Police Force : return to an order of the House dated 26th October 1887 for a copy of the petition recently addressed to the Honourable the Chief Secretary by an officer of Police on Ballarat asking for a Board of Inquiry and of the papers and records attached thereto

Other Authors: Ainge, Harry d. 1909, Clarke, Andrew, Barclay, Hugh Ross, 1829-1876, Bartlett, John Vigar, 1841-1925, Beal, Charles, 1821-1888, Beaver, Arthur, 1832-1891, Bookey, Power Le Poer, 1823-1872, Bryson, John, Calvert, Robert, 1836-1915, Chomley, Hussey Malone, 1832-1906, Connor, Joseph Henry, 1834-1899, Cooper, Edmund, Coulston, Elijah, 1821?-1897, Dennis, Alexander, 1844-1831, Downing, Henry, b. 1828, Edmundson, William, Fisher, Peter Henry Smyth, Forrest, Charles Lamond, 1838-1912, Furnell, Samuel Stackpole, b. 1824, Green, Reginald, 1832-1914, Haimes, John d. 1890, Hall, Edward 1837?-1892, Hamilton, Alexander, Hare, Francis Augustus, 1830-1892, Hughes, Rowland, Jordan, Robert, b. 1825, Kabat, Leopold, 1831-1884, Langley, Thomas Edward, 1832-1885, Nicolas, William Keigwin, 1830-1885, O'Brien, Lawrence, Palmer, Henry Sandford, b. 1828, Prime, Isaac Hayden, 1833-1903, Read, William, Reed, Adam, Ryall, Edward Benners, b. 1827, Smith, Thomas, Strachan, James Ford, 1849-1925, Thomas, David Edward, 1842?-1887, Wilson, Bowes Todd, 1812-1882, Winch, Frederick Alfred, 1827-1892, Woods, John
Published: Melbourne : Robt. S. Bain, Government Printer, 1887
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1887, no. C 24
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Item Description: "Ordered by the Legislative Assembly to be printed 16th November 1887"
Contents: Sgt. Edward Hall's petition (addressed from Ballarat City Police Station 20th August 1887) to chief sec. Alfred Deakin -- [A]. Letter of thanks to sr. const Hall dated 5 Aug. 1871 and signed by the Committee (Andrew Clarke, John Bryson, Henry Arnige [i.e. Ainge], Lawrence O'Brien, John Woods, Thomas Smith & Rowland Hughes) of a meeting of residents of the Greta district -- [B]. Memo of 12 Jan 1886 from R. Green (police supt. Kyneton) commending Edward Hall and recommending he be paid £5 from the Police Reward Fund -- [C]. Letter of 29 June 1883 to chief sec. Graham Berry signed by 18 magistrates of the Colac district (J. V. Bartlett, Charles Beal, Charles Buchanan (given as Buchannan), Robert Calvert, J. H. Connor, E. Cooper, Elijah Coulston, Alexander Dennis [the younger?], William Edmundson (given as Edmunson), P. H. T. [i.e. Peter Henry Smyth?] Fisher, C. L. Forrest, John Haimes, A[lexander] Hamilton, John Hood, J. H. [i.e. Isaac Hayden] Prime, W. Read, James F. Strachan & D. [David Edward] Thomas) requesting Edward Hall be promoted to first-class sergeant -- Letter of 17 Sept. 1880 from petty sessions magistrates assembled in Colac (Charles Beal, Edmond [i.e. Edmund] Cooper, Alexander Dennis [the younger?] & Adam Reed) to police supt. [H. M.] Chomley at Geelong requesting that Edward Hall be promoted to second class sergeant and that their letter should be submitted to the chief secretary -- [E]. H. M. Chomley's note of 20 Sept. 1880 forwarding the letter of recommendation from the Colac magistrates to the acting chief commissioner of Police -- [F]. May 1880 letter of congratulation and recommendation to Edward Hall from mayor Thomas Stoneman and town clerk Robert Gordon [i.e. Jordan] of the Borough of Queenscliff -- [G]. Presentation to Sergeant Hall extracted from the Colac Herald 23 Dec. 1884 and a series of extracts (forwarded from the Ballarat City Police Station on 7 Sept. 1887) from records left by officers under whom Hall served from 1866-1886 (Hugh Ross Barclay, A. Beaver, P. Le P. Bookey, H. M. Chomley, H. Downing, S. T.[i.e. Samuel Stackpole] Furnell, R. Green, F. Hare, L. Kabat, [Thomas Edmund Langley] given as F. E. Langley, [William Keigwin Nicholas] given as W. R. Nicholls, Henry S. Palmer, E. B. Ryall, B. T. Wilson and F. A. Winch)
Other mentions: Ballarat 1,6,8, Ballarat East [Police Station] 5, [Ballarat] Police Station (given as City Police Station) [1],6, supt. [Hugh Ross] Barclay 2,3, Matthew Barnett (convicted cattle stealing Beechworth 25 April 1871) 6, Charles Beal 6, Beechworth Beechworth [Police] district 2, 6,7,8, Benalla 8, William Bennett (horse/cattle thief) 2, supt. [P. Le Poer] Bookey 2,5, Broadford [Police] station 2, sub-inspector [Joseph William] Brown 3, [Charles] Buchanan (give as Buchannan) 6, Central [Police] District [1], Mr. [Hussey Malone] Chomley 2, Foster Clark (cattle thief Colac) 2,7, James Clark (cattle thief Colac) 2, John Clark (cattle thief Colac) 2, Colac 2,3,4,5,6,7, Colac Herald 23 Dec. 1884 p. 3,5, Colac Police Station 3,8, J[oseph] H[enry] Connor (M.P. for Geelong) 6, Patrick Conway (detected by Edward Hall & convicted of illegal slaughtering) 7, [Elijah] Coulston 6, Alfred Deakin (chief sec.) [1], sub-inspector [Denis Deasey] given as Deacy 3, [Alexander] Dennis [Jr.] 6, Egan (arrested by Edward Hall for riot & assaulting police 6 May 1869) 7, Margaret Everett (arrested Colac for stealing) 7, sr. const. [Patrick] Flahive 5, supt. [Samuel] Furnell 2, Geelong 5,7,8, Geelong [Police] district 2, sgt. [John] Gray (Reg. No. 1857) [1],2, Green Hills 7, Greta 2,3,4,7, Greta [Police] station 2, Alexander Gunn (horse/cattle thief) 2,7, Captain [John] Haimes 6, Mrs. [Edward] Hall 5, [Alexander] Hamilton 6, sgt [Richard] Hamilton (Reg. No. 1961) [1], supt. [Francis Augustus] Hare 2, stipendiary magistrate T. D. S. Heron 4,5,6, Dr. [John] Hood 6, sgt Irwin (Reg. No. 1202) [1] & (Reg. No. 1602) 2 i.e. James Irwin (Reg. No. 1402)? [1], Ned (given as Edward) Kelly 2,7, sgt. [Thomas] Kennedy (Reg. No. 1936) [1], Kyneton 4,7, Kyneton [Police] district 2, sgt. [Seymour Larkan] given as Larkin (Reg. No. 7926) [1] & Larkin (Reg. No. 1792) 2, Lorne 6, John McCauliffe [probably McAuliffe] (detected by Edward Hall & convicted of illegal slaughtering) 7, John Moreton alias Fiery (arrested by Edward Hall & convicted of assault/robbery 1885) 8, McGrath (convicted of assaulting Edward Hall in performance of his police duties 1866) 7, sub-inspector [Patrick Mackey] given as McKay 3, Malmesbury 4, [Manual of police regulations for the guidance of the constabulary of Victoria 1856] given as "the new" regulations [1], David Matsin [Matson?] (arrested by Edward Hall for concealing illicit spirits 1864) 7, Melbourne 4, bushranger [Daniel] Morgan 2, James Murdoch (given as Murdock) (horse/cattle thief) 2, sub-inspector [Thomas O'Callaghan] given as O'Calligan 3, Ovens [Police district] 5, [Pentridge Prison] given as Pentridge men 2, John Perron (sentenced Kyneton for horse theft 1865) 7, bushranger [Harry] Power 2, A. D. Quadrid (prosecuted by Edward Hall for offences against Act No. 227) 8, Queenscliff 5, [Queensciffe (Vic.). Council] given as Borough of Queenscliff 3,5, James Quinn 2, Patrick Quinn 2, [William] Read 6, [Richmond Police] Depôt 8, W[illiam] Robertson M.P. 6, Royal Commission on the Police Force in Victoria 4, J. Ryan (arrested by Edward Hall for stealing a watch from Mr Wood of Ondit, Vic.) 8, George Sefton (detected by Edward Hall & convicted of illegal slaughtering) 7, William Smith alias Faricus (arrested by Edward Hall convicted of indecent assault 1867) 8, Snowy Creek [Police] station 2, [Thomas Stoneman] given as the Queenscliffe mayor 3,Sullivan (arrested by Edward Hall for riot & assaulting police 6 May 1869) 7, sub-inspector [Richard] Swale 3, sub-inspector [William] Thomas 3, J. Thompson (arrested by Edward Hall for stealing a watch from Mr Wood of Ondit, Vic.) 8, [Victoria. Police Regulation Act 1853 No. 24] given as "the old regulations" [1], [Victoria. Wines, Beer and Spirit Sale] Act [1864] No. 227 p.8, [Victoria. Court of Petty Sessions (Colac)] given as Colac Bench of Magistrates 2,5,6,8, [Victoria.] Police Department 3,4,5, [Victoria.] Police Reward Fund 2,4,6,7,8, sub-inspector [John Walshe] given as Walsh 3, Mr. Wood (Ondit) 8, Isaiah Wright 2 & given as I. Wright 7, Young (arrested by Edward Hall for riot & assaulting police 6 May 1869) 7
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