Report of the resolutions, proceedings and debates of the Premiers' Conference held at Melbourne May 1920 : together with appendices

Corporate Author: Australia. Prime Minister (1915-1923 : Hughes)
Other Authors: Premiers' Conference (Australia), Barnes, Samuel, 1865-1951, Bell, Norris G., Cann, George, 1871-1948, Clarke, Frank Grenville, Sir, 1879-1955, Cook, Joseph, Sir, 1860-1947, Coyne, John Henry, 1865-1926, Deane, Henry, 1827-1924, Fihelly, John Arthur, 1882-1945, Fraser, James, 1861-1936, Fraser, James Hamilton, 1858-1932, Groom, Littleton E. 1867-1936, Hean, Alexander, 1859-1927, Hutchinson, William, 1864-1924, Irvine, W. H. Sir, 1858-1943, Jones, Alfred James, 1871-1945, Laffer, George Richards, 1866-1933, Lang, J. T. 1876-1975, Lewis, Neil Elliott, Sir, 1858-1935, Light, E. E., Loughlin, Peter Ffrench, 1881-1960, McGuire, James, 1856-1927, Mackinnon, Donald, 1859-1932, MacLean, George Stephen, 1889-1969, Mathieson, John, 1846-1906, Millen, Edward Davis, 1860-1923, Moncrieff, Joseph Cowan Bain, 1849-1924, Oliver, Charles, Pearce, George Foster, Sir, 1870-1952, Pendleton, Alan George, e1837-1916, Ritchie, George, Sir, 1864-1944, Scaddan, John, 1876-1934, Short, Francis Theodore, 1862-1926, Simms, Edward, New South Wales. Premier (1920-1921 : Storey), South Australia. Premier (1920-1924 : Barwell), Tasmania. Premier (1916-1922 : Lee), Victoria. Premier (1918-1924 : Lawson), Western Australia. Premier (1919-1924 : Mitchell), Conference of Commonwealth and State Ministers (Australia)
Published: Melbourne : Albert J. Mullett, Government Printer, 1920
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1920, no. 5
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Item Description: " Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Victorian delegates: H. S. W. Lawson (President of the Conference) (Premier/Commissioner of Crown Lands and Survey/Solicitor-General), W. Hutchinson (Minister of Education and Forests), F. G. Clarke (Minister of Public Works and Water Supply), S. Barnes (Minister of Mines and Railways) and D. Mackinnon (asst. Minister of Lands)
New South Wales delegates: John Storey (Premier), J. T. Lang (Colonial Treasurer), P. F. Loughlin (Secretary for Lands/Minister of Forests) and G. Cann (Secretary for Mines/Minister for Labour and Industry)
Queensland delegates: J. A. Fihelly (acting Premier/Attorney-General/Treasurer/Secretary for Public Works/Minister in Charge of State Enterprises), J. H. Coyne (Minister for Lands) and A. J. Jones (Minister for Mines)
South Australian delegates: H. N. Barwell (Premier/Attorney-General), J. Ritchie (Treasurer/Minister of Education) and G. R. Laffer (Commissioner of Crown Lands and Immigration/Minister of Repatriation)
Western Australian delegates: J. Mitchell (Premier/Colonial Treasurer/Minister of Lands and Repatriation) and J. Scaddan (Minister for Mines and Railways)
Tasmanian delegates: Sir W. H. Lee (Premier/Chief Secretary/Minister of Education), Sir N. E. Lewis (Treasurer/Minister of Mines) and A. Hean (Minister of Lands)
F. T. Short (sec. to the Premier of Victoria) was appointed Clerk of the Conference
G. S. MacLean was appointed Clerk Assistant of the Conference
Sir W. H. Irvine (Lieutenant-Governor) opened the proceedings and welcomed the representatives
W. M. Hughes (Prime Minister) attended the Conference on 22nd, 24th & 25th May 1920, Commonwealth Minister Sir Joseph Cook (Minister for the Navy) 24th-25th May and Commonwealth Ministers E. D. Millen (Minister for Repatriation), G. F. Pearce (Minister for Defence) and L. E. Groom (Minister for Works and Railways) on 24th May 1920
Appendix A: Correspondence from the chairman of the Railway Commissioners' Conference Melbourne 1920 (James McGuire (railways commissioner South Australia))
Appendix B: Progress report (No. 8) : report by the executive officer ([J. Storey] the Premier of New South Wales) respecting the action taken under authority of decisions adopted at the Conferences held in Sydney May 1918 and in Melbourne July 1918 and January 1919
Appendix C: memorandum from Edward Simms (sec. Commonwealth Railways Commissioner) to Littleton E. Groom (Minister of State for Commonwealth Works and Days) re. break of gauge problem in connexion with Australian railways. Includes Appendix 1: Extract from minutes of a meeting of the Railway Commissioners of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia held in Melbourne on Monday and Tuesday 23rd and 24th August 1897 to consider and report on the unification of the railway gauges, as desired by the Right Honorables the Premiers of their respective colonies at Adelaide on the 8th April 1897 - signed John Mathieson, Charles Oliver, Allan G. Pendleton - Appendix 2: Extract from report dated 11th April 1913 by the engineers-in-chief of the Commonealth and the States - signed H. Deane (president, engineer-in-chief for Commonwealth railways), James Fraser (engineer-in-chief for existing lines NSW), J. H. Fraser (chief engineer for way and works Victoria), J. C. B. Moncrieff (chief engineer for railways Sth Australia), E. E. Light (chief engineer for existing lines Western Australia), Norris G. Bell (chief engineer for railways Qld.) - - Appendix 5: Summary showing growth of Australian railway systems and business (including Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia) - signed Edward Simms (sec. Cwealth Railways Commissioners) - Appendix 6: Map of Australia as prepared by the Cwealth Railways Commissioner (Edward Simms) showing proposed 4 ft. 8 1/2 in. connexions with the capitals as referred to on p. 8
People/bodies mentioned in Appendix C: Knibb's Official Year Book No. 1 p. 113, a Royal Commission on the Gauges p. 113, E. A. Pratt (an authority on railways) p. 113, John Whitton (engineer-in-chief NSW Railways) p. 113, E. M. G. Eddy (Chief Commissioner for Railways) p. 114-115, Sir Henry Parkes p. 114, the Inter-State Commission p. 115, the Gauge Commissioners (Great Britain) p. 116, the Victorian Railways Commissioners p. 116, Mr Grierson (former general manager Great Western Railway (England)) p. 117, Sir Frederick Upcott (chairman Indian Board of Railways), Lord Kitchener (in his report of 7th July 1910) p. 117, Lord Roberts (speaking to a meeting of eminent engineers in London 1914) p. 117, Sir Guilford L. Molesworth (former consulting engineer for state railways Government of India) p. 117-118, George Stevenson p. 118, the Railway Commissioners of NSW p. 118, the Railway War Council p. 118, the Australian Railways Commissioners p. 118-120, the Sydney Morning Herald p. 120
Physical Description: xxxii, 124p. : fold. map ; 33cm.