Fines under Dairy, Health (Pure Food), Factories, Weights and Measures, and Bakers and Millers Acts : return to an order of the House dated 29th November 1918 for a return up to the 30th September 1918 in continuation of the previous return showing separately all fines imposed under (a) The Dairy Supervision Act ; (b) The pure food provisions of the Health Act ; (c) The Factories and Shops Act ; (d) The Weights and Measures Acts ; (e) The Bakers and Millers Act specifying: Name of person or firm fined, Nature of offence, Amount of fine, Locality where offence committed : together with totals and with summary of offences, fines, &c., under each Act, as furnished on page 2 of the return presented to the House on the 5th February 1918 : ordered by the Legislative Assembly to be printed 19th December 1919

Corporate Author: Victoria. Dept. of Labour (1916-1954)
Other Authors: Victoria. Board of Public Health (1890-1920)
Published: Melbourne : Albert J. Mullett, Government Printer, 1919
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1919, no. C 3
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Item Description: Fines imposed Dairy Supervision Act 1915: E. Allen (fined Heidelberg), J. E. Allen (Blackwood Forest), J. E. Balfour (Clyde), A. O. Bastin (Bentleigh), W. F. Bell (Yarra Glen), A. Bloxham (Ivanhoe), Mrs M. Brabazon (Hurstbridge), Mrs E. Brennan (Ormond), Mrs H. Brown (Eltham), F. Bunny (Heatherton), Mrs L. J. Carey (Bentleigh), S. Carlson (Elsternwick), J. Cooney (Fawkner), R. Dawes (Korumburra), Mrs B. Dillon (Research), Mrs J. Doyle (Coghill's Creek), Mrs M. Duggan (Claretown), E. Dunn (Elaine), A. Edwards (Bentleigh), E. Eicke (Somerville), Mrs Ethel (Bentleigh), George Fancke (Yallock), Mrs A. Field (Healesville), M. Field (Bentleigh), J. Flood (Warrandyte), George Forscutt (Kangaroo Ground), H. F. Fry (Richmond), A. Gibson (Highett), R. Gilbert (Healesville), J. Grant (Warrandyte), C. E. Hill (Bentleigh), R. Hobson (Eltham), S. Holland (Warrandyte), A. Hurst (Murroon), George Jeffrey (Werneth), R. Johnson (Warrandyte), L[ouis] Lampard (Hawthorn), Miss E. Lee (Healesville), J. Lindorff (Werneth), R. J. Lithgow (Yarra Glen), N. Lloyd (Queenscliff), J. Lodge (Arthur's Creek), B. Lowden (Highett), J. W. Lowry (Eltham), J. Lyall (Tooradin), Mrs P. Malane (Bentleigh), George Martin (Coghill's Creek), Miss C. Mathieson (Coburg), Miss D. Mathieson (Coburg), J. McKenzie (Tooradin), J. McLaren (Healesville), J. McLennan (Werneth), C. H. McNaught (Kennington), D. McRae (Strezleckie), William Mills (Eltham), Mrs E. Milnes (Ryanstown), W. Moulsdale (Coimadai), Mrs E. Murphy (Elaine), Jane Neilson (Warrandyte), A. Nicholas (Stony Creek), William Peel (Tooradin), Mrs R. Punton (Maribyrnong), J. Ralston (Werneth), J. Renehan (Research), D. Richards (Ryanstown), William Richie (Werneth), George Ricketts (Bentleigh), E. Roach (Heidelberg), J. Robbins (Elaine), Mrs C. Robinson (Eltham), Joseph Salixs (Bentleigh), J. Sandberg (Poowong), M. J. Saunders (Healesville), H. Scarce (Eltham), William Scott (Lyndhurst South), Ellen Selman (Lilydale), Mrs C. Shanahan (Bentleigh), F. Sheppard (Bentleigh), J. Smelley (Yarra Glen), Mrs A. Smith (Yarra Glen), William Smith (Healesville), J. D. Spavin (West Warburton), D. Stalker (Elaine), H. Steinman (Queenstown), F. Taylor (Frankston), James Toogood (Eltham), Tout Bros. (Yering), William Waight (Dixon's Creek), H. Walsh (Bentleigh), D. Watt (Bentleigh), A. T. Williams (Talgarno), C. Williams (Malvern), Emily Williams (Eltham), W. Williams (Langwarrin) and C. Wright (Epsom)
Fines imposed under the Health Act [1915]: A - L: C. Adams (fined Shepparton), H. Adams (Camberwell), C. Agon (Richmond), N. Alexander (Melb.), W. J. Anderson (Sth. Melb.), W. Armstrong (Footscray), C. B. Atkins (Moorabbin), Bacchus Marsh Co. (Melb.), D. Bardolph (Essendon), L. Barrass (Wycheproof), R. Barry (Morwell), R. J. Batten (Melb.), E. J. Bell (Warrnambool), C. Benvenuto (Melb.), [Mr?] Blogg (Melb.), L. M. Blunder (Camberwell), A. C. Bowden (St. Kilda), W. Brewer (Beechworth), D. O. Brown (Castlemaine), E. Brown (Mildura), V. R. Brown (Ballarat East), F. A. Bryant (Moorabbin), Buchanan and Co. (Sth. Melb.), W. E. V. Butler (Maffra), G. M. Butte (Ararat Shire), T. Calder (Brunswick), T. Callaghan (Richmond), R. Canestra (Brunswick), Canterbury Freehold Investment Co. (Camberwell), A. C. Cantor (Warrnambool), A. F. Carter (Traralgon), A. Casamento (Brunswick), F. Cayley (Werribee), Chambers and Bennett (Melb.), O. F. Chilcott (Sale), J. Chisholm (Brunswick), P. Clark (Morwell), J. A. Clements (Beechworth), Cockatoo Preserves Ltd. (fined at Melb., Nunawading), A. A. Cockerall (Kew), R. A. Colenso (Melb.), N. Condogranis [i.e. Condogianis] (Melb.), M. A. Coney (Healesville), W. Connell (Melb.), C. Coogap (Richmond), E. Cook (Mirboo), F. Cook (Moorabbin), A. Cooper (Stawell), P. Cox (Melb.), F. J. Cripps (Brighton), A. E. Croll (Brighton), G. Dalgleish (Moorabbin), J. Danekert (Dimboola), R. Darragh (Brunswick), Daum and Co. (Fitzroy), W. J. Davey (Ballarat East), S. Davis (Prahran), F. Dean (Werribee Shire), K. Dennis (Melb.), A. E. Dick (Moorabbin), L. Dickens [also spelled Dickins] (Melb.), D. Dinwoodie (Preston), A. H. Draper (Numurkah), Drew Bros. (Essendon), G. Drummond (Malvern), W. Duff (Queenscliff), J. Earle (Warrnambool), A. Edwards (Sth Melb.), P. Elkington (Ballarat), H. Enticknap (Bendigo), M. Ewins (Moorabbin), F. Walker and Co. (Melb.), F[rederick] Watkins Ltd. (Fitzroy), G. Ferlazzo (Ballarat), J. Fetherston (Wonthaggi), J. H. Fish (Sth. Melb.), E. S. Fisher (Ararat Shire), A. Fletcher (Malvern), T. Flewin (Melb.), E. Fowler (Caulfield), W. Franklin (Fitzroy), W. L. Freeman (Moorabbin), S. Fryberg (Melb.), G. Woolf and Sons (Ballarat and Melb.), R. H. Gilbert (St. Kilda), C. Glass (Sth. Melb.), A. Goldberg (Brunswick), H. Goldberg (Brunswick), W[olf] Goldenberg (St. Kilda), F. Gower (Seymour), F. Graham (Richmond), A. Grigg (Malvern), P. Haines (Bet Bet), W. Handley (Collingwood), G. Hanson [also spelled Hansen] (Collingwood), F. Harris (Essendon), O. Hartridge (Sth. Melb.), R. A. Haughton (Port Melb.), A. Healey (Sth. Melb.), S. Henderson (Hamilton), M. Herridge (Swan Hill), G. Hillis (Warrnambool), R. Hogan (Sth. Melb.), J. S. Holmes (Caulfield), G. Holt (Fitzroy), P. Howe (Ballarat), Hoyts Ltd. (Melb.), P. W. Hunt (Traralgon), G. E. Hyde (Melb.), J. Connell and Co. (Melb.), J. Herschell and Co. (Sth. Melb.), Jewell and Thatcher (Footscray), G. Johnson (Richmond), J. Johnston (St. Kilda), H. H. Jones (Ballarat), N. J. Keating (Port Fairy), G. Keech (Northcote), J. H. Kennedy (Melb.), J. T. Kennedy (Collingwood), R. J. Kennedy (St. Kilda), M. Keppel (Healesville), T. L. Keys (Melb.), A. M. King (Melb.), G. King (Melb.), J. King (Werribee Shire), W. Knight (Bendigo), J. J. Kyle (Richmond), P. Lacy (Richmond), P. J. Laird (Collingwood), P. Lambert (Footscray), F. Lancaster (Fitzroy), J. C. Langley (Hawthorn), E. Lawton (Warrnambool), P. E. J. Le Page (Caulfield), J. Lescai (Warrnambool), L. D. Leslie (Collingwood), J. Lloyd (Melb.), London Stores (Melb.), T. H. Lonegan (Malvern), Love and Pollard (Brunswick), H. Lowe (Brunswick), D. Lowry (Port Melb.), A. Lucas (Colac), M. Lucas (Melb.), P. F. Lynch (Shepparton)
Fines imposed under the Health Act M - Z: J. M. McAuliffe (Kyneton), A. McBean (Kew), J. McConkie (Richmond), D. McKercher (Sth. Melb.), J. McLellan (Wycheproof), J. Madden (fined Melb.), D. Mahoney (Brunswick), C. Maloney (Numurkah), R. S. Mana (Brunswick), J. March (Brunswick), Z. Markov (Melb.), M. L. Marshall (Dunmunkle), J. Martin (Sth. Melb.), J. Mattei (Dunmunkle), C. Meggis (Melb.), F. Michaelis (Benalla), M. Miller (Moorabbin), W. Millett (Brunswick), Moonee Ponds Picture Theatre (Essendon), Moran and Cato (St. Kilda), D. Morrison (Brunswick), M. D. Mountjoy (Geelong), E. Myles (Geelong West), J. Negus (Melb.), F. Nelson (Brunswick), A. Newbold [i.e. Newbould](Collingwood), Nieman Bros. (Bendigo), H. Nursey (Caulfield), O. T. Ltd. (Melb.), D. L. Oakley (Warrnambool), J. O'Connell (Shepparton), E. O'Donnell (Prahran), J. O'Donnell (Prahran), M. O'Loughlin (Bendigo), M. Orr (Werribee Shire), V. W. Paccholi (Inglewood), J. Palmer (Brunswick), C. Parkinson (Sth. Melb.), E. Parkinson (Sth. Melb.), A. Paryianos (Melb.), A. Paxmos (Melb.), J. Peacock (Melb.), G. Penlot (Dandenong), H. Pescud (Geelong), K. E. Phelan (Ararat), C. Pianelli (Goulburn), C. Pilgrim (Geelong West), D. Politas (Brunswick), D. Potter (Geelong), M. J. Poynton (Moorabbin), H. Prosser (Dunmunkle), B. Quinane (Shepparton), R. G. Wilson and Co. (Melb.), R. E. Ralph (Ballarat East), Rastupulos [i.e. Arthur G. Raftopulos, Regal Cafe Swanston St.?] (Melb.), A. Rattopulos [i.e. Arthur Gerassimos Raftopulos] (Brunswick), A. Ray (Sth. Melb.), Redford and Co. (Warrnambool), M. A. Regan (Essendon), L. Reid (Collingwood), [Mr?] Renkin (Swan Hill), W. Rhodes (Sth. Melb.), E. Ricardo (Sth. Melb.), W. Richmond (Sth. Melb.), P. C. Riviere (Port Melb.), W. Robson (Coburg), Rocke Tompsitt and Co. (Melb.), C. Rosario [also spelled Rosaris] (Sth. Melb.), M. J. Rovano (Malvern), W. Ruddock (Brunswick), J. Ruff (Caulfield), W. J. Ruffin (Dimboola), M. E. Russell (Dandenong), R. Russell (Corio), E. Ryan (McIvor), M. Ryan (Moorabbin), J. Safronos (Brunswick), J. Samson (Colac), C. Sarah (Moorabbin), M. Scharnest (Essendon), A. Schleiger (Bendigo), Schweppes Ltd. (Melb.), H. Scolari (Melb.), E. Scullin [also spelled Scullion] (Hamilton), L. F. Sexton (Dandenong), Shaper and Ward (Melb.), J. E. Sherwood (St. Kilda), J. Sim (Brunswick), C. Simpson (Camberwell), J. E. Skepper (Sth. Melb.), E. Slattery (Yarrawonga), J. Smark (Fitzroy), E. G. Smith (Melb.), J. Smith (Wonthaggi), W. Smith (Moorabbin), M. Snider (Malvern), [Mr?] Solleny (Brunswick), H. Stevens (Goulburn), [Mr?] Stewart (Melb), A. Stewart (Bijou Theatre Melb.), [Byron] Sutterby (Melb.), H. Swannell (Fitzroy), C. R. O. Temme (Brighton), T. Thomas (Melb.), E. Thompson (Moorabbin), W. C. Tolliday (Sale), E. Tracey (Shepparton), Trawl Fisheries (Melb.), W. Trotman (Ballarat), E. Tucker (Footscray), J. Tulloch (Melb.), O. Unmack (Melb.), M. M. Uren (Ballarat), P. Valentine (Caulfield), Mrs J. Veal (Ballarat), J. Veale (Ballarat East), Victoria Brewery Co. (Melb.), A. T. Vinnell (Swan Hill), J. Virgona (Brunswick), A. Wagstaff (Sth. Melb.), A. Walker (Dandenong Shire), J. Walker (Sth. Melb.), T. Walker (Yarrawonga), T. W. Walker (Richmond), W. Walsh (Brunswick), Wattle Confections Ltd. (Richmond), W. J. Wearne (Melb.), W. J. Webb (Richmond), F. P. Webber (Kew), [Mr?] Weir (Daylesford), A. West (Stawell), G. Whatley (Dandenong), F. Wheat (Caulfield), A. Whyatt (Horsham), Williams and Son (Hawthorn), F. A. Wilson (Brunswick), J. Wilson (Sth. Melb.), W. E. Wilson (Morwell), Wonthaggi Picture Co., E. Wood (Melb.), H. Wood (Melb.), H. Woodward (Dandenong), T. Woolhouse (Richmond), H. Wootton (Brunswick), E. Yeates (Bendigo), J. S. Young (Dandenong), R. Young (Hawthorn), N. Zanos (Warrnambool) and P. Zenardi (Melb.)
Fines imposed under the Factories and Shops Acts A - J: A. A. Brooks and Co. (Newtown), A. W. Allen Pty Ltd (Kensington), Abraham Aarons (fined North Richmond), Ah Houng (Eaglehawk), Ah Low Kee (Prahran), Alex. Sturrock and Sons (Sth. Melb.), J. Anderson (Malvern), Florrie Arkins (North Melb.), Gertrude Arnott (Carlton), Solomon Ashe (Fitzroy), Ethel Aslan (Sth. Melb.), Irene Austin (Collingwood), J. J. Bandy (Mildura), Ernest Barrett (St Kilda), John Beattie (Fitzroy), A. Bernard (Carlton), F. C. Bickham and May Bickham (Windsor), M. Bignell (Richmond), G. W. Billington (Mildura), A. E. Blight (North Brighton), W. J. Blyth (Geelong), R. Boardman (Melb.), M. Bodle (Mildura), T. Boyd (Carlton), Ruby Braham (Fitzroy), S. J. Brailsford (North Fitzroy), William Bredin (Sth. Melb.), Brighton Motor Hire Co. (Brighton), Albert S. Brown (Burnley), D. O. Brown (Castlemaine), I. Brown (Richmond), Thomas Brunker (North Melb.), D. Buchanan (Footscray), Isabella Bull (Camberwell), F. Bunce (Cheltenham), J. Burrows (Northcote), Charles A. Bye (Geelong East), C. Daly and Co. (Melb.), William Campbell (Long Gully), W. L. Cann (Melb.), G. Carra (Melb.), Joseph Chandler (Brunswick), Charlie Lou Yong (Canterbury), L. Chatelet (Brunswick), Chee Lung and Co. (Melb.), Chong Shing (Abbotsford), Mary M. Clancy (Collingwood), Barton Clark (Geelong), Charles Clark (Richmond), Mrs Fanny Clark (Richmond), Clarke, Padley and Co. (Melb.), Ernest Cleland (Carlton), Cockatoo Preserves Ltd. (Collingwood), Flora & Harry Coen (Caulfield), D. Cohen (South Melb.), W. Coldstream (South Yarra), Margaret A. Coles (Chilwell), Commonwealth Barbed Wire and Nail Works (South Melb.), N. Condogianis (Melb.), T. R. Congleton (Coburg), D. C. Connell (Brighton), Minnie Conroy (Burnley), Edward Cook (Mirboo North), Joseph Costa (Geelong), E. Crameri (Fitzroy), Henry Croft (Richmond), George Cuttriss (Geelong), J. Daddy (Melb.), Hilda Dandy (Abbotsford), Thomas D. Daniell (Richmond), Frederick G. Davey (Albert Park), Joseph Davison (Swan Hill), S. Dempster (Carlton), M. L. Denham (South Melb.), Amy Dicker (Collingwood), L. Dingle (South Melb.), D. R. Dodds (Fitzroy), F. Doherty (Geelong), Minnie Doherty (St. Kilda), Mary Doidge (Abbotsford), G. Douglas (Melb.), Abbey Dove (Burnley), F. O. Dudson (Warrnambool), William S. Dunstan (Bendigo), E. C. Robertson and Co. (Werribee), C. W. Eddels (Abbotsford), Eddy and Anstee (Gardenvale), J. H. Edney (Elsternwick), L. Edwards (Norrh Carlton), Jack Egan (Mildura), A. Elliott (St Kilda), Maud Ellis (Collingwood), H. Enever (Brunswick), G. Evans (Richmond), Harry Finkelstein (Sth. Yarra), [Frederick] Watkins Pty Ltd (Melb.), A. D. Fuzzard (Northcote), G. Dight and Son (Carlton), Galliers and Klaerr Pty Ltd (St. Kilda), Gee Sun (Melb.), Stephen George (Fitzroy), W. George (Elsternwick), S. A. Gerson (Geelong), D. Giles (Glenhuntly), M. A. Glassbrenner (Sth Yarra), Minnie Goodwin (St. Kilda), Mrs E. K. Gorton (Collingwood), A. Gosling (Brunswick), Maria Gourlay (Windsor), V. Graham (Kennington [Bendigo]), G, Grano (Elwood), E. A. and D. Green (Footscray), M. Green (Abbotsford), Grosovsky and Baitz (Melb.), Amelia Grossett (Collingwood), J. Hale (Brighton), A. H. Hansen (Warburton), Grace Hanson (Abbotsford), Harris and Goldstein (Carlton), Jacob F. Hartmann (Campbellfield), R. M. Hay (Abbotsford), George Hayes (Melb.), F. Heil (Bendigo), F. Heppner (Victoria Market), William Higgins (Woori Yallock), A. H. Hillberg (Essendon), Sydney Hilson (Essendon), C. Hinneberg (Daylesford), Frederick Holland (Malvern), E. Hosie (Albert Park), Elizabeth Howe (Bendigo), W. Humphrey (Geelong), L. P. Hutchinson (Nth. Carlton), A. S. Hyndman (Nth. Melb.), Ideal Bootery (Elsternwick), J. G. Cooke and Co. (Prahran), J. Thorpe and Sons (South Melb.), Margaret Jacobs (Sth. Melb.), G. A. James (Richmond), J. J. James (Collingwood), J. W. Jenkins (Brunswick), Mary John (North Fitzroy), James H. Johnson (Cobram), Alice Johnstone (Richmond), B. Jones (Richmond), J. E. Jones (Collingwood), T. E. Jones (Horsham), William Jones (South Yarra) and Junction Brick Tile and Pottery Works (Oakleigh)
Fines imposed under the Factories and Shops Acts K - R: C. M. J. Kavanagh (Fitzroy), Charles Kelson (Koroit), Ada Kennedy (Collingwood), J. Kenny (Geelong), Jessie Kenny (North Melb.), George Kenshole (Geelong), H. Khyatt [i.e. Khyat?] (Melb.), Kyhat and Co. (Melb.), E. King (Victoria Market), Roy King (Richmond), Jim Knight (Prahran), K. Knudsen (Northcote), Arnold A. Lancaster (Fitzroy), Maria Lane (West Melb.), Mary Ann Lavers (Fitzroy), Lee Brothers (Glenhuntly), Harry Lehrer (Carlton), William Lehrer (Long Gully), Leroy Manufacturing Co. (Melb.), Lim Foo and Co. (Melb.), Lim Wing War and Co. (Melb.), James A. Lloyd (Brunswick), Louey Bong (Melb.), Louey Shing (Melb.), Walter A. Lovell (Nth. Richmond), Edward Lovick (Moonee Ponds), M. Lucas (Melb.), Ludbrooks Pty Ltd (Melb.), Margaret L. McCall (Sth. Melb.), Daniel McCarthy (Warrnambool), W. J. McConichie (Elsternwick), A. McDonald (Brunswick), Agnes McDonald (South Melb.), E. McDonald (Fitzroy), Margaret McDonald (Richmond), Alfred McEwen (Nth. Melb.), Margaret McGrath (Nth. Melb.), A. D. Mackellar (Richmond), Alice McVicar (Brunswick), M. Malouf (Carlton), Bennett Manhire (Fitzroy), Ada Marsh (East Prahran), Marsh and Son (North Melb.), Marsh Brothers (Bendigo), Matilda Marshall (Sth. Melb.), William Martin (Bendigo), Mrs J. C. Matthews (Tongala), Nellie Mighall (Nth. Richmond), Elizabeth Miller (Collingwood), J. D. and F. Mitchell (Merbein), Mitchell Brothers (Melb.), Edward Moore (Chilwell), Sarah Ann Moore (Geelong), Jane M. Morris (Bendigo), W. M. G. W. Morison (Boort), R. Moulds (Camberwell), Mulready Provan and Clark (Fitzroy), John J. Munro (Footscray), J. Murphy (Coburg), R. W. Nankervis (Nth. Carlton), Nayook Pty Ltd (Nayook), "Neway" (Elsternwick), J. Newell (Fitzroy), R. Newson (Carlton), G. C. Nichols (Prahran), Alex. McI. Nicholson (Benalla), C. H. E. Nicholson (Brunswick), Nursey Brothers (Glenhuntly), J. O'Connor (Brunswick), W. A. Ogilvie (St. Kilda), T. H. O'Grady (Warrnambooll), Susanah O'Reilly (Fitzroy), J. Page (East Melb.), J. W. Pannett (Nth. Richmond), R. Parker (Geelong West), Robert Patterson (Port Melb.), Willliam Pearce (Woori Yallock), A. Pennock (Sth. Melb.), Progress Stereo Service (Melb.), G. Quantrell (Prahran), James Railton (South Melb.), E. Ralph (South Yarra), E. S. Raphael (Melb.), Gustave Rapke (Melb.), Reid and Price (Hamilton), H. Reynolds (Victoria Market), Ethel Rhodes (West Melb.), J. A. C. Richards (Mildura), Richmond Box and Case Factory (Richmond), Angelina Riddell (Fitzroy), James Roche (Narbethong), F. J. Rosenbrock (Mordialloc), F. C. W. Rosendahl (Geelong), A. G. Roth (Prahran), Garnet Rowe (Sth. Yarra), James Russell (North Fitzroy), M. S. Russell (Chelsea), E. M. Ryan (Windsor) and Mary Ryan (Windsor)
Fines imposed under the Factories and Shops Acts S - Z: W. Sack (fined Horsham), L. E. Sadewasser (Princes Bridge), G. Saleeba (Fitzroy), J. P. Salmon (Ballarat East), Thomas Scullen (Richmond), Zivian S. Serbs (Ballarat East), Shannon and Brice (Brunswick), Abraham Silverman (Melb.), Sims Brothers (Bendigo), D. Smith (Williamstown), H. F. V. Smith (Warrnambool), Jane Smith (Richmond), Margaret Smith (Fitzroy), W. H. Smith (Carlton), Executors of late F. E. Snell (Nth. Fitzroy), Snowdrop Ice Cream Co. (Sth. Melb.), W. Spear (St Kilda), A. R. Spooner (Northcote), Spriggs and Porter (Benalla), M. E. Stainsby (Warrnambool), Standard Box Manufacturing Co. (Melb.), T. P. Stapleton (Richmond), M. M. Stead (Nth. Melb.), Mary Stewart (Nth. Melb.), Edward Stubbs (Richmond), J[eremiah] Sullivan (North Melb.), M. Sullivan (Collingwood), W. E. Sully (Footscray), Sun Hong War and Co. (Melb.), Sun Mow (Melb.), T. Luxford and Son (Collingwood), M. E. Taylor (Williamstown), E. M. Thiessen (St. Kilda), Alice Thomas (Nth. Richmond), E. Thompson (Prahran), J. Thompson (Melb.), M. L. Toms (Richmond), Tone and Peirce (Benalla), V. F. Treadwell (Merbein), A. E. Treasure (Prahran), J. Tucker (St Kilda), Upper Yarra Cash Stores (Yarra Junction), Martin M. Veigh (Footscray), J. A. Vickers (Collingwood), William Vowles (Richmond), Wah Lee (Nth. Carlton), Lewis A. Walker (Fitzroy), L. Wall (Prahran), J. E. Waller (Portarlington), D. Ward (Brunswick), F. A. Watson (North Richmond), Esther Weisberg (Carlton), Elizabeth Wells (Geelong), W. E. White (Richmond), [William] McLean and Co. (Melb.), A. G. Williams (Koroit), J. Williams (Victoria Market), Arthur H. Wilson (Melb.), D. Wilson (St Kilda), E. J. Wilson (St Kilda), Wing Kee (Melb.), John Withers (Middle Park), A. Wolman (Elsternwick), Wong Tip (Carlton), E. and R. Wood (Fitzroy), J. Woodward (East Prahran), T. Wrigglesworth (Carlton), Yee War Hie (Melb.), Yen Kee (Melb.), A. G. Younes (Melb.), Yuen Bow and Co. (Melb.), S. Zame (Glenhuntly) and H. Zmood (Melb.)
Fines imposed under the Weights and Measures Act 1915: W. Andrews (Prahran Market), A. Battiscombe (Fitzroy), Archibald Chisholm (Daylesford), Max Cohen (Prahran Market), Louis Gray (Collingwood), Sydney H. Griffiths (Camberwell), H. F. Bowles and Son (Richmond), J. J. James (Fitzroy), H. S. Kipper (Northcote), E. Knersch (Northcote), Looey Poo (Fitzroy), Morrison Brothers (Fitzroy), J. Ohlenrott (Richmond), John Osborne (Collingwood), J. T. O'Sullivan (Kew), Christian Peterson (Hawthorn), J. Russell (Fitzroy), M. Ryan (Richmond), Arthur Scarlett (Prahran Market), Henry Schulz (Preston), Sun Hong Shing (Fitzroy) and P. Unkenstein (Fitzroy)
Fines imposed under the Bakers and Millers Act 1915: George Henry Anderson & John William Anderson (trading as H. Anderson or Anderson Bros.) (fined North Geelong), F. H. Benson (Bendigo), W. H. Birt (Caulfield), Joseph Brassey (North Geelong), F. Brown (Richmond), Civil Service Co-operative Society (St Kilda), D. C. Connell (St Kilda), Percival Davey (Elsternwick), Hugh Doherty (Footscray), Daniel Dorgan (Caulfield), Thomas Dyson (Bendigo), Charles Henry Forrest (Elsternwick), John Geary (Caulfield), George Haas (Elsternwick), George Haas and Co. (St Kilda), William Haysom (North Geelong), T. G. Jellis (Hawthorn), Benjamin E. Johnson (Carlton), Kellett and Son (St Kilda), M. McKenzie (Richmond), Richard McLaughlin [also spelled McLoughlin] (Caulfield), Robert C. Martin (Carlton), James Monico (Daylesford), Parker Mortimore (Elsternwick), Thomas Henry O'Grady (Warrnambool), Benjamin Stockdale (St. Kilda), J. M. Sullivan (Richmond/Fitzroy), J. H. Tibbs (Carlton), A. C. M. Veitch (Fitzroy), Wilbert and Birt (Caulfield) and Percy Willett (Prahran)
Other mentions: Bijou Theatre p. 9
Physical Description: 18p. ; 33cm.

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