W. J. Wood (MacLeod)
Fines imposed under the Health Act A-L: A. Aarons (fined at St Kilda), G. Ah Hay (Numurkah), P. A. Allen (Brunswick), R. Anderson (Fitzroy), A. Andrews (Melbourne), W. Baker (Braybrook), W. H. Baker (fined at Fitzroy, Melbourne), Barrett Bros. (Box Hill), M. A. Bate (Williamstown), J. E. Bates (Fitzroy), E. Bell (Warrnambool), Bilson's Ltd. (Colac), J. Bingham (Malvern), J. Bird (Footscray), A. Blair (Fitzroy), H. L. Blamires (Camberwell), D. Boroman (Narracan), H. Bourke (Colac), J. Brennan (Melbourne), H. Browning (Caulfield), Bulla Cream Co. (Melbourne), N. Burt (Fitzroy), C. Butler (Essendon), T. Byrne (Melbourne), J. Byron (Brunswick), T. Cahill (Brunswick), T. Chomley (Braybrook), C. Chyneweth (St Kilda), J. Clarke (Charlton), Cockatoo Preserves Ltd. (Box Hill), C. Condon (Ballarat), J. Connelly (Melbourne), E. Cooper (Dalyesford), W. Cooper (Essendon), C. Copperwaite (Ballarat), A. Cornish (Brunswick), H. Cornwell (Prahran), H. W. Crane (Footscray), M. Cummins (Melbourne), W. H. Curran (Ararat), J. H. Davidson (Essendon), E. Davies (Castlemaine), W. Davies (Ballarat), E. Deal (Collingwood), F. Deal (Collingwood), O. Demoena (Melbourne), F. Dennett (St Kilda), W. Denton (Melbourne), A. Donald (Ballarat), E. Donnell (St Kilda), E. Donohoe (St Kilda), I. Dowd (Geelong), A. Dunning (Brunswick), O. Edmonds (Melbourne), J. H. Emmett (Brunswick), J. Falla (Melbourne), R. Fisher (Castlemaine), Fowler Bros. (Caulfield), J. T. Fox (Tallangatta), Foy and Gibson (Collingwood), W. Fraser (Geelong), F[rederick] Watkins Pty. Ltd. (Fitzroy), F. Fullerton (Brunswick), T. Furphy, E. M. Fry (Richmond), G. Wills and Co. (Melbourne), L. E. Gates (Fitzroy), Gaylard and Cocking (Melbourne), Georges Pty. Ltd. (Melbourne), G. Girling (Brunswick), J. Golias (Melbourne), D. Gould (Fitzroy), A. H. Green (Moorabbin), E. Green (Sandringham), H. Greenham (Footscray), W. J. Greenway (Hawthorn), P. Griffith (Brunswick), F. H. Groves (Sandringham), G. T. Guinea (Warrnambool), A. Hamilton (Footscray), R. C. Hanchett (Melbourne), R. Hancock (Footscray), T. Hargreaves (Sandringham), J. Harper (Horsham), G. Harris (Daylesford), W. A. Harris (Sandringham), L. Harrison (St Kilda), O. Hartridge (South Melbourne), J. Healey (South Melbourne), A. A. Hendy (Prahran), T. Hennessey (Geelong West), H. Hewitt (Moorabbin), A. Hickey (Ballarat), M. Hill (Footscray), H. Hirst (Ararat), H. Hobson (Camberwell), A. Hodgson (Heidelberg), Holdensen and Neilson (Colac), Holder's Pty. Ltd. (Melbourne), G. Hore (Melbourne), Hoyt's Pty. Ltd. (Melbourne), H. W. Holloway (Malvern), J. Holloway (St Kilda), J. D. Howie (Port Melbourne), A. D. Ive (Sandringham), W. Jack (Malvern), F. Jackson (South Melbourne), C. B. Jacobi (Melbourne), A. Jagger (Warrnambool), C. Johnson (St Kilda), G. Johnson (Richmond), P. Johnson (Collingwood), F. Jones (Footscray), H. E. Jones (Essendon), T. Jones (Footscray), N. J. Keating (Port Fairy), Keilly Bros. (Castlemaine), J. Kernan (Essendon), I. Keys (Melbourne), A. King (Melbourne), G. E. King (Melbourne), J. King (Lilydale), L. King (Ballarat), S. E. King (Footscray), M. Kittelty (Ballarat), M. Kirwan (Omeo), F. Kollosche (fined at Fitzroy, Melbourne), J. Lacey (Camberwell), E. M. Ladd (Williamstown), P. Lammey (Moorabbin), L. Langford (Prahran), Larcher Pty. Ltd. (Prahran), H. Larcher (Fitzroy), J. Larux (Melbourne), J. Latta (Brunswick), T. O. Little (Terang), G. Loader (Geelong), E. G. Logan (Buln Buln), Longmore and Co. (Malvern), W. Lord (St Kilda), D. Lucas (Malvern), S. Lucas (Melbourne)
Fines imposed under the Health Act M-Z: R. Mace (fined at Melbourne), D. Macaulay (Fitzroy), S. McCallum (Camberwell), A. McDonald (Shepparton), J. McDonald (Geelong), J. MacFarlane (Footscray), J. McGibbon (South Melbourne), J. McGrath (Malvern), H. McKay (Prahran), M. McLaughlan (Richmond), R. V. McClean (Prahran), D. McNamara (Fitzroy), R. Malone (Brunswick), A. Marderos (South Melbourne), T. Marrow (Sandringham), R. Marshall (Prahran), H. Martell (Essendon), A. Martin (Collingwood), F. Martin (Port Melbourne), A. J. Mecoles (Fitzroy), O. Mills (Footscray), H. Minney (Fitzroy), H. Monckton (Geelong), E. Moody (Seymour), J. E. Moore (Footscray), J. F. Morgan (Melbourne), W. Morris (Prahran), T. Naughton (Brunswick), D. Newport (Melbourne), E. Newport (Oakleigh), O. T. Limited (fined at Melbourne, Box Hill), C. O'Brien (Bendigo), T. O'Farrell (Richmond), J. E. Orr (Footscray), A. E. Palmer (Richmond), Parkinson Bros. (Richmond), M. Park (Richmond), Payne's Bon Marche (Melbourne), J. Peppas (Melbourne), F. Phillips (Colac), C. Pierce (Melbourne), A. Poore (Caulfield), S. Porter (Sandringham), C. Price (Melbourne), C. Proctor (Charlton), L. G. Quail (Bruthen), E. J. Rampling (Essendon), C. Ramsay (Warrnambool), H. Rayner (Melbourne), H. E. Rayner (Warrnambool), A Re (Ballarat), J. H. Reid (Camberwell), J. M. Reid (Camberwell), S. Ring (Melbourne), W. Riordan (St Kilda), J. Robertson (Omeo), R. Sartori (Richmond), F. Savage (Narracan), A. Schendler (Warragul), T. B. Scott (St Kilda), Shire of Charlton (Charlton), Shire of Mansfield (Mansfield), P. Skehan (Port Melbourne), F. Slater (Port Melbourne), A. Smith (Brunswick), W. Smith (Korumburra), M. Snider (Malvern), N. Solomon (Fitzroy), Stainer and Co. (Melbourne), F. Steadman (Sandringham), A. Stewart (Richmond), H. J. Sthruth (Warrnambool), B. Small (Richmond), R. Smith (Oakleigh), W. F. Smith (Malvern), A. H. Smitheram (Footscray), D. Spence (Warrnambool), J. Sproal (Port Fairy), S. P. Stoddart (Traralgon), E. Sweetman (Sale), F. J. Sydenham (Footscray), H. Symons (Ballarat), C. W. Tait (Footscray), T. Thornhill (Brunswick), A. Thorpe (Caulfield), W. E. Tolliday (Sale), M. Tomholt (Port Melbourne), J. Tracey (Camberwell), T. Trembath (St Kilda), Troholis Bros. (Melbourne), A. Trotter (Brunswick), E. and G. Tucker (St Kilda), N. Vaughan (Camberwell), M. S. Walpole (Geelong), B. Walsh (Richmond), M. E. Walshe (Williamstown), E. Walton (Footscray), W. Walters (South Melbourne), S. A. Warman (Port Melbourne), E. Webster (Bendigo), A. Wilkinson (Melbourne), W. E. Wilson (Morwell) and H. Woodcock (St Kilda)
Fines imposed under the Factories and Shops Acts A-L: Ah Soon (fined at Balaclava), Charles J. Alt (Melbourne), A. J. Anderson (Clifton Hill), Anderson, Mackie and Co. (Barwon Downs), Andrew Andrew (Tarnagulla), Martha E. Anstee (Brighton), James Armstrong (Brunswick), William Ashley (Malvern), F. J. Atkins (Sandringham), Austral Grain and Ambler Pty. Ltd. (Parwan), James L. Barker (Footscray), B. M. Bassett (Donald), Edwin Beadmore (Wangaratta), Selina Beech (South Melbourne), John T. Bell (Koondrook), James Bentley (Toolangi), J. Bethell (Melbourne), C. A. Blewett (Brunswick), Cecil G. Blunden (Footscray), Antonio Bongiorno (Melbourne), John Brady (South Melbourne), Ethel C. Bremmer (Balaclava), James Bremmer (Elmore), W. J. Brewer (Clifton Hill), C. J. Brierty (North Carlton), Mary Ann Bright (West Footscray), Brooklyn Laundry (St Kilda), D. O. Brown (Castlemaine), William Brownie (Walwa), J. Butcher (Elmore), H. Bunney (Frankston), Charles A. Bye (Geelong), P. E. Byrne (Armstrong), Caelli Bros. (Sheppard's Creek), M. J. Caffney (Seymour), J. Canestra (St Kilda), G. Carra and Sons (Melbourne), H. Casanelia (North Melbourne), A. F. Charlston (Richmond), Charlie Way Lee (Geelong), John D. Clancy (Terang), Joseph Clemo (Boort), Cockatoo Preserves Ltd. (Collingwood), E. Coleman (Caulfield), Coleraine and Western District Butter Factory Co. Ltd. (Coleraine), L. L. Coles (Melbourne), George Collings (North Fitzroy), E. M. Collingwood (Coburg), Colman and Lardner (Maryborough), J. Copeland (Fitzroy), Cornish and Marshall (Melbourne), Joseph Costa (Geelong), Walter G. Davies (Carlton), J. C. Dean (Drouin), De Garis and Co. Pty. Ltd. (Mildura), John De La Cour (Rushworth), G. Demattina (Rippon Lea), V. M. Dennis (Yarraville), Dickens Bros. (Melbourne), Dimboola Flour Mill Co. (Dimboola), H. Dimond (St Kilda), Charles Dirks (Melbourne), Dixon Bros. (Geelong), J. T. Doherty (Northcote), T. H. Doughty (Melbourne), J. A. Douglas (Benalla), Hanorah Dunne (Bendigo), W. G. Dunoon (Colac), Claus Ebelling (Yarraville), Empire Manufacturing Co. (Fitzroy), L. G. Exell (North Melbourne), James Fairley (Shepparton), Claude Faram (Elsternwick), Farey Bros. (Yarram Yarram), William Fegan (Geelong), R. Finch (Beechworth), N. Finn (Carlton), Margaret Flynn (Carlton), L. Fonnesbeck (West Melbourne), F. Fontaine (Northcote), Foon Kee (Essendon), Footscray Boring Co. Pty. Ltd. (Footscray), Mark Forsyth (Ararat), George Fox (Footscray), J. French (South Melbourne), W. J. French (Coburg), S. Freidman (Footscray), Frieze Bros. Pty. Ltd. (Abbotsford), C. P. Frilay (Brunswick), Furphy and Sons (Shepparton), J. Gadden (West Melbourne), S. E. Gallagher (Footscray), N. C. George (Melbourne), William Gittins (Bendigo), Davis Goldbloom (Melbourne), Edith Goldbloom (Melbourne), V. Goldenberg (St Kilda), Frank Goldsworthy (Northcote), Goon Lee (Melbourne), G. Grano (Elwood), E. A. and D. Green (Footscray), E. L. Grimwood (fined at Echuca, Hackett's Creek), A. S. Groom (fined at Cockatoo, Hackett's Creek), Thomas Harrison (Melbourne), Harvey, Dunn and Co. Pty. Ltd. (Geelong), Edward Haugh (St Kilda), George Hauser (fined at Richmond, Melbourne), George Hayes (Melbourne), J. W. Healy (Ballarat East), J. Heaton (Williamstown), J. N. Hennessy (Brunswick), G. W. Hines (Beechworth), Henry C. Holden (Clifton Springs), W. J. Holder and Co. (Hawthorn), Hoong Sing and Co. (Melbourne), Harry Hooper (Geelong), Horsham Electric Supply Co. (Horsham), Hughes and Lyons (Footscray), L. P. Hutchinson (Brunswick), Llewellyn Impey (Avoca), T. Impey (Ararat), The Iris [Miss C. Roger's corsetry/millinery parlour] (Balaclava), J. Porta and Sons (Melbourne), J. Stewart and Co. (Newlyn), G. A. James (Richmond), J. W. Jenkins (Brunswick), T. Jenner (Caulfield), Ellis Jermyn (Sebastopol), W. B. Johnson (North Melbourne), C. W. and M. Keith (Ararat), John Keith (Richmond), Thomas S. Kelly (Koondrook), James P. Kerlin (Kyabram), A. and J. M. Kilgour (Melbourne), Kwong Sing (Warrnambool), A. W. Lamond (Carlton), Norman P. Langdon (West Melbourne), G. Latta (Brunswick), W. Lawrence (Melbourne), H. Lawson (fined at Brighton, St Kilda), T. and H. Lee (Warrnambool), Lem Pung (Melbourne), Lim Yeu (Melbourne), Lindsay and West (South Melbourne), Louey Hay (Melbourne), Louey Kett (South Melbourne), Mary G. Loughrey (Donald), Lucas Bros. (Melbourne), D. Lucas (Melbourne), Ludbrook's Pty. Ltd. (Melbourne), John W. Lyons (Richmond)
Fines imposed under the Factories and Shops Acts M-Z: Mary E. Mack (Warrnambool), Maples (Brunswick), J. Migliocnio (Carlton), Mildura Ice Works and Butter Factory Pty. Ltd. (Mildura), Milo Bacon Co. (Echuca East), Miss Maloney (Melbourne), G. A. Monsborough (Caulfield), Albert J. Morse (Melbourne), J. E. Morse (Footscray), Murray River Sawmills Co. Pty. Ltd. (Echuca), Fitz Murton (Brighton), Albert Myall (Richmond), James L. McCrae (Camperdown), Edward McElhenny (Collingwood), May McFarland (Melbourne), H. V. McKay (Sunshine), Alexander McLean (Benalla), William McNamara (Long Gully), E. J. McTier (Footscray), C. Nash and Son (Lethbridge), Victor Nassoor (Melbourne), George Naylor (Brunswick), James Nichol (Melbourne), W. H. Nicholson (fined at Elsternwick, Brighton), W. Norman (North Carlton), W. H. Norman (Carlton), C. E. Odlum (Camperdown), Kathleen O'Grady (fined at Carlton, Portland), Oliver Bros. (Brighton), Ernest Osborne (Ballarat East), Pang Shun (Elsternwick), Parkes and Son (Ararat), Paterson's Pty. Ltd. (Fitzroy), M. G. Payne (Fitzroy), Sophia L. Peard (Yarraville), George S. Pearson (Carlton), P. C. Pearson (Caulfield), Misses Pentland (Boort), M. M. Pephanis (Melbourne), A. H. Phillips (Benalla), Dudley Potter (South Yarra), May C. Pound (Brighton), Raftopulos Bros. (Melbourne), H. Raftopulos (Melbourne), Rapid Shoe Repairs (Melbourne), George J. Raybould (Smythesdale), Harry Rea (Northcote), Thomas A. H. Ready (Collingwood), A. Rees (Carlton), Rhodes Motor Cycle Co. Pty. Ltd. (Melbourne), W. A. Riedell (Tonagala), Ritter & Co. (Melbourne), F. C. Rowntree (Moonee Ponds), John Ryan (Chiltern), Matthew Ryan (Ararat), Sam Dick (St Kilda), Joseph Santamaria (Carlton), M. Santamaria (Brunswick), L. H. Scarfe (Brunswick), John Scott (Hawthorn), William Scott (Caulfield), Alfred J. Shaw (St Kilda), Sheldrick and Co. (Warrnambool), John H. Shilliday (Mildura), Shing Lee (Elsternwick), S. Shone (Fitzroy), C. W. Shuttleworth (Malvern), Sims Cooper and Co. (Australia) Pty. Ltd. (North Geelong), B. L. Smith (Northcote), E. L. Smith (Footscray), Henry Smith (Fitzroy), M. E. Smith (Melbourne), Son Lee (Melbourne), J. C. Stainton (Oakleigh), Standard Broom Factory (North Melbourne), Stanley Mullen Co. Pty. Ltd. (Melbourne), J. H. Steel (Sunshine), Alex Stewart (Richmond), Stewart and Smith (Casterton), S. and W. Sue (Elsternwick), Sun Goon Cheong (St Kilda), Andrew Sutherland (Longford), Arthur Sutherland (Welshpool), Percy Swales (Carlton), W. H. Sweatman (Portland), Tallangatta Butter Factory and Creamery Co. Ltd. (Tallangatta), Tevlin Bros. (Auburn), T[homas] Pinkerton and Son (Horsham), William Tibbles (Ararat), F. E. Tointon (Carlton), J. Torney (Tongala), Town Hall Cafe (Melbourne), E. H. Uebergang (Horsham), H. A. Uhlhorn (St Kilda), J. Velik (Maffra), Victorian Butter Factories Co-operative Co. Ltd. (Melbourne), "Virginie" (South Yarra), V. Vlasopulous (Melbourne), George Wagstaff (Yarraville), Ernest Wall (North Carlton), A. Watford (Brunswick), W. T. Watkins (Oakleigh), E. V. West (Horsham), Ivy Whitfield (West Footscray), C. Wilden (Geelong), Mary C. Willis (Yarraville), Wilson Bros. (Tumuc), W. E. Wilson (Morwell), Wimmera Inland Freezing Co. Ltd. (Murtoa), Wodonga Electric Supply Pty. Ltd. (Wodonga), Horace Woodcock (St Kilda), "Woods" (Yarraville), XYZ Baking Co. (Geelong), Alice Yoxall (Wangaratta) and Zenith Electric Co. (Melbourne)
Fines imposed under the Weights and Measures Act: Ah Louey (South Melbourne), Amarant Bros. (Kew), E. J. Bullas (Brunswick), Carnie and Patterson (Elsternwick), M. Carrucan (Kew), F. W. Crane (Richmond), James Davidson (Richmond), Mark Davis (Collingwood), May Delino (Hawthorn), A. W. Dunstan (Heidelberg), C. H. Dyer (Clifton Hill), Mrs R. Ellis (Fitzroy), F. B. Featherstone (Kew), J. Ferguson (Hawthorn), F. Gailbraith (Fitzroy), R. Greskie (Hawthorn), Albert Griffiths (Collingwood), Arthur Hicks (South Melbourne), William E. Hicks (South Melbourne), A. Hill (Brunswick), E. W. Hill (Collingwood), J. T. Hodge (Hawthorn), Sarah Hone (Box Hill), A. H. Hopton (Collingwood), J. R. and R. J. Beddison (Fitzroy), M. A. Jackson (Fitzroy), David Kingston (Daylesford), J. W. Lyons (Richmond), E. Newton (Northcote), Maurice Phillips (Fitzroy), William E. Roach (South Melbourne), John Taylor (Fitzroy), H. Tucker (Brunswick), B. Siebler (Hawthorn), W. Skinner (Hawthorn), H. T. Sparks (Collingwood), Harold Spooner (Elsternwick) and M. Wilkinson (Brunswick)
Fines imposed under the Bakers and Millers Act: F. H. Benson (Bendigo), J. Campbell (Yarraville), C. Chittick (Oakleigh), Civil Service Co-operative Society Limited (Footscray), Percival Davey (Elsternwick), James Davidson (Richmond), P. Esmonde (St Kilda), G. Fyander (Port Melbourne), J. W. Hennessy (Port Melbourne), Holdaway Bros. (Port Melbourne), T. G. Jellis (Camberwell), Lewis and McNair (Oakleigh), John McClean (St Kilda), James McCullagh (Melbourne), H. C. Morris (Coburg), R. Patterson (Port Melbourne), Pittard Bakeries Ltd. (St Kilda), John Pittard (Caulfield), R. Robbins (Hawthorn), Hugh Stranaghan (Caulfield), J. Sullivan (Port Melbourne), J. M. Sullivan (Port Melbourne), L. Warren (Coburg), A. C. Weightman (Oakleigh) and Charles Willett (St Kilda)
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